Fallout 4 Tesla Rifle – How To Find The Best Mods

Find out all about the best mods for Fallout 4 Tesla Rifle.

The Tesla Rifle in Fallout 4: Automatron is a pretty cool and advanced weapon that is very hard to find. It has a powerful Lightning legendary effect that fires an electrical discharge to create an arc engulfing multiple enemies within a limited range. This futuristic rifle uses fusion cells as ammunition. It is a perfect weapon if you want to have crowd control, especially against the feral ghouls. You can loot the rifle from Ivey in the Fort Hagen hangar when the Headhunting quest ends.

Fallout 4 Tesla Rifle Mods

Interestingly, you can scrap the Tesla Rifle to learn about the different modifications it has. Here are the top 8 Fallout 4 Tesla Rifle mods that you can learn from scrapping the Tesla Rifle:

1. Semi-Auto Barrel

The semi-automatic barrel mod for the Tesla Rifle is a standard mod that allows you to enjoy an improved rate of fire by losing some amount of damage and range. This Fallout 4 Tesla Rifle mod can be found at any weapons workbench, provided that you have achieved at least rank 1 of the Science! perk.

2. Automatic Barrel

The automatic barrel modification for Tesla Rifle allows you to achieve a much better rate of fire, +50 increase in fire range and a better sighted accuracy by losing some of the ammo capacity, getting a worse recoil and a poor hip-fire accuracy. As a result of increasing the effective damage per second, this mod will increase the ammo you use for the rifle, converting it into an automatic weapon.

You can get it at any weapons workbench provided that you have achieved at least rank 1 of the Science! perk.

3. Charging Barrel

The charging barrel modification for the Tesla Rifle allows players to achieve increased damage (+78) at a reduced fire rate. Players can charge the rifle by holding fire to achieve this damage. You can get this mod at any weapons workbench if achieved at least the first rank of Science! perk. 

4. Charging Shotgun Barrel

The Charging Shotgun Barrel is yet another barrel mod for Tesla Rifle that increases its damage by 98 by firing an electric shotgun blast. Players must hold fire to charge the weapon and let go once it is charged to fire a shotgun blast. You can unlock the mod from any weapons workbench upon getting the rank 2 of Science! perk. 

5. Charging Lob Barrel

The Charging Lob Barrel is another barrel weapon mod for the Tesla Rifle that enables it to shoot consecutive lightning balls at the target, creating a powerful electrical area-of-effect damage. Upon reaching rank 2 of the Science! perk, you can unlock this mod from any weapons workbench.

6. Standard Sights

The Standard Sight mod is a scope mod for the Tesla Rifle that includes the default iron sights which are attached to the rifle. This scope allows more clarity in the vision when targeting enemies. You can craft the mod from any weapons workbench.

7. Reflex Sight

Reflex Sight is a sight mod for the Tesla Rifle that includes a 10mm reflex sight found in the gun shop in Monsignor Plaza behind the counter. These reflex sights replace the standard iron sights for more clarity and precision to increase the accuracy. 

8. Tesla Rifle Enhancements V.1.1B

Tesla Rifle Enhancements V.1.1B is a fan-made rework of the Tesla Rifle that adds new customization options and improved weapon stats to increase the efficacy of the Tesla Rifle, making it more fun to play with. This Fallout 4 Tesla Rifle mod comes with the following cool features: 

  • Ionized Automatic Barrel.
  • Splatgun Barrel.
  • Penta Barrel.
  • Overclocked Charged Barrel.
  • Increased base damage.
  • Increased base magazine capacity. 

So get your hands on this mod to get a much more powerful Tesla Rifle!


The Tesla Rifle gets way more fun when used with these built-in and fan-made mods. So if you think that the vanilla Tesla Rifle was a bit underpowered, get these mods to give your rifle a newfound purpose! Do you not like the vanilla Assault Rifle in Fallout 4?

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