Top 10 Best Skyrim Khajiit Mods

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Walking around some tables of the settlements on the road in Skyrim, you may meet groups of merchants from Elsweyr who would love to have a deal with you. They are Khajiit Caravans or Khajiit – the beast race that most Skyrim players are keen on.

This article is about to show you the top 10 best Skyrim Khajiit Mods!

Skyrim Khajiit Mods

Khajiit is the beast-race in Skyrim The Elder Scrolls V. They’ve got a feline appearance and latent agility and are also masters of their claws, which make them the most seasoned warriors in Skyrim.

This beast race is also well-known for its stealth skill, combat, and perk, which makes sense since most of them are truly professional thieves and assassins. Although the vanilla of Khajit is quite specific, some players may wish for changing it to way sexier, or completely human beings. Thanks to these best Skyrim mods, everything happens like a miracle.

Note that all these mods can be installed via Nexus Mod Manager. Now let’s dive deep into the best Skyrim Khajiit mods ever!

Top 10 Best Skyrim Khajiit Mods

#10 Feminine Khajiit Grey Cat and Leopard Skin

Kick off the list with two of the hottest Khajiit skin mod ever: Grey Cat and Leopard. If the female Khajiit in the vanilla game is covered with armor and clothes then this mod will showcase what’s underneath. With gray cat skin and leopard skin, feel free to decide which type of furry pattern you prefer.

In addition, this mod also offers customization of nipples: the number of nipples (no nipple, two or eight), type of nipples (furry, milky), abs, and belly buttons for your model. Choose wisely and carefully and make your feline race the best of looks!

Download here

#9 Masculine Khajiit Grey Cat and Leopard Skin

Once you’ve got a mod for female Khajiit, that’d be an imbalance if there’s nothing for the male. This masculine Khajiit appears to be a considerable choice for Skyrim players who are into masculine personalities.

The mod retains the original Khajiit face but completely changes the body. There are two options of skin as well: gray cat and leopard. Besides, you can determine the shape of your belly: 6 packs if you think you work hard on crunches or a smooth belly with natural fur around.

Download here

#8 Muscular Khajiit

Still unsatisfied with the appearance of male Khajiit? This mod is going to make you think again! With tons of muscles added, your Khajiit will completely look like a swole bodybuilder. To get the best graphical result of this mod, a 4K resolution is indeed needed.

With an incredibly muscular upper body, especially huge biceps and traps, Khajiit male looks super shredded and solid. The lower part is enhanced with muscles as well and also a thong to cover what needs to be covered.

Download here

#7 Better Khajiit Female Body Texture

This mod is based on the other mod for female Khajiit, but it significantly enhances the resolutions as well as the graphics, that’s why we choose it as in our list. You can go and check the original one here.

This improvement mod aims to increase the definition, and of course, it requires high spec as well. This mod is also compatible with all the bodies based on the UNP and CBBE. With the high texture, the female Khajiit is as realistic as possible.

Download here

#6 HD Khajiit Texture

A cool Mod for someone who wishes for HD textures overhaul instead of transformations. The Khajiit HD texture mod helps increase significantly not only armor and weapons but also pattern and fur. The detail of the armor is also sharpened as well.

This mod supports resolution at 4096 x 4096 as well as the normal resolution, so this mod is still available in case your system is not high enough. Also, if you do not like the normal, you can get rid of it by deleting the file with “_msn” in the name.

Download here

#5 Khajiit Hair Style

If you find that the default hair of Khajiit is disturbing and horrible, let’s style it distinguishingly! Inspired by the dreadlock hairstyle, this mod brings a unique, highly detailed look to your Khajiit character. Note that the hairstyle is available in both male and female characters, but you are unable to make it on any NPCs.

The hair of the male character is accompanied by many tiny jewels, added with a set of copper earrings and a bright gray color, while the female character gets a comb on her hair. All the textures and normals are assured at 2k resolution, so once again do not be confused about the resolution. In case you want to lower the size, DDsopt can help to resize it!

Download here

#4 Nude Khajiit Mod

Since Skyrim SE offers mods for any aspect of it, many Skyrim players tend to change their female characters in a way with fewer clothes but more naked. This mod appears at the top of the choice according to your liking.

The Nude Khajiit mod makes your Khajiit female completely furry except for the breasts and belly part. That seems to be a good point but when you pay close attention, it looks like your character is wearing a leopard costume instead. The mod is also compatible with the CBBE version.

Download here

#3 Khajiit Less Furry Hair

As its name implies, the mod reduces significantly the hair at the front and the back, but not the face. Note that it literally retains a little bit of hair around the body, so that the female Khajiit still belongs to the Khajiit race instead of a complete human being. This mod also works on the CBBE version, with the crotch completely messed up.

Download here

#2 Khajiit Campsite

A distinctive mod of Skyrim in case you grew weary of those 18+ mods. As you know, Khajiit can be found walking the roads of Skyrim special edition in between their campsites, and this is also the place to do business with the Dragonborn. This mod is aimed to modify the form of the default Khajiit tent in the northeast of Whiterun, near Whitewatch Tower.

The mod contains the new bed, table with chairs, many player-owned non-respawning containers, firewood, cooking pot…and so on. With the new campsite look, your deal with Khajiit will be so far more appealing.

Download here

#1 Khajiit’s Pets Mod

The must-have mod for players who are into fluffy, cute creatures! The mod replaces the appearance of Vharje and Nelkar, two young Khajjit who live in Whiterun. Felix will wait for you at the entrance of the house and offer you a companion whenever you want.

These cats come up with 10 colors, some of which are really extraordinary: Dark brown, ginger, spotted, and white. These cats do not meow instantly, they are instead furry. If you are ready to go on your journey and finish the quests with a fluffy and adorable cat, then let’s download this mod and get the one you like most!

Download here


And that’s our picks for the awesome Skyrim Khajiit Mod! Since Skyrim has contributed millions of thousands of mods of the Khajiit race, you have miscellaneous selections, but we’d recommend trying these mods because of their high-rated and most downloaded ones.

We hope these incredible Skyrim Khajiit mods will take your game to the next level. Happy furry-ing!

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