Hale Mod Pack – The Best Skyrim SE Mod Pack Of All Time!

Binh Tran

The special edition of Skyrim is like a breath of fresh air, cooling our waiting time. Besides, mods are also created to increase the graphics of the game. However, it is difficult for mod Skyrim versions to be compatible with each other. That’s why the Hale mod pack was born!

Skyrim SE Mod Pack

We remarkably introduce Skyrim SE Mod Pack – a special edition add-on pack that upgrades game graphics significantly. In addition, the appearance of the NPCs also becomes more attractive compared to the original. Moreover, the number of followers is also significantly increased depending on your preferences. Let’s see!

Skyrim SE Mod Pack – Skyrim Hale Mod Pack

Skyrim Hale Mod Pack Installation

As you probably know, installing mods for Skyrim for newbie modders is really difficult. So, we will introduce you to what is needed to be able to install mods in Skyrim Special Edition.

First, click here to download the original game files, then extract them. Note that this is the version that includes SKSE (Skyrim script extender) – one of the tools that allow you to add, edit, and upgrade mods for Skyrim. Without this tool, mods cannot be used.

Copy the Skyrim Special Edition folder to the default folder with the path: C:\User\Admin\Documents\My Games

You can install ENB to increase the game’s graphics, but the fps will be reduced subsequently.

Click part 1 and part 2 to download the mods, then extract them and copy the Mods folder to the address above.

Next, go to the Mods folder, and run the ModOrganizer.exe file. Note that every time you play the game, you have to run this file, so we recommend that you shortcut it outside the desktop for more convenience.

Finally, select the Skyrim Special Edition Launcher and click Run to enter the game.

Skyrim SE Mod Pack Features

BodySlide: One of the most popular Skyrim graphic mods that allow you to adjust your body as well as NPCs. This mod is especially useful to adjust the female characters to become really beautiful, charming, or even wild look.

Multi Follower: Skyrim is a game that supports the marriage feature for your character. There are lots of benefits such as having food to increase health and magic. That person will follow you, explore and solve all the quests in dungeons, and even fight for you. Then what’s better than having not only 1 person, but many people supporting, we highly appreciate this Multi Follower mod.

A Killmove: If you want your battle scene to become more powerful and attractive, this mod is a suitable choice. Every time you kill an enemy, there is a probability to activate the Killmove. It will probably be slow motion and finishing action different from normal combat skills. In addition, it may also switch to a 3rd perspective, with many different camera angles so you can admire the whole scene of the blade penetrating through armors.

Add Item Menu: This is an extremely convenient and easy-to-use mod, with the ability to allow you to manage and search for items easily, which helps save a lot of time spent in your inventory. Besides, one of the other great features is that you can rename your items, such a useful mod, right?

Enhanced Skyrim World Map: This mod Skyrim adds more detailed roads to the map, making it easier for players to plan their moves accurately, locate new locations, and time-saving as well.

Skyrim Magic Mod: You may have noticed that in the original, magic is completely incomparable with heroes that use physical strength. Therefore, this mod was created to upgrade and support the power of magic. These magics are unleashing energy spheres, or summoning evil forces to attack monsters and enemies like dragons, for example.

Landscape Mod: A great mod that emphasizes the world around you, from plants to houses, from forests to mountains to rivers, all of which have been upgraded to bring the most authentic beauty. However, to get better graphics and visuals, the first requirement is definitely a high-spec system.

In addition, you can also use other mods from Nexus mods or other aggregate sources to add and enjoy the game.


Skyrim is an opening-world hero role-playing game. Along with the plot, you can also comfortably explore to create your own hero. And of course, Ultimate Skyrim Hale Mod Pack appears as a part of your journey.

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