Skyrim Pretty Elves Mod – Let’s Embrace The Elf Race!

Binh Tran

Today, let’s embrace the elf race with this Skyrim pretty elves mod! When it comes to describing characteristics such as bark skin or milky-white skin, pointy noses and pointy ears, as well as the charisma of a fairy, what type of creature first comes to your mind? In Skyrim Special Edition, these characteristics represent elves – including Bosmer (Wood Elf), Altmer (High Elf), and Dunmer (Dark Elf).

Skyrim Pretty Elves Mod

But unfortunately, elves in the vanilla Skyrim have received a lot of complaints due to their ugly elves conditions. Many players look for mods to make their elves more striking. Thanks to this pretty elves mod – Ethereal Elven Overhaul, rebuilding your elves is no longer a persistent problem. Let’s figure it out!

Skyrim Pretty Elves MoD You Should Try

Installation Guide

Step 1: Download and install Skyrim Nexus Mod Manager here.

Step 2: Download Ethereal Elven Overhaul here and install it via Nexus Mod Manager.

The Pretty Elves Mod Guideline 

The general purpose of the mod is to alter every aspect of their facial features so that they can come up with the most appealing look, while still retaining what belongs with the original one and maintaining realism. The mod has its effects on NPCs as well!

As the mod is installed, you have a lot of sliders to customize for your female character in the character creation screen such as sex, skin tone, weight, bone structure, cheekbones, and chin…. Compared to the vanilla version of Skyrim elves, the modded elves have less-angry brows, wider and less-chiseled jawlines, rounder chins, and narrower noses.

The mod also adds blackheads, significantly reducing the sign of wrinkles, which make your character more beautiful and anti-aging. Three race of elves contains up to 60 presets. Each of them differs in every factor: hairstyle, the shape of the nose and eyes, patterns…

In general, here are the difference between the vanilla and the Ethereal Elven Overhaul:

  • New racial head shape for other races and both genders
  • New, EEO-exclusive nose and lip morphs for both genders
  • Unique high-detail, high-resolution normal map for each race and gender
  • Optional 2048 x ultra high-detail versions of the textures are available
  • Unique war paints and skin tints for each race
  • Beards and scars fit the new head shapes
  • Every elf NPC has new, refined facial features

And that’s pretty much all the features you should aware of! Say no more to yellowish skin tones for elves!


With more than 600.000 downloads and 4.5 million views, the Ethereal Elven Overhaul mod is undoubtedly claimed as the best Skyrim mod ever. Not only for elves races but also other playable races as well as NPCs. The ambition and effort of the mod will absolutely pay the right price since having installed it, your Skyrim time might be on the top level. We hope this pretty elves mod meets your satisfaction.

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