The Ultimate Dodge Mod – Better Way Beating Your Enemies in Skyrim

Binh Tran

Unlike other games where rolling is basically an option, Skyrim players may have trouble dodging an incoming attack. And The Ultimate Dodge Mod was born to be viable!

The Ultimate Dodge Mod

Of course, there are always ways of bouncing your enemies in the world of Skyrim. For example, try hitting once, walk backward to dodge, and then come back up close to hit and walk back again. Or you can use a shield, but these options are too basic and simple. This Skyrim mod will bring a better way to attack.

The Ultimate Dodge Mod For Skyrim


This Ultimate Dodge Mod is installed with Nemesis, it requires XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended and Skyrim Special Edition Mod Organizer. Here’s a step-by-step guide to install:

  • Download the Ultimate Dodge Mod by clicking here
  • Download Nemesis
  • Install XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended
  • Install The Ultimate Dodge Mod
  • Install Nemesis
  • Add exe: Nemesis:
    • Choose <edit> box
    • Locate the Nemesis folder and choose the exe file
    • Click add
  • Run Nemesis
  • In the Nemesis pop-up, check The Ultimate Dodge Mod Patcher, then click “Update Engine”
  • Run Skyrim and play!

The Ultimate Dodge Mod Guideline 

The Skyrim Ultimate Dodge mod allows players to sneak or dodge when fighting against enemies. This mod also enables stealth mode to get your enemies down silently and by far this is the most used mod in Skyrim.

In combat, the mechanism of dodge is the combination of roll and slip. When it comes to fighting against more than one enemy, dodge skill is absolutely important, not only to completely avoid damage by rolling backward or on sides but also to make the chance to counterattack. Dodge will make it best when combined with a defense shield!

The Ultimate Dodge mod or ultimate dodge mod reanimated allows you to sneak with and without weapons, then the enemies will have no idea that you’re coming closer to them.

The ultimate dodge mod also offers sidestep-only and roll-only options, these are necessary for combat with lots of enemies around, to minimize as much damage as possible!

Not only that, but this mod also contains NPC Dodging AI mode – all NPCs have dodge skills as well. Every battle will be more and more difficult and take more time since NPCs now know how to avoid your attack.

In the Ultimate Dodge Mod Reborn, CTRL is the default set key to dodge, it’s super effective since you don’t have to press a separate button to switch roll => slip => roll. Be aware that dodge roll will not grant you any iframes, it simply shifts your position, so if your dodge poorly or unlucky roll into an attack, you will get hurt.


Skyrim’s combat is a bit lacking, to say the least. There are plenty of mods that tweak various aspects of it and The Ultimate Dodge Mod is the most requested one. This mod enhances the experience of players with combat gameplay overhaul by enabling dodge mechanics so that every battle becomes realistic and unpredictable. We hope your Skyrim time will be more fun with it. Happy dodging!

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