Fallout 4 Stealth Suit – The Best Mods


Do you ever wish you had a full stealth suit in Fallout 4 in order to go undetected by the enemies? I mean, we all do! Who doesn’t love attacking the enemies sneakily from behind? Well, keep reading below to find out how you can get your hands on the best stealth suits in Fallout 4!

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Fallout 4 Stealth Suit – List of the Best Mods

If you are looking for a way to get Stealth Suit in Fallout 4, these Stealth Suit mods are a must have for you:

1. Stealth Suit by Crishark

Stealth Suit by Crishark is a mod for Fallout 4 that adds a highly advanced and futuristic stealth suit to Fallout 4. You can craft the suit in the Chemistry Station using the Utility recipe. Having this stealth suit on will boost the agility and perception of the player. Additionally, the suit comes with a chameleon effect whereas the headgear comes with the detect life feature. So get your hands on this mod now for some next level stealth skills.

2. Stealth Suit – New Vegas by Darkman NovaFinch

Second in the list is this Stealth Suit for New Vegas created by darkman32197. This amazing mod recreates the legendary Assassin and Stealth suits from the two Fallout 4 DLCs, Dead Money and Old World Blues. It combines different aspects from Fallout 4 such as skins and attachments to expand on this mod and help you sneak more efficiently.

Interestingly, there are two unique suits that come with this mod:

  • An Assassin Suit that you can find at the Greater Mass blood clinic.
  • Damaged Stealth Suit Mk2 that you can find at the Relay tower 1DL-109 and repair it at the Chem lab.

You can add voice effects to this stealth suit by using the Stealth Suit – New Vegas – Voice Add-On mod by shad0wshayd3.

3. Akma Budae Stealth Suit by Abyssi

Another mod that lets you have a stealth suit in Fallout 4 is the Akma Budae Stealth Suit mod by TheRealAbyssi. This mod introduces a North Korean inspired, highly customizable Stealth Suit to Fallout 4 with over 170+ options to modify it.

For instance, players have the option to choose from a number of suit lights, suit colors, camos, pouches and more! You can find the suit at the Chem lab. So get your hands on this mod now to get one of the most modular stealth suits in Fallout 4.

4. Navy Stealth Suit by McMacHack

The Navy Stealth Suit created by McMacHack is an armor mod for Fallout 4. It combines the two iconic armor suits; the Marine Wet Suit and the abilities of Chinese Stealth Armor to give you two versions of the suit. As you can guess, both the suits work exactly like the Chinese Stealth Suit.

You can find the two suits locked in a Red Vault Crate. It lies in the mud underwater, next to the Sunken Black Tugboat on the Spectacle Island. Moreover, you will also find a full set of Marine Armor in the crate. Equipping the full set with the helmet will allow you to breath underwater. Cool, right?

5. Chinese Stealth Suit by DogtoothCG Unoctium

The Chinese Stealth Suit mod created by unoctium adds a Chinese Stealth Suit to Fallout 4 with two new armor options and a helmet option. Interestingly, this highly functional suit has all the qualities from Fallout 3 and more, making it one of the most powerful armors in Fallout 4.

Moreover, this suit is quipped with the modifications of Gravitational Force Expulsion and Electromagnetic Repulsor field. This means that you can convert an impact energy against your enemies or convert their blows into lethal electrical arcs. The next-gen modifications in this suit increase your speed of running and leaping. Additionally, the static electricity generated by your speed can be used against your enemies, thanks to the Myson Electricity Capacitors.


So if you are looking for high quality stealth suits in Fallout 4, get these mods and you will definitely feel like a ninja in hiding!

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