Top 6 Incredible Skyrim Castle Mods

Binh Tran

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim not only brings beautiful NPCs, and custom quests, but it also offers extremely majestic landscapes, from small houses to glorious palaces. Today, let’s take a look at our pick for Skyrim castle mods!

Skyrim Castle Mods

One of the indispensable things of the heroes of Skyrim is shelter. Wise Dragonborn will always choose privileged locations to be able to optimize convenience during their duties. The article we introduce below will provide the top 5 Skyrim castle mods that the greatest hero needs.

Top 6 Incredible Skyrim Castle Mods

#6 Dracula’s Castle

This mod provides a large castle and has the strange architecture of Dracula, which looks extremely dark and creepy opposite Solitude. When you arrive here, you will receive the help of Leo Belmont to make it easier to complete custom quests.

If you want to own the entire castle, you need to defeat Count Dracula, then you will control everything. The giant guarding the castle will protect you, and the NPCs will provide you with many useful items.

This castle is full of rooms such as display space, weapons display case, mannequins that can show armor sets, kitchens, and bedrooms, … all decorated in style horrified.

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#5 Haafingar Hall

This is a new player home with an elegant look located in Solitude. With a price of 23,000 gold, wealthy heroes can easily own this mansion in Skyrim Special Edition.

The attic room is used as storage, you can place arks to store objects and weapon racks, for example. There’s even a room where you can practice alchemy. Because Haafingar Hall is a customizable abode, you are free to decorate the house to your liking to serve as a sanctuary to store resources.

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#4 Lakeview Manor

This is a manor with the natural beauty of Skyrim overlooking the lake. To be able to own Lakeview Manor, you not only need to have 5000 gold but also have to complete some quests for the Jarl of Falkreath.

This is actually a great home fully furnished, with plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms. The self-undressing function for both players and followers will be activated when using the indoor bath. A function that male players immensely enjoy.

Besides, the house also has enormous secret rooms in the basement with tons of storage, with enough tools for you to make weapons.

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#3 Breezehome

Breezehome is a house located in Whiterun – the first house you can buy when you explore the main story. With only 5000 gold, you have a safe place to store your belongings and change weapons.

Breezehome in this mod has 2 floors, the first floor has a set of tables and chairs next to the fire that can be a relaxing getaway place. In addition, the house also has a forge area to craft unique armor and weapon and you can also decorate your house with armor mannequins.

The 2nd floor is the area you can rest, if you feel the room is too empty, the ark and weapon racks to store things are a reasonable idea. And if you feel lonely, marry Lydia – a very beautiful NPC, and always willing to marry as soon as you own Breezehome.

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#2 Thane’s Castle Haunted

According to the main story, in the first era, taking advantage of the ongoing civil war, a great hero and her allies founded their own empire – the Cyrodiil. So, this mod has created a territory located between Skyrim and Cyrodiil called Grondal, more precisely it is located south of the Rift.

Once you arrive here, you will see an architecture that, although corrupted influence by the war, still stands out among the remaining ruins: Thane’s summer home (a historical figure) – an abandoned medium-sized castle haunted with high walls overgrown with moss.

Because it has been oblivion for a long time, it will be very dark inside, there may be a few ghosts wandering around. So the first thing you need to do is find something to light up the place a bit. In addition, this mod also creates NPCs to provide interesting quests for Skyrim players.

Covered by jungle and hills, it is difficult to reach, if you are a person who likes a life of adventure and is lore-friendly, then Grondal fulfills adventurer needs completely.

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#1 Shadowstar Castle

One of the collections of incredible home mods is Shadowstar castle – a monumental construction that completely meets the needs of own personal guard.

The grandeur of your estate is clearly seen when the height is equivalent to a rocky hill. Looking at the thumbnail, you can see that this clifftop castle is protected by sentry huts, the center of which is a large terrace.

Inside this majestic castle are dozens of rooms with elegant architecture. The most prominent is the glorious throne room worthy of Skyrim. In addition, there is a display space, a dining hall, and plenty of bedrooms,… with a full staff of up to 30 NPCs.

With only 50000 gold, you can already own this colossal castle as your new home.

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The castles that these mods provide have given the world of Skyrim a new look, as well as experiences and challenges for players. You will surely be overwhelmed when you step into the most famous palaces, which current heroes all want to own. We hope these Skyrim castle mods which are top of load order will take you to a whole new world in Skyrim!

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