8 Skyrim Mods Frostfall for Ultimate Survival


The Best Skyrim Mods Frostfall to Ensure Best Survival

Frostfall in Skyrim is a survival mod developed by Chesko for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. This mod, which is absolutely loved by fans, aims to make the game more immersive while keeping the tedium minimum. It basically comprises of three main components of Frostfall, including Camping, Hypothermia, and Cold Water Survival gameplay elements.

This immersion mod follows a sophisticated mechanic to track the player’s worn clothing, weather, location, time of day, and other aspects. This is to determine the current condition of the player while making the experience immersive. The mod also brings all new craftable torches and a large variety of craftable camping equipment into the game.

What’s more, it works perfectly well with a majority of other Skyrim mods, including Wet and Cold, Climates of Tamriel, Real Shelter, and other food item, lighting, werewolf, timescale, and vampire mods.

Below, we have listed the top 8 Skyrim mods for Frostfall. So without further ado, let’s take a look at them, shall we?

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8 Best Skyrim Mods Frostfall

#1 Fur Armor Set SE (FrostFall Aware)

Skyrim mods Frostfall
Credits: Jovialchicken90

This mod adds over 225 blessed fur items for Frostfall. These include coats, earmuffs, muffler, gloves, boots, poncho, hat, and a shoulder cape. The mod also adds some unique items, such as the Coat of the Rose Dawn Mage, Coat of the Rose Thane, and other items. It also adds a declutter crafting menu that only reveals items when you have at least one of the key ingredients. There are also some minor bug fixes introduced in this mod for Frostfall.

Download the Full Armor Set Mod for Skyrim Special Edition Here for PC and Xbox One

#2 Frostfall Seasons

Frostfall mods Skyrim
Credits: BrinaSair

The primary objective of this mod is to bring monthly modifiers to the base regional temperatures of Frostfall. As a result, the seasons throughout the year will vary. The mod also adds an MCM that you can use to preset the base temperature of each region and the modifier for each month type.

The vanilla temperature in Frostfall does not change the temperature values for each region. This mod aims to change that by allowing you to change the base temperatures of each region as well as month. How cool, right?

Download the Frostfall Seasons Mod for Skyrim Special Edition Here

#3 Frostfall – Vampire Fix for Vampire Overhaul Users

Frostfall - Vampire Fix for Vampire Overhaul Users
Image credits: Sthaagg

This mod aims to enhance the support for vampires in Frostfall. The mod fixes and re-enables all the Frostfall features. Originally, the vampires in Frostfall are not resistant to Frost, they are killed by frost, die when swimming in frigid waters, and get frostbites easily.

This Vampire fix mod aims to change that by enhancing all the Frostfall features so that the vampires do not die by frost, swimming in frigid water, are immune to frostbite, and are more resistant to cold. So if you are looking for a mod that improves the vampires’ chances of survival, get your hands on this mod.

Download Frostfall Vampire Fix for Vampire Overhaul Users Mod Here

#4 Real Shelter — Frostfall Tents

Skyrim mods Frostfall
Credits: Slothability

This mod offers visual shelter to all the Frostfall tents by taking into account the tent rotation and position in accordance with the direction, intensity, and the speed of snow. It is not just limited to cold weather. It works with all weathers.

So once you install this mod and enter a tent in Frostfall to take shelter, you will notice that the rain and snow is not seeping through the roof anymore. Wondering how it works? Well, you will need the Real Shelter mod for this to work. The mod also adds some new snow textures and a number of small tents for people using first person mods.

Download Real Shelter Frostfall Tents Mod Here

#5 Frostfall Campfire SSE Fix

Frostfall Campfire SSE Fix
Credits: buutok

The Frostfall Campfire SSE Fix mod is actually a fix for Skyrim SE that fixes the coverage and warmth in the mod when paired with SkyUI and SKSE. The fixes are actually for Campfire and Frostfall in Skyrim SE.

However, do note that once you install this mod and open your inventory, you may come across a number of errors. But don’t worry as you can ignore them by turning them off in the SkyUI MCM.

Download Frostfall Campfire SSE Fix Mod Here

#6 Realistic Needs and Diseases – Frostfall Patch

Skyrim Frostfall
Credits: Brodual

This mod is basically a small Frostfall patch for Realistic Needs and Diseases that adds several survival effects to the drinks and foods that are impacted by Realistic Needs and Diseases.

It adds the Fortify Warmth effect for Teas, Stews, and Soups. So the heartier they are, the longer the Fortify Warmth effects will last. The alcoholic drinks in the game will also have the Decrease Exposure effect. So the stronger your drink is, the stronger the Decrease Exposure effect will be.

The mod also removes the Garlic Bread’s ability to cure diseases. However, if you want to keep this effect on Fish Soup and Garlic Bread, you can use the CDO file that will keep the effects as they are in the game.

Download Realistic Needs and Diseases Mod for Skyrim Frostfall Here

#7 Requiem – Frostfall Compatibility Patch

Skyrim Frostfall mods
Credits: TheArcaneBagel

This compatibility patch actually brings some fixes for the minor problems in Frostfall and Requiem. For instance, the mod changes the prices of the spell tomes in Frostfall so that they are more consistent with Requiem, it changes the Foxskin/Wolfskin/Bearskin to Mage Coat, Soothe/Bask/Revel changed to Soothe, Conjure Shelter to Greater and Bound Cloaks to Greater to Rank X.

The mod also removes a bug that gave you perks from Foxskin/Wolfskin/Bearskin in Frostfall. It also removes the recipe for Woodcutter’s Axe from Requiem, changes the bonus from first level to second level for Mage Armor perk for the Foxskin/Wolfskin/Bearskin spell. Lastly, the mod adds all the spells from Frostfall to the free perk spells of Requiem.

Download Requiem — Frostfall Compatibility Patch Mod Here

#8 Craftable Skaal Clothing Frostfall Ready

Skyrim Craftable Skaal Clothing Frostfall Ready
Credits: SurprisedRook

The Craftable Skaal Clothing Frostfall mod adds Temperable and Craftable Skaal Clothing to Frostfall that can be found under Hide in Tanning Rack. The mod creator has also added Max Coverage and Warmth for both the versions of Frostfall. However, the mod does not make any changes to the meshes and texture of this clothing. You will need Leather Strips, Bear Pelts, and Leather for the Armor and Hat.

Download Craftable Skaal Clothing Frostfall Ready Mod Here


So that’s all, folks! If you like the immersive level of gameplay in Frostfall, these 9 Skyrim mods Frostfall will ensure that you have all the fun you need with additional features, bux fixes, and improvements within the sophisticated system of Frostfall. So go ahead and enjoy the game in an immersive way!

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