Top 12 Best Fallout 4 Multiple Companions Mods to Accompany You


Bethesda released Fallout 4 in 2015 and despite the game being 5+ years old now, it is still widely played. Thanks to the active modding community that this game has, there are thousands of mods that offer unique new gameplays. Today, let’s take a look at the best Fallout 4 multiple companions mods to keep you accompanied.

Fallout 4 multiple companions mods
Image Credits: TheL0neW0nder

Fallout 4 is one of the best PC games till date. However, one thing that does bother me about the game is how you are only supposed to have one companion at a time. Like what if you need multiple companions to fight with you? To take care of your settlements? Or to simply accompany you?

Well, thanks to some modders, there are various ways you can have multiple companions in Fallout 4. We scoured Nexus to find you the best Fallout 4 multiple companions mods that allow you to keep more than one companion at a time. We have created a list of top 12 companions mods. So without further ado, let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Top 12 Best Fallout 4 Multiple Companions Mods of All Time

#12 Companions of Fallout 3 and New Vegas – Presets

Fallout 4 multiple companions
Image Credits: RazorWolfz

This companion mod is actually a LooksMenu preset pack that totally recreates all the humanoid companions from Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3, bringing them to Fallout 4. It adds the following companions from the two games:

  • Fallout 3: Jericho, Star Paladin Cross, Clover, and Butch.
  • Fallout: New Vegas: Veronica, Cass, Boone, Charon, Raul, and Arcade.

It is a lightweight compilation that adds 8 main presets to Fallout 4, four from each of the earlier games from the franchise. All of them have been made from scratch through LooksMenu. For this mod to work, you will need the Fallout 4 Script Extender and the I’m Ghoulish – Playable Ghouls mod.

How cool, right? So you can now have your favorite companions from Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas in Fallout 4. Check out the mod page below to learn about the installation instructions.

Download the Companions of Fallout 3 and New Vegas – Presets mod now for Fallout 4

#11 Robots as Secondary Companions

Fallout 4 multiple companions
Image Credits: LarannKiar

Have you ever thought of the idea of having a robot as your best friend? Well, thanks to the Robots as Secondary Companions mod, you don’t have to just imagine how that would be like. This mod allows you to have all the Automatron robots as your secondary companions. It is a lore-friendly mod that also adds a recruitable and fully voiced Mr. Gutsy robot.

So at a time, you can have two companions as soon as you finish the Mechanical Menace quest. In order to recruit Mr. Gutsy in the game, you can do so by going to the GNN plaza. However, you will first need to finish the main questline (Nuclear Family or Nuclear Option). You can even start the recruitment quest before finishing the main questline. Just type “CQF RC_GutsyRecruit Startup” in the console.

This lore-friendly mod is compatible with any other mod. All you need is the Automatron DLC for it to work.

Download the Robots as Secondary Companions mod now for Fallout 4

#10 Craftable Creatures and Companions

Fallout 4 multiple companions
Image Credits: DOOMBASED

The Craftable Creatures and Companions mod allows you to craft rare flares at a chem station to spawn temporary followers who will die after some time. These temporary followers will only attack hostile NPCs that are in the same faction as them. They won’t attack any non-hostile NPCs.

Although these followers will follow you to the ends of the earth, they won’t trade inventory items or follow your commands. However, you can always reverse pickpocket anything you want into their inventories.

With this mod, you can add the following NPCs:

  • Allied Deathclaw
  • Allied Gunner
  • Allied Paladin
  • Allied Synth
  • Allied Raider
  • Allied Assaultron
  • Allied Feral Ghoul
  • Allied Yao Guai
  • Allied Super Mutant
  • Allied Mutant Hound
  • Allied Stingwing
  • Allied Radscorpion
  • Allied Radroach

All of these NPCs are leveled, meaning that they will spawn with the same levels as your NPCs.

Download the Craftable Creatures and Companions mod now for Fallout 4

#9 New Vegas Companions

Fallout 4 multiple companions
Image Credits: TheL0neW0nder

As you can tell from its name, the New Vegas Companions mod adds some of your favorite companions from New Vegas to Fallout 4. You can find these companions spread throughout the Mojave Wasteland in various locations:

  • Raul Tejada in the Nevada Highway Patrol Station
  • Arcade Gannon in the Mojave Outpost
  • Veronica Santangelo in the Mojave Drive-In
  • Rose of Sharon Cassidy in the Mojave Outpost
  • Boone in one of the deserted Nipton Homes

All of these companions have complete introductions, combat and follower dialogue, and full settler functionalities. However, as they don’t have the right dialogue implementation, these followers don’t have any affinity.

The mod comes with fully voiced Player dialogue and requires Project Mojave to work.

Download the New Vegas Companions mod now for Fallout 4

#8 Modern Warfare SAS Companions – Ghost and Price

Fallout 4 multiple companions
Image Credits: Meyzieu

If you are a fan of Modern Warfare, this is the perfect Fallout 4 companions mod for you! This mod adds the infamous Ghost and Price from Modern Warfare 2019 to Fallout 4. Both these companions are fully voiced with up to 80 unique dialogues. These include combat, trading, greeting, and enemy detection scenarios.

You can find these super cool companions at the Red Rocket Truck Shop. That’s also where they will return home to whenever dismissed. They won’t occupy your companion slots and will be wearing the Vanilla Gunner Leveled list outfits. You can even add their original MW outfits by going to the mod creator’s Discord server. How cool, right?

Download the Modern Warfare SAS Companions – Ghost and Price mod now for Fallout 4

#7 SKK Unlock All Companions

SKK Unlock All companions
Image Credits: SKK50

The SKK Unlock All Companions mod allows you to have all the 13 base game and 3 DLC companions in Fallout 4. The mod will have all these companions at your disposal without you having to finish any quests. You can set the default hostility, health management, and weapons for these companions.

You can install the mod at any point in a new or save game to have every companion available for you right away. As far as the companions who are not dependent on any quest are concerned, you will see a confirmation warning to avoid any problems later.

You can use SKK Fast Reunions mod to enable Valentine without affecting the main quest. To get Danse as your follower sooner without affecting the BOS quests, you can use the SKK Fast BOS mod.

Download the SKK Unlock all companions mod now for Fallout 4

#6 Fifty Loving Hearts (Fifty Companions)

Fifty Loving Hearts (Fifty Companions)
Image Credits: osv63

The Fifty Loving Hearts mod adds 50 female followers to Fallout 4. These followers will love you, follow you, protect you, wait for you, and even miss you when you are not around. They will also be very kind towards you and work for you in the settlements.

So if you are someone who has a lot of settlements in the game and you need someone to take care of them, you can place each of these followers in each of your settlements. You can easily trust them to take care of your settlements and be loyal and dedicated to you.

You can find these followers in the North East of the Abernathy farm on the hill. All of them are super strong fighters and hard workers, just how an ideal settler should be. You can also choose their appearances and install presets from them using the LooksMenu mod.

Check out the mod page below to see what else they can do.

Download the Fifty Loving Hearts mod now for Fallout 4

#5 NPC and Companions Workshop

NPC and Companions Workshop
Image Credits: NeilJordan

Have you ever wished you had your own army of companions? Well, thanks to the NPC and Companions Workshop mod, you can now! This mod allows you to create a huge army of creatures, followers, and settlers. You can have an army of over 800 different types of NPCs, including guards, specialists, settlers, followers, and creatures. All the creatures are included from the game.

You can have as many companions as you want and place them anywhere at any desired time. They will automatically run for you. You can even talk to them, change their items, change their face or body, experience romance, and rename them.

Check out the mod page below to learn how you can create your own army of followers.

Download the NPC and Companions Workshop mod now for Fallout 4

#4 Liga of My Companions

Liga of My Companions
Image Credits: Iggdrasil7

The Liga of My Companions mod lets you hire and control a team of 16 companions. Here are some of the main functions and settings added by this mod for the companions:

  • Beach
  • Camp
  • Find items
  • Marks on the map
  • Personal and team commands
  • Interjections
  • Personal and team teleportation
  • Draw weapons
  • Hotkeys for dialogues
  • Game time assignment
  • Change clothes
  • Infinite ammo

So many options, right? Check out the mod page below for more details.

Download the Liga of My Companions mod now for Fallout 4

#3 Noble Team Companions Redux

Noble Team Companions Redux
Image Credits: Kelcken

The Noble Team Companions Redux mod adds 6 completely voiced followers to Fallout 4 who will function as your companions without occupying the companion slot. The mod adds over 2,000 unique voiced lines as well as a Command Radio System like the FCOM! with a Holotape that explains how to use the radio system.

These followers will engage in conversations and combats with you. They even have custom weapons, and armor and customizable combat style, follow distance, aggression, and other attributes. The mod also adds a comprehensive outfit management system for these followers.

There is also a new player home, known as the Noble Safehouse. This home will be available to you after the quest line is finished.

The mod requires Automatron, Far Harbor, Nuka World, and Wasteland Workshop DLCs to work.

Download the Noble Team Companions Redux mod now for Fallout 4

#2 Dogmetal (Dogs Robots Companions)

Dogmetal (Dogs Robots Companions)
Image Credits: darklynxxx

The Dogmetal mod replaces the Dogmeat in Fallout 4 with a Dogbot. It also has the option to add three dog robots so you can become the pack leader. These dog robots have unique armors, more health power, heavier armor, sneak, no fall damage, can inflict more damages to dogs, and are immune to radiation and poison. These dogs are recruitable and will wait for you (the master) in the Sanctuary shelter. You can even recruit multiple dogs at once.

The armors added by this mod can be crafted at a chemistry station and edited at the armor workbench. These dogs come with high armors and stats by default so that you don’t have to forcibly use armors. It adds the followers armors for the dogbots:

  • Beast Armor: Black, Red, Rusted, Yellow.
  • Power Armor: Black, Grey, Institute, Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Wolf Armor: Black, White, Rusted, Red, Yellow, Brotherhood of Steel, Institute.

There are also various eye color options for these dogbots, including Synth 2, Black, Blue, White, Red, Yellow, and Green.

Download the Dogmetal (Dogs Robots Companions) mod now for Fallout 4

#1 Multiple Followers Overhaul – Tee Party Companions

Multiple Followers Overhaul - Tee Party Companions
Image Credits: Syngrith

The Multiple Followers Overhaul mod allows you to recruit just about anyone as your follower. The mod supports up to 52 followers at once, including all the base game and DLC followers who use default dialogues, 20 normal miscellaneous followers, 5 animals, and 10 robots who use a custom menu.

You can even set the essentiality, limited/unlimited ammo, map markers, and following distance for them. What’s more, you can manage their skills, health, and carry weight as well. Only the first recruited companions can take part in conversations. However, triggered dialogues for Preston in Jamaica Plains or MacCready tearing up in the Abandoned Nursery will work.

There is also a new item known as “Menu Command” in the Chem Lab under Followers Manager. You can use this option to manage the following aspects of your followers:

  • Wait/Hold Position
  • Move/Follow
  • Move Normally
  • Stick Close
  • Move to My Position
  • Spread Out

Download the Multiple Followers Overhaul – Tee Party Companions mod now for Fallout 4

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So that’s all, folks! This sums up our review of the best Fallout 4 multiple companions PC mods. Go ahead and try them out to have multiple followers and have them do all your dirty work, such as picking locks, managing your settlements, fighting with your, or following you around. They will accompany you along if you are the sole survivor in the game.

Happy gaming!