Free Fallout 4 Weapon Balance Mods to Download Right Away!


Shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols, assault rifles, combat rifles, miniguns, handguns, and melee weapons; the world of Fallout 4 is filled with a variety of weapons to give you an edge in the game. However, if you feel like these weapons could use some rebalancing to give them a more realistic feel and differentiate between the various weapons, you can take a look at some of the best Fallout 4 weapon balance mods.

Fallout 4 Weapon Balance
Credits: GarbagePickles

There is a dizzying number of weapons in the epic game by Bethesda Game Studios, Fallout 4. As you proceed in your attempt to recover your son and return peace to the commonwealth, you’ll come across various relatively bigger and badder weapons.

While there are numerous weapons in the game that you can find, use, and modify according to your personal gaming style and your character’s strength, most of them will not perfectly suit your preferences and requirements.

This is where Fallout 4 weapon balance mods come into play!

The following Fallout 4 weapon balance mods will enhance your experience with the vanilla weapons of the game, adjusting their realistic feel, balance, and balance:

The 16 Best Fallout 4 Weapon Balance Mods to Up Your Game

#16 Weapon Weight Rebalance

Fallout 4 Weapon Balance
Credits: GarbagePickles

The Weapon Weight Rebalance mod for Fallout 4 is a small mod to make weapon weights more realistic and have them mimic real-life weapon weights. This mod requires all current DLCs and it is perfect for those who want a more realistic feel in their game for better chances of survival.

Download the Weapon Weight Rebalance mod for Fallout 4 today!

#15 Basic Weapon Rebalance

The Basic Weapon Rebalance mod rebalances weapons and buffs automatic weapons and modifies enemy attacks to make the game more challenging. In addition to the rebalancing of all weapons, the automatic weapons have been buffed to deal the same damage as their semi-automatic counterparts.

There are numerous weapons and enemy attacks that are buffed through this mod.

Download the Basic Weapon Rebalance mod for Fallout 4 today!

#14 Ballistic Weapons UNbalanced

Fallout 4 Weapon Balance
Credits: gyuuula

This mod will tweak the recoil and damage of ballistic weapons and make them more proportional to their momentum and muzzle energy. Furthermore, it makes gun mods more realistic and simplistic while reducing material costs.

The primary motive of the mod is to give duns a more static feeling. Some of the changes revolve around hip-fire, magazines & sights, muzzle attachments, grips & stocks, barrels, receivers, actor changes, and energy weapons.

Download the Ballistic Weapons UNbalanced mod for Fallout 4 today!

#13 Weapon Balance Overhaul (For Vanilla Companion Weapons)

This mod uses the Weaponry Overhaul.esp from Weapon Balance Overhaul to adjust the statistics of weapons to make the non-playable default companion armaments more consistent.

The mod sets the weight value to 0 for all companion weapons and rebalances the fire rate/damage to match their playable counterparts’ fire rate/damage within the Weaponry Overhaul.esp.

Download the Weapon Balance Overhaul (For Vanilla Companion Weapons) mod for Fallout 4 today!

#12 Weapon re(Balance)

Fallout 4 Weapon Balance
Credits: Garnithor

The Weapon re(Balance) mod changes all of the guns in vanilla Fallout 4 to separate the automatic and caliber function from the receivers and increase damage across the board. Moreover, it also adds up to three mod slots for almost all of the weapons.

Bayonets and muzzles have their own separate category and future updates are expected to include support for weapons that are added by other mods. Overall, this mod affects the weapons in general as well as the entire weapon crafting system in the game.

Download the Weapon re(Balance) mod for Fallout 4 today!

#11 Weapons Rebalanced – More realistic weight

Fallout 4 Weapon Balance
Credits: Zuldokein

This mod, in addition to other tweaks, changes the weapons’ weight and their mods. As per the recent update, the mod includes a new file for gamers who use New Calibers and most of the weapons from the base game.

The mod’s primary goal is to rebalance the automatic receivers to match their damage with their semi-automatic counterparts.

Download the Weapons Rebalanced – More realistic weight mod for Fallout 4 today!

#10 Unique Uniques – Weapon Balance Overhaul Patch

Unique Uniques - Weapon Balance Overhaul Patch
Credits: Bunslinger

Unique Uniques – Weapon Balance Overhaul Patch is an ultra-lightweight mod that restores the submachine gun edits from Weapon Balance Overhaul to Unique Uniques. Both the Unique Uniques and Weapon Balance Overhaul mods are required for this mod to work.

Download the Unique Uniques – Weapon Balance Overhaul Patch mod for Fallout 4 today!

#9 WWII Weapon Rebalance – Volkssturmgewehr

WWII Weapon Rebalance - Volkssturmgewehr
Credits: RigidRaptor

This mod renames the Radium Rifle in Fallout 4 to Volkssturmgewehr and rebalances it accordingly. The base damage of the weapon has been increased to 33 while the rad damage has been removed.

Moreover, the damage percentage modifiers of radium rifle receivers have also been decreased. You also have the option to rechamber the weapon to 5.56mm and increase its damage to 35 or rechamber to 10mm and decrease damage to 30.

Download the WWII Weapon Rebalance – Volkssturmgewehr mod for Fallout 4 today!

#8 Simple Weapon Rebalance

Simple Weapon Rebalance
Credits: phobos2077

The Simple Weapon Rebalance mod’s primary focus is to make the gameplay better by fixing the immersion problems of certain weapons as well as their respective mods without touching their original purpose in the game.

In addition to immersion issues, the mod also addresses problems with weapon balance. For example, the Combat Rifle has relatively larger base damage that is more ammo-efficient while the submachine gun has a larger rate of fire and magazine.

The modifications have been applied to the following:

  • Frag Mine
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Fat Man
  • Gatling Laser
  • Missile Launcher
  • Flamer
  • Broadsider
  • Minigun
  • Alien Blaster
  • Laster Gun
  • Institute Laser
  • Combat Shotgun
  • Double-Barrel Shotgun
  • Submachine Gun
  • Assault Rifle
  • Combat Rifle
  • Pipe Bolt-Action Rifle
  • Hunting Rifle

Download the Simple Weapon Rebalance mod for Fallout 4 today!

#7 Doombased Weapons Merged Balancer

Doombased Weapons Merged Balancer
Credits: oblivion2343

This mod has been explicitly created for the Doombased’s weapon merger mod pack, making it an excellent choice for those who want to include more weapons in their game but fear that they will be unrealistically overpowering.

The mod balances the weapons from this mod pack to make them less overpowering while maintaining their usability. However, it is vital to note that this mod requires the Nuka-world DLC.

The balanced weapons include the Catalyst AAS, FN-Fal, VSV, Glock P80, and the Chiappa Triple Threat.

Download the Doombased Weapons Merged Balancer mod for Fallout 4 today!

#6 WWII Weapon Rebalance – Thompson SMG and More

WWII Weapon Rebalance - Thompson SMG and More
Credits: RigidRaptor

The WWII Weapon Rebalance – Thompson SMG and More mod rebalances the vanilla SMG in Fallout 4 to mimic the true Thompson. Furthermore, changes have been made to the Hunting Rifle as well as the Double-Barrel Shotgun.

The submachine gun, which has been renamed Thompson, has been adjusted to give damage of 33 and the damage of the double-barrel shotgun has been increased by 5 while its range has been increased and the long barrel spread has been reduced.

The range of the short and sawed-off barrel has also been increased slightly and the latter loses some Crit Damage but provides a 10% bonus damage. In addition, the damage done by the hunting rifle has been increased by 5.

Download the WWII Weapon Rebalance – Thompson SMG and More mod for Fallout 4 today!

#5 Weapons Rebalanced

Weapons Rebalanced
Credits: Zaayl

The Weapons Rebalanced mod for Fallout 4 rebalances the weapons of the Nuka World, Far Harbor, Automatron, and Commonwealth to increase their usability in various aspects. The primary differentiator is the specific ammo type of each weapon.

For example, a weapon using 5.56 ammo should not have less damage than a weapon using the .45. This mod also balances all DLC weapons and it modifies base guns as well as their mods and ammunitions for greater balance.

Download the Weapons Rebalanced mod for Fallout 4 today!

#4 Gunplay – Automatic Weapon Perks Rebalanced

Gunplay - Automatic Weapon Perks Rebalanced
Credits: SephDragoon

As the name of the mod suggests, this has been made for automatic weapons. Specifically, the mod removes the limitations, which prevent them from working on automatic weapons, on Rifleman and Gunslinger.

Moreover, the mod also modifies Commando to increase its damage by 5% per level through stacking and ensure that it works on heavy weapons. The rebalance offers a more realistic feel of weapons and makes them work more like they are advertised.

This is perfect for those who are growing tired of the arbitrary limitations on the perks that force gamers to lose all of their bonuses when using a weapon with automatic firing.

The following are some of the changes made through this mod:

  • The non-automatic limitations on Rank 2 and Rank 3 sniper perks have been removed
  • As long as the weapon is automatic, the Commando’s biased against heavy weapons is removed and it now stacks with the Heavy Gunner, Rifleman, and Gunslinger
  • Since the Commando’s bonus damage per level stacks, it has been lowered to 5% per level
  • The non-automatic limitations on the Rifleman and Gunslinger have been removed

Download the Gunplay – Automatic Weapon Perks Rebalanced mod for Fallout 4 today!

#3 Full Weapon Rebalance

Full Weapon Rebalance
Credits: Flash_in_the_flesh

The Full Weapon Rebalance mod uses real-life energy output [wattage] for energy weapons, kiloton [TNT equivalent] value for explosives, and bullet muzzle energy value for ballistic weapons to scale the damage of all weapons within Fallout 4.

Furthermore, the modder used the values of real-life weapons equivalent to scale the rate of fire wherever possible. The weapon modifications have also been altered to make more sense.

For example, the barrel length will impact weapon damage and muzzle velocity, while the muzzle will not increase accuracy or reduce change. Overall, the mod puts logic behind weapon damage with real-life muzzle weight, muzzle velocities for varying barrel lengths, and ammunition weight values, making the game more immersive.

It is pertinent to note, however, that this mod will not make all weapons a viable option throughout the game and you’ll have to choose your weapons based on your level and difficulty.

Download the Full Weapon Rebalance mod for Fallout 4 today!

#2 Equilibrium – Weapons (Balance Enhancements)

Equilibrium - Weapons (Balance Enhancements)
Credits: alexananiev

This balance enhancement mod includes all DLCs and the recent version includes an in-depth balance overhaul for assault rifles. This mod adds more balance to the game with more variety of choices in terms of weapons.

The modder has done a commendable job of preserving the vanilla Fallout 4 dynamic while making all weapons relatively more relevant by resolving the weapon balance issues.

The following are some of the many big and small changes made by this mod:

  • Increased range and damage for the double-barrel shotgun
  • Added more ammo weight and better base damage for the hunting rifle
  • Decreased the weight and increased damage of the submachine gun
  • Adjusted perks, modification effects, and base damage for the minigun
  • Dramatically increased damage and ammo and decreased ammunition cost for the acid soaker
  • Lowered the components cost of crafting general explosives
  • Increased the damage caused by the rocket launcher

It is pertinent to note that some modifications within this mod are subtle, so you might not see much of a change with certain pre-well-balanced weapons in Fallout 4. Moreover, you will require the latest version of the game for this mod to work.

Download the Equilibrium – Weapons (Balance Enhancements) mod for Fallout 4 today!

#1 Weapon Balance Overhaul

Weapon Balance Overhaul
Credits: Vazeron1

If you’re on the hunt for a weapon rebalance mod that adjusts weapon damage to add more balance and realism, this mod will be a perfect fit for you. It is the first-ever weapon overhaul for the game and it requires Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) to work efficiently.

This is a lore-friendly weapons balance mod that also offers compatibility with several other mods on Nexus Mods. The mod fixes some annoyances within the weapon balance element in Fallout 4.

If you believe your melee weapons are underwhelming, the institute weapons don’t offer much damage compared to their generic counterparts, the heavy weapons are underpowered, the hunting rifle falls behind every other weapon in terms of damage, and the pipe weapons are quick to become obsolete, this is the only mod you’ll need.

It makes legitimizes and validates the use of each and every weapon in Fallout 4, making all of them useful to some extent. The process included buffing some of the weakest weapons in the game to give them a little more edge.

The mod differentiates between the various groups of weapons and also reduces the damage sponginess annoyances across all difficulties. Furthermore, the changes are applied to both the enemy and the player.

The damage and magazine sizes have been balanced for assault rifles, combat rifles, 10mm, pipe pistol/sniper/rifle, .44 magnum, pipe revolver, hunting rifle, pipe bolt action, double barrel shotgun, combat shotgun, and many other submachine, energy, heavy, unique, and melee weapons.

Download the Weapon Balance Overhaul mod for Fallout 4 today!


That’s all gamers! This concludes the list of the best Fallout 4 weapon balance mods that are available for free download on Nexus Mods! You can also check out the top 16 high-resolution texture packs for Fallout 4 here, or take a look at the Related Articles section for more updates on popular gaming mods on the internet.