Fallout 4 StarCraft Mods — 8 Powerful StarCraft Inspired Mods


Released in 2015 by Blizzard Entertainment, just around the same time as Fallout 4, StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void has managed to gather a huge fanbase of PC gamers. If you are both a Fallout 4 and StarCraft fan, you can get the best of both worlds by getting your hands on these top 8 Fallout 4 StarCraft mods.

Image Credits: mbradshaw

After Fallout 4, StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void was one of the most popular releases in 2015 in the world of gaming. It is an expansion pack for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, as well as the final release in the StarCraft II trilogy that is still widely played till date. The game is known for its ahead-of-time realtime strategy (RTS) gameplay that allows players to immerse into three long campaigns and fight a war between races.

In addition to its unique gameplay, StarCraft II is also known for its futuristic weapons and armour. Today, let’s take a look at some of the best Fallout 4 StarCraft mods for an epic crossover between two of the best PC games. Let’s dive right in!

Top 8 Fallout 4 Starcraft Mods for a Powerful Intergalactic Feel

#8 Starcraft Ghost Presets

Image Credits: TheMetroidThumper

StarCraft Ghost Presets is a Fallout 4 StarCraft mod that adds LooksMenu presets for Sarah Kerrigan and Nova. Transform your character into your favorite StarCraft girls!

You can also get your hands on their power armor, gun, and the suits from the Hybrid Evolution Armory mod, that we have mentioned below in the list. For this mod to work, you will need the Ponytail Hairstyles mod.

Download the Starcraft Ghost Presets mod now for Fallout 4

#7 Battle Cruiser Dark Horse (Starcraft Inspired)

Image Credits: mbradshaw

The Battle Cruiser Dark Horse mod for Fallout 4 adds the legendary Battle Cruiser from Starcraft to Fallout 4. The shop can be found right above the Sanctuary. You can explore its interior by using the Wraith at the. Vault entrance.

Although the interior is not complete, it acts as a workshop space as the mod author has extended the height of the Sanctuary workshop area. So you can build out the Battle Cruiser’s interior on your own. All the pieces of the interior workshop can be built and come with their own category. How cool, right?

The custom NPC turrets are animated by ICESTORMING and are in their designated place in the build menu. They will fire at whoever attacks you. How cool, right?

Download the Battle Cruiser Dark Horse mod now for Fallout 4

#6 StarCraft 2 Nova Cover Ops CBBE Preset

Image Credits: shadowflux1909

This mod adds a Nova Covert Ops CBBE preset in Fallout 4. The preset looks exactly like Nova from StarCraft2 and if you want it to look even better, pair it up with the Ghost Armor for FFB mod or the AS Vektor mod.

Download the StarCraft 2 Nova Cover Ops CBBE Preset now for Fallout 4

#5 Hybrid Evolution Workshop (Starcraft Inspired)

Image Credits: mbradshaw

The Hybrid Evolution Workshop mod adds various Terran Imperium buildings to Fallout for that can be built. You can also find Photon Cannons, turrets, bunkers, tanks, and Pylon power generators inside these buildings.

You can build tanks into turrets or transform them into a bot at the robot workbench. These tank bots are scalable and can hover around. How cool, right?

Download the Hybrid Evolution Workshop (Starcraft Inspired) mod now for Fallout 4

#4 Hybrid Evolution Armory (StarCraft Inspired)

Image Credits: mbradshaw

The Hybrid Evolution Armory mod adds two Novidian power armors with updates, CMC, and three weapons, including a C-20 sniper rifle, Psyblades, and a V14 Impaler weapon, all inspired by StarCraft. The Novidian armor even comes with a shield that can be activated for 44 seconds and the recharge for another 44 seconds.

You can get the armor and weapons at a Chemistry workbench under the Terran Imperium and Novidian Gear sections. So get your hands on the powerful StarCraft weapons and armor today!

Download the Hybrid Evolution Armory (Starcraft Inspired) mod now for Fallout 4

#3 Hybrid Evolution Monsters (Starcraft Inspired)

Image Credits: mbradshaw

The Hybrid Evolution Monsters mod brings the creatures of StarCraft to Fallout 4. It adds UltraLurk, HydraClaw, and DoggoLing to Fallout 4. These monsters are added at the border of the Glowing Sea, in the area far west. They swarmed through a portal that was opened through a Nal’Saga temple and started to collect DNA from the local wildlife. They then used the DNA to produce hybrid evolution monsters. Sounds pretty wild, right?

The DoggoLing comes as an armor for dogmeat and is added to the Viscous Dog spawn pool. It is available in 4 colors and can be constructed at the chemistry workbench under the Hybrid Evolution category. Whereas the UltraLurk is made available to the MireLurk Queen pool and HydraClaw to the Deathclaw Spawn pool.

Download the Hybrid Evolution Monsters (Starcraft Inspired) mod now for Fallout 4

#2 StarCraft 2 Nova Ghost Outfit and Rifle 4K

Image Credits: AlexScorpion

This is yet another mod that adds Nova’s suit from StarCraft II. It adds a highly-detailed Nova Terra Hostile Environment Suit and a C-10 Sniper Rifle belonging to the Covert Ops to Fallout 4. Both the suit and the sniper rifle have been professionally made from scratch and can be found at the Sanctuary. So get your hands on this super cool outfit and weapon today!

Download the StarCraft 2 Nova Ghost Outfit and Rifle 4K mod now for Fallout 4

#1 C.M.C. Power Armor

Image Credits: dsr1231248D

This mod rebuilds the vanilla Power Armor to resemble that of a sci-fi soldier from StarCraft. The all-new armor has been inspired by the popular Marine armor from StarCraft and can fit easily in the early, mid, or late stages of the game. It begins with a low armor rating of 370 and reaches a rating of up to 1900 with the basic lining.

There are four ways to get your hands on this armor:

  • Get it from behind the cabin by using the big red button, which will open up the main hatch of Vault 111.
  • Enter [Help “C.M.C.” 4] without the brackets in the console.
  • Use the In-Game ESP Explorer mod if you are not in the mood to find or craft it.
  • Craft it at the Armorsmith Station. The gun can be crafted at the Weaponsmith Station from AKWCR. Or, you can also craft it at the chemistry station if you download the optional .esp.

Download the C.M.C. Power Armor mod now for Fallout 4 PC and Xbox One

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So that’s all, folks! This sums up my review of the best Fallout 4 Starcraft mods. If you are a gamer who loves both Fallout 4 and Starcraft, these mods will offer you the best of both worlds. So go ahead and try them out to transform The Commonwealth into a Star Wars themed video game.

Happy gaming!