7 Miraculous Skyrim Wing Mods

Binh Tran

Do you want to fly high? Ready to make your dreams come true? It is not difficult to do this if you experience those Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim wing mods. This is a paradise for you to freely choose your wings. All will be in this article, let’s get started!

Skyrim Wing Mods

The outstanding feature of Skyrim is its extremely attractive character creation. In the game, in addition to fighting with each other, beautiful design is also an important factor. Characters in Skyrim are not only diverse but also equipped with many different accessories.

This helps to make the player feel more excited. We pay special attention to the diverse wings. Let’s explore with us to see what effects they have and their ability to help us!

7 Best Skyrim Wing Mods Worth Trying!

The wings in these mods make the character more mysterious. You will own an endowment of wings for your character and fly like a real-life experience. Each wing in each mod has many different characteristics. If players are knowledgeable about the characteristics as well as identifying each type of wing, it will make it more convenient for them to pick which type is suitable for their winged character!

#7 Moving Wings

True to the name of the mod, this is a set of specialized cartoon wings to move your character. They are bound wings, making the player think they are fairies in magical forests. After collecting materials, you can craft the wing at the Tanning Rack and you will find them later on in the armory.

Download here

#6  Animated Dragon Wing

This is a lively wing with unique features! Uses its own behavior to change animations, doesn’t need armor, works on anybody and skeleton, doesn’t cause conflicts, and uses its own resources. If you want wings, just create a muta-potion in the cooking pot (the recipe is in the Misc section of the pot). If you carelessly lose your wings, use “Mutagen” to cure the mutation.

Download here

#5 Pixie’s Delight SE (Wings)

The wings in this mod have many different colors. Specifically, 6 colors and 2 optional variations: transparent and opaque (crystal). They resemble dragon scales, crafted with cactus, moonstone, and malachite. To be honest, this is the best Skyrim special edition flying mod so far!

Download here

#4 Animated Fairy Wings

This is a pretty simple mod for Skyrim SE! It helps your character stand out more when wearing a beautiful outfit. You will get it if you cook the potion in the cooking pot. Their feature reacts to walking, jumping, and running… and does not conflict with any mods because the mods in the ESP file are unique!

Download here

#3 Animated Dragon Wings Ring SE

This Skyrim dragon wings mod allows you to craft rings using any Tanning Rack (they’re in the Jewelry section). When you are equipped with these rings, you or your follower NPCs will sprout dragon wings. Dragon wings will spawn on anyone who equips the ring. When solving the enchantment in the rings, this animated wings ultimate mod will be flexibly used on devices such as clothes, and armor.

Download here

#2 Vampire Lord Wings Remade SSE

The character in this mod looks scary. From a vampire lord of the night, nothing special in the game is changed to become a vampire lord with mysterious wings. The wings work with any texture and have been completely recreated to make them look more useful!

Download here

#1 Animated Wings Ultimate

This is one of the best Skyrim wing mods on Nexus Mods that integrates many new and highly improved features. They include 83 individual wings with 8 different variations. Integrate role-playing effects and easily adjust when performing actions such as swimming, jumping, and flying.

The effects of the wings include fall damage reduction, and jump height boost can be increased, decreased, or turned off depending on your option. The wings will remain permanently on the player’s character if they do not remove them, creating the feeling of the character having a real pair of wings in real life.

Download here


These are brief overviews of some of the Skyrim wing mods! Of course, just reading through it will be difficult to imagine the characteristics of each type of wing. If you want to learn more about any type of wing, you can download and try it yourself for a better experience of the game as well as find a suitable wing for your character!

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