Minecraft Puzzle Maps: The Ultimate Must-Have List


Top 18 Best Minecraft Puzzle Maps That Will Blow Your Mind

Survival in Minecraft is alright to an extent. It’s nothing too hard but since the casualness of its survival mode made it a little bit dull compared to when you’re playing hardcore, there’s always a lot to add to your everyday gameplay to spice it up. Today, we’ve compiled the best Minecraft puzzle maps with the most bizarre and challenging puzzles that will leave you clueless if you don’t start working on it ASAP.

Aight, let’s get into it. 

Top 18 Best Minecraft Puzzle Maps

The Heist

Created by: Toasiddy

The Heist isn’t just your standard Heist and puzzle games, this incredible map took 350 hours to make and it’s pretty much worth every hour of the developer as they managed to create the most interactable, most detailed, and most stylish puzzle map possible, while also introducing pre-existing mechanics which were modified to fit the game’s theme, for example, hacking and sensor modes, which are pretty much new mechanics with a little modification on the commands. 

It’s a pretty damn good puzzle maps and hopefully, we get to see more updates from the developers. 


~ MineKart 1.0 ~ Bowser’s Castle 64


Created by: Neztech

MineKart is a solid and a satisfying map for Minecraft that not only involves puzzling tracks and mazes, it’s also one of the most innovative maps to date, especially with the application of kart racing. This map was made by a team of F1 lovers trying to rebuild a Mario Kart-like map for themselves. Seeing how their passion for F1 racing, this map turned out to be one of their biggest projects one of those racing maps with the best designs. 


Infinity Dungeon


Created by: Soloriya

If you’re familiar with the rogue-like/rogue-lite genre, this is pretty much like playing Hades or Dead Cells, but on Minecraft. This wonderful yet challenging map was made by Soloriya and every twist and turn in this map means there’s always something you’ll never expect from it, which makes the overall experience more jarring and enjoyable. 


Epic RPG PVE Adventure MAP : [Across The Time] (1.8.4)


Created by: Piccomaster

Epic RPG PVE Adventure is what it sounds like. This massive RPG map is a project made by Piccomaster and holy cow, the amount of details it has on the map, from the various maps and biome designs, up to the enchantments, items, and overall mechanics of the game will have you wondering how it is free in the first place. This map contains not only a large selection of ingenuous and creative designs, but also the mindblowing aspect of designing a large and massive scale open world map will have you wondering how many hours has been put into the creation of this gigantic project with the best environmental designs.




Created by: Didisimsation

Simburbia is a suburbia mix of Minecraft and Sims. Not necessarily that it’s a Sims-inspired map, but you get the gist of it. This city simulator has one of the most complex mechanics in the community, with plot relationships, system of powers, overlays, and many aspects that makes city building games like Civilization and Sim a bit more fun to play and quite accessbile with a lot of support and modifications available.




Gameversion: CB 1.5.2-R0.1

This map is probably one of the weirdest creations that I’ve seen so far and it’s not far from the truth. This map contains only a single chest, which contains a chest, which inside this chest is another chest and so on and so forth. You get the gist of it so you’ll pretty much will have a chest-ception here.


Dont Take Damage!!! v 1.0


Created by: Mine 52

Don’t Take Damage is a puzzle map made by Mine 52 and surprisingly, it’s a pretty simple map with little to no complexity in terms of difficulty in the game. This map has a simple objective: don’t ever dare to take damage. It’s good mix between roguelike simulator and puzzle, it feels like you’re playing FTL + Portal minus the portal guns and randomly-generated environment.


Project Zearth v.13.1

Gameversion: 1.7.10

Project Zearth is your one-way stop for the best and the most iconic places like the United Regions, a sprawling place filled with flora and fauna, Petriville. Nabur Island, a desert-like region filled with the best modern city design in a dusty place. Project Zearth is one of the top picks for the best maps you can get if you’re a fan of modern design in a beautiful biome. I know, I know, it’s a weird mix, but it works out.




Created by: Rosveen

Imperium is a strategy-turn based game with an emphasis on dominating everyone in the field to win the game. You might be wondering where is the puzzle in all of this if this is a turn-based game? Well, you should be figuring out what your opponents are going to do, isn’t that puzzling enough?


Agrarian Skies 2 Multiplayer Map – Magi’s Harvest


Created by: MaegorTargaryen aka GK93

Agrarian Skies 2 is a multiplayer puzzle-solving map with an emphasis on teamwork rather than solo and individual skills. This map is pretty much just like the previous agrarian skies, but the problem is the limited availability of the terrain and the environment which makes the replayability for this map a little shorter.


Blitz Build


Gameversion: 1.14.4

Blitz Build is a building simulation and replication game where the objective is to mirror the same building blocks that you’ll see in the fastest way possible. This is pretty much just like a coop tetris-like game where your goal isn’t to blow patterns but to make them fit the description of what you’re seeing.


Biome Land: Extreme Mountains v1.10


Gameversion: Forge

Biome Land is a massive take on the average biome generation of the game, taking it to extreme heights by adding layers upon layers of landmass into each biomes. This survival map is filled with gigantic mountains towering above your head. It’s pretty map with an emphasis on the surroundings that makes it feel a bit more realistic than the regular and average vanilla gameplay.


Angry Rabbits Map (Angry birds in Minecraft)


Created by: Bakie

Angry Rabbits are one of those maps in Minecraft that you’ll often see in multiplayer servers where competition are held. This map is kinda like playing Angry Birds on Minecraft, except you have a 3D view and the camera angles are controlled. The physics is, well, a bit bland compared to the Angry Birds game, but at least you can game in 4k resolution, if you have an RTX series.




Game Version: 1.11.2

Mystford isn’t just like your regular RPG maps with quests and all that, Mystford is an amazing take in the creation mode that applies many elements of roleplaying games like questing, a dynamic time system, lots of boss fights, and scenic places to visit. There’s also spells in this game which makes it an interesting game, aside from the poor optimization at times. 


Super Bomb Survival Generation II


Gameversion: CB 1.7.2-R0.2

Super Bomb Survival is basically you being deployed to a place where the U.S. military or anyone really, are sending artillery barrages on your location. You’ll feel like Tom Hanks here by surviving multiple bombing run and the adrenaline rush of trying not to get incinerated or bombed to next year. 


Indiana Jones – The Adventure Map!


Created by: samochips

Indiana Jones is one of the most popular “action” movies back in the day and tomb raiding into temples and whatnot has made its way into the Minecraft scene. Introducing Indiana Jones – The Adventure Map! This map isn’t a direct remake of the movie into Minecraft but the aspects of it, like the puzzle-solving, running over obstacles, and running away from obstacles are pretty much the charm of it. So, if you’re looking for something to play, this probably the best way to kill time. It’s a pretty casual attempt to revive the puzzle solving aspect of it, but aside from that, there’s nothing to it.


15 Ways To Enter That Base


Created by: Isims1357

15 Ways to Enter That Base is puzzle solving map that involves critical thinking and deduction on choosing the best way to enter the base. It’s kinda like playing Portal 2 but the linearity doesn’t stop on a single route, you have 15 ways to enter the base. 


Prison Law 2


Created by: jakinatsumi

I’ve never seen a prison so jacked and so good that you’ll end up wishing you’re there due to the amount of cleanliness and sanitation it has compared to your house. Prison Law 2 is a puzzle-solving survival game with an emphasis on getting out of the prison. It has the same mechanics as playing Rust or SCUM.


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