How to Fix Skyrim FPS Drop Over Time

Binh Tran

One of the dilemmas that players want to fix immediately is Skyrim FPS drop over time. Many people wonder why their computer is a high-end pc but still has this error. Let’s see!

Skyrim FPS Drop Over Time

Skyrim is an open-world game, besides the main quest, players can also explore everything. When FPS drops over time, this can disrupt visual enjoyment and make the user experience incomplete. Let’s learn about FPS and how to fix it!

FPS Definition

FPS (Frames per second) – is a measure of how many images your graphic card (GPU) can render and display on your screen per second.

FPS drop over time means that the number of images displayed on your screen in 1 second is reduced, causing some phenomena like lagging, and screen tearing.

How to Fix Skyrim FPS Drop Over Time

#1 Change The Power Plan

The first reason to mention is Power, it affects quite a lot of performance. If you select Balanced by default, Windows automatically adjusts the speed of your CPU and may limit your gaming experience. For better performance, switch to High performance.

#2 Remove Unnecessary Programs

Your computer may operate too many programs at the same time, which also affects the FPS when you play Skyrim. Press the Ctrl + Shift + Del buttons on your keyboard to open the Task Manager. Next, select the Processes tab, click the program you want to stop, and choose End task.

If the above adjustments do not solve the low FPS situation, try the next measures!

#3 Graphic Driver

One of the reasons why your FPS dropped is network drivers. So, drive updates to the latest version are necessary to make the game run better.

You can do this using two methods:

  • Manually: You can go to the website that provides the GPU you use, search and install the compatible driver. This requires you to know exactly your graphics card information. If you are having trouble with this, we recommend that you use the automatic method.
  • Automatically: All difficulties will be solved when you use 3rd party software. It will correctly identify your system and search for the appropriate GPU to proceed with the installation.

 #4 Reduce the Graphics Quality

Use some patches to fix graphics quality issues for Skyrim like Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch or SSE Engine Fixes. Look to Skyrim Special Edition Advance to tweak some functions such as shadow quality and shadow distance to medium.

In order to easily manage the above 2 patches and avoid errors, we recommend that you use SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender) which is an add-on software for the PC version of the Skyrim Special Edition game.

#5 Using VSync

FPS drop can be caused by GPU putting too many images that the screen can’t process, so VSync was born with the ability to synchronize FPS with Refresh Rate, this means that VSync will wait for the screen to finish processing the image, it will allow the GPU to send new images, thereby making the image more stable and smooth, avoiding screen tearing.

VSync has been around for years, and both Nvidia and AMD have options to enable graphics settings in their control panels for all games, including Skyrim.

#6 The Number of ENB

ENB is a mod that helps improve the image quality in Skyrim. It enhances the light, and color, no longer pale like in the original. However, it also requires an average device configuration to be able to use it. So using too much ENB is also a cause of FPS drop. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable computer configuration for the number of ENBs to keep the game stable.

#7 SSE FPS Stabilizer

This is a mod that helps keep FPS at the level you have configured. You need to put your target FPS number in ini files, at the TargetFPS parameter. In addition, there are some notes for you as follows:

  • If you use Vsync, set the TargetFPS to the same as the Refresh rate.
  • If the Refresh rate and FPS you want are too high, use the FPS you want for TargetFPS.
  • FPSStabilizerEnabled parameter: this is a parameter that allows you to enable/disable the mod’s dashboard.

Download SSE FPS Stabilizer

#8 Upgrade Hardware

If the above methods still do not solve the FPS drop, we recommend that you upgrade your hardware!

GPU (or graphics card) and CPU are the two main factors that determine the FPS parameters of most gaming computers today. In addition, RAM/VRAM is also a storage part as well as helps the machine process images in the game smoothly. These are the hardware that affects the FPS parameters that you should consider an upgrade to suit your Skyrim playing needs.


Above are the ways to fix the Skyrim FPS drop over time situation that we recommend to you. We hope these solutions will help you to sort out the difficult problems you are struggling with.

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