Skyrim Monster Girl Mod – 10+ More Fantasy Creatures

Binh Tran

Among all the games that are modded to satisfy the imagination of gamers, certainly, no game can surpass The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The game satisfies the desire to see female characters of different races. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the Skyrim monster girl mod!

Skyrim Monster Girl Mod

This mod combines the Female Enemy Monster Aesthetics Leveled Encounters mod and the Immersive Monster Girls mod. Modders have created good character images with high-quality textures and sprites, as well as made certain adjustments to bring the best experience to players.

Skyrim Monster Girl Mod

These mods cover every aspect that gamers can imagine. It makes the female monster’s new looks become more beautiful and attractive. From mummies, centaures, you can expect to see many fascinating things like playing in one of the Skyrim race mods.

Besides, they have different natural armor values and different base movement speeds

Arachne Queen: Similar to the Centaurs, Arachne Queen has a half-human half-spider appearance, inspired by a talented but arrogant weaver who was punished and transformed into a monster girl.

Dwarven Doll: The Dwarven armor equipped for male characters is cumbersome, but in female characters, it has extremely high body compatibility. She has the ability to use Dwarven Sphere melee and thunderbolts of energy.

Draenei Race: These are humanoid alien races, female creatures with blue skin, horns on their heads, and glowing eyes. They have the ability to use magic to fight.

Female Undead: A monster that uses melee to fight like a true warrior. She comes in many variations, such as headless body types, or wearing a cow skull helmet.

Fallen Angle: inspired by Harpies – winged monsters, representing storms. They have the ability to use magic, which is to create fireballs to attack enemies.

Frost Atronach Female: She is a monster whose body is made of solid ice, using melee as a weapon. And of course, she can adapt to freezing weather and completely withstand the coldest temperatures damages.

Dryad Seeder: is an NPC whose quests are to guard and punish anyone who intends to destroy the forest. She has been tweaked to look more feminine and attractive with pieces of apparel made with plants.

In addition, you as a creator want to make your own extremely attractive backstory, it is indispensable for the beautiful followers that the mod author has added in this Skyrim monster mod. 

Lucretia: This is a creature that we consider the most beautiful that this mod has created. She has horns on her head, red skin and hair likes to wear sexy clothes, and uses dual-sword weapons to fight. With a beautiful appearance like this, she will be a good candidate to become your follower, or you can even marry her.

Above is a list of some typical monsters that we introduce to you. There are also many other monsters waiting for you to discover. You can search for them at Skyrim Nexus for more details, or immediately visit the link below!

Download Skyrim Monster Girl Mod


Skyrim Monster Girl Mod turns Skyrim into a fantasy game that takes the player’s imagination to the next level. With the useful resources that this mod creates, we hope it will bring you extra joy!

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