Fallout 4 Survival Options Mod – Best Addons


The survival mode in Fallout 4 is quite adventurous but it has limited options if you want to change the difficulties or customize the eating, sleeping or healing options. However, thanks to the game’s ability to be moddable, there is a mod that allows you to customize all those options in Survival Mode. Yup, you got that right! I’m talking about none other than the Fallout 4 Survival Options Mod. 

The Survival Options mod allows players to change anything they want in the survival mode without getting into the technical configurations of any menus or game reboots. The mod equips you with a holotape that you can use to choose the desired hunger, thirst, difficulty and exhaustion levels. With Survival Options, you are the rule maker!

Best Mods for Fallout 4 Survival Options Mod

The Fallout 4 Survival Options mod is all fun and games. But there are some other mods that make the Survival Options mod even more better! Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

1. Survival Options – Give Me That Bottle – Everyone’s Best Friend – Patch

This mod created by Gone004 patches the Survival Options, Give Me That Bottle and Everyone’s Best Friend mods together to let you enjoy a three-in-one mod. This means you can have new bottles and water purification recipes from Give Me That Bottle AND the dogmeat and a companion from Everyone’s Best Friend in the Survival Options mod to make things easier in the Survival Mode. 

2. Horizon Survival Options Patch

The Horizon Survival Options Patch created by theFisher86 patches Survival Options with the iconic Horizon mod. So you can now enjoy both the mods in one plugin. The mod starts with a default Horizon experience as the Survival Options values have been defaulted to Horizon defaults. You can customize the variables of the Survival Mode in order to meet the desired hunger, thirst or healing levels while existing in the Horizon world, which is an overhaul of Fallout 4. Say yes to a double immersive experience with this patch!

3. Survival Disease Immunity and Duration Options

The Survival Disease Immunity and Duration Options is a mod created by jahmon808 for Survival Options. This addon lets you eradicate diseases from Survival Mode by reducing their durations to merely minutes. It decreases the durations of different diseases to 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or zero (full immunity). 

Additionally, this mod also has a new “varied” option for different diseases:

  • Weakness: 2.4 hours –> 24 minutes
  • Insomnia: 3 hours –> 30 minutes
  • Infection: 3.6 hours –> 36 minutes
  • Lethargy: 4.8 hours –> 48 minutes
  • Fatigue: 7.2 hours –> 72 minutes
  • Parasites: 8.4 hours –> 84 minutes

So get your hands on this mod now and kick those illnesses away!

4. Survival Options And Everyone’s Best Friend Merged Patch

This mod is created by Machienzo to add support for Everyone’s Best Friend mod in the Survival Options mod. It merges the two mods in this patch and fixes an issue with the “Heal/Repair your companion” objective as well as the markers while retaining all of the Survival Globals. So get your hands on this patch now if you are looking for a way to fix that bug. However, make sure that you load the Survival Options mod FIRST and then Everyone’s Best Friend. 

5. Survival Options Holotape Location Fix – Near Vault 111 Exit

This pretty handy mod is created by zohoho for Fallout 4 Survival Options mod. It basically relocates the Holotape so it’s easier for you to find it. The Holotape can now be found outside Vault 111 inside a crate. No more looking around for it anymore! 

However, remember to load this mod AFTER the Survival Options mod and not before. 


Now that you are well aware of the best addons to the Fallout 4 Survival Options mod, try them out and turn your Survival Mode into a much more immersive experience!

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