Skyrim Futa Mod – A New Look For Your Characters

Binh Tran

Mainly most of us prefer changing our Skyrim characters to ways cooler, stronger, or more masculine. But somehow there are always people who want weird manners – That’s why we introduce the Skyrim Futa mod today!

Skyrim Futa Mod

Playing your characters as females? That’s ordinary. How about nude females? That’s quite good but not enough. Then females with the bottom part of man? Never think of it, right? That is what our pick futa mod offers. Let’s check it out!

Skyrim Futa Mod Download & GUIDELINE

In general, Skyrim futa mod contains adult content and nudity, so you must be over 18 to install this. This mod technically adds a strange man thing to your woman character, making your game a little bit weird and sensitive as well, but yes it’s a considerable experiment.

The female NPCs character completely comes up with nudity, and visible breasts, but also a big man pisser in the best place. Note that the mod only changes the appearance, all abilities or skills still remain the same.

To get the mod, you need Nexus Mod Manager (Vortex Mod Manager). Then download and install Skyrim Futa Mod or Futanari mod from here. Then use Vortex Mod Manager to install Calientes BodySlide v0-9-5* on the CBBEv3 page.

Open Futa mod and run BodySlide.exe, then select the Outfit/body option and select one by one:

  • CBBE: Futa-Nude
  • ACBBE-Laced: Futa-Nude (with lace accessory)
  • ACBBE-ArchMage: Futa-ArchMageRobe
  • ACBBE-ArchMage-Laced: Futa-ArchMageRobe (with lace accessory)
  • ACBBE_BBP-Lace: Futa-Nude (with lace accessory) – This option requires Breast and Butt physics mod.

Then select Preset or Customize Slider.

Finally, click Create Body button. then open the game and enjoy!


Due to its sensitive content, the Skyrim Futa mod is not used by many players but is still a top choice of mod for Skyrim players. But anyway, it’s still an appropriate selection, the installation is not too complicated so let’s get it and change the perspective of playing!

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