top 20 Fallout 4 funny mods that will have you in fits


In the Fallout 4 world where you are caught in the middle of a nuclear apocalypse and have multiple responsibilities on your shoulders, a few jokes every now and then wouldn’t hurt. Today, let’s take a look at some of the most hilarious Fallout 4 funny mods that offer light-hearted fun.

Fallout 4 funny mods
Image Credits: jaredinsc

It has been 7 years since Bethesda released Fallout 4. Although the game is quite addictive, it is bound to feel monotonous if you have been playing it from the start. So if you find yourself getting bored in the same old, dusty, and depressing wastelands for survival in Fallout 4, it’s time to turn things around for fun.

In this article, I will reveal some of the best Fallout 4 funny mods for PC so you can enhance your gameplay experience and get a laugh. These hilarious masterpieces created by the experienced community of modders are sure to have you rolling on the floor laughing.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

20 most hilarious fallout 4 funny mods of all time ranked

#20 Throwing Weapons Mod

Fallout 4 funny mods
Image Credits: Agnonthewolf

Whether you are a fan of magicians with cool card-throwing tricks or Sara Lance from The Arrow, who is an expert in throwing weapons, this mod is a perfect treat for you. The Throwing Weapons mod allows you to chuck basically anything at your opponents, be it knives, forks, or even cards! That’s right.

Who says you have to stick with the conventional methods of combat when you can simply take your opponents out by throwing things at them? Throw cards like a magician, forks like an amateur fighter, or knives like a trained ninja at your opponents. Not only will you be able to take out your opponents in style, you will also get all that frustration out.

This mod lets you throw hammers, knives, forks, screwdrivers, bowler hats, cards, shurikens, and even bricks at your enemies.

Download the Throwing Weapons mod now for Fallout 4.

#19 Rip A Guy’s Arm Off And Beat Him To Death With It

Fallout 4 funny mods
Image Credits: Kentington

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you have exhausted all your ammo and weapons and there’s nothing left to fight with? Well, this mod changes that by letting you rip your opponent’s arm and beating them to death with it. How ironic and hilarious, right?

Once you install this mod, your character will have learned a cool new martial arts trick that allows you to rip off the arms of living humans, super mutants, and ghouls. This severed arm can be used as a weapon to beat them to death.

Download the Rip A Guy’s Arm Off And Beat Him To Death With It mod now for Fallout 4.

#18 Cadbury Egg Mod

Fallout 4 funny mods
Image Credits: countmosh

In a world where Cadbury eggs exist, why stick to the boring and ugly vanilla Mirelurk eggs? This mod lets you add some flavor (pun intended) to the salty Mirelurk nests by replacing the vanilla eggs with Cadbury eggs.

So instead of those grime-covered old sacs surrounded by gross goo, Mirelurk nests will now be filled with delicious looking and tasting Cadbury eggs. How cool, right?

Download the Cadbury Egg mod now for Fallout 4.

#17 Taylor Swift Pip-Boy Background

Taylor Swift Pip-Boy Background
Image Credits: TheXzi

If you are looking for a super cool pip-boy background, then get your hands on this Taylor Swift-themed mod. As you can guess from its name, this mod replaces the background of your pip-boy by an image of none other than Taylor Swift herself! So if you are a fan, this is the perfect mod for you!

Check out the mod page below to see the installation guidelines.

Download the Taylor Swift Pit-Boy Background Image mod now for Fallout 4.

#16 CombatCleavage – Enhanced Sideboob Edition

CombatCleavage - Enhanced Sideboob Edition
Image Credits: hotmike

This mod adds an enhanced side boob edition replacer for the Light Combat Armor so your female character can look sexy while killing the enemies. Why stick to the boring vanilla armor when you can transform your female character into a sexy badass woman ready to take out Super Mutants, Ghouls, and anyone else that comes you way?

Get your hands on this mod and distract your opponents with the extra cleavage, giving you the perfect opportunity to vaporize them.

Download the CombatCleavage – Enhanced Sideboob Edition mod now for Fallout 4.

#15 Decapodian Mirelurks

Decapodian Mirelurks
Image Credits: sheepandshepherd

Wanna deprive the Mirelurks of their scary looks and turn them into funny and colorful creatures? Say no more! This mod adds new textures for Mirelurks in Fallout 4. It replaces the textures of three Mirelurks:

  • Mirelurk replaced with Zoidberg in lab coat colors
  • Mirelurk Razorclaw replaced with a blue-colored Alternate Universe Zoidberg
  • Softshell Mirelurk replaced with a red-colored Zoidberg

While some people may find the new textures funny, others may find them even more terrifying than the vanilla Mirelurks. Whatever the case, this mod is a definitely must-have! Be ready to come across these terrifying creatures the next time you go into the radioactive waters.

Check out the mod page below to see the installation guidelines.

Download the Decapodian Mirelurks mod now for Fallout 4.

#14 Teddy Bear Nukes

Teddy Bear Nukes
Image Credits: jaredinsc

There are two types of people: Those who find teddy bears really cute. And those who find them creepy. No matter which one you are, you will definitely find it insanely hilarious to see teddy bear nukes in Fallout 4! As you can guess from its name, this mod replaces the vanilla Mini Nukes in Fallout 4 with Teddy Bears. That’s right! Taking the concept of “kill them with kindness” to a whole new level.

However, don’t be fooled by the cuteness of these teddies. They are filled with slow but long-lasting radiation sickness that will give your enemies their worst nightmares when their skin and hair start to fall off.

So load up your weapons with Teddy Bears and fire away the cute bombs! What better way to troll your enemies?

Download the Teddy Bear Nukes mod now for Fallout 4.

#13 Shaun Is the Anti-Christ

Shaun Is the Anti-Christ
Image Credits: PleaseDont

Imagine that you are relaxing at home with your partner and your days of being a wanted murderer are over. You are reminiscing about the good ol’ days when you hear something awful coming from the back room. You get up to see if your son, Shaun, is fine.

As soon as you enter his room, your life turns into a living hell. You hear Shaun screaming. But it’s not just a normal scream. It is as if all the damned souls in hell are crying out loud. You feel haunted by a demon, only to realize that it’s your son, crying. You can’t wait to get back into the wasteland and be a wanted murderer instead.

Sounds hilarious, right? That’s exactly what this mod is all about.

Download Shaun Is the Anti-Christ mod now for Fallout 4.

#12 Fox Gasmask and Outfit

Fox Gasmask and Outfit
Image Credits: rolrolrol11

Looking for another way to make your character look funny? This mod adds just the right items for that. The Fox Gasmask and Outfit adds a radstag hide outfit, a gas mask, and a wrapped cap for you to disguise yourself.

So put on the fox outfit, disguise yourself, and avoid any possible interrogations by your foes so that they don’t know your try identity. Hint: It also works perfectly if you want to avoid people who come up and try to talk to you.

So what does the fox say? Check out the mod from below.

Download the Fox Gasmask and Outfit mod now for Fallout 4.

#11 Superman Outfit

Superman Outfit
Image Credits: Crishark

Wanna save Metropolis as Superman? Say no more. This mod adds a Superman and Supergirl outfit for both the male and female players in Fallout 4. So if you are tired of fighting the settlers with your companions, it’s time to outshine them all by getting your hands on this super cool mod. Imagine all the things you can do as a Superman or a Supergirl.

Sadly, this mod does not give you all the cool abilities of flying, laser vision, or heightened senses. But who said you need all of those to save the day? Just put on the Super suit, get your hands on a machine gun, and start firing on your enemies. Improvise.

Check out the mod page below to see how it works.

Download the Superman Outfit mod now for Fallout 4.

#10 Darth Vader Armor

Darth Vader Armor
Image Credits: invalidfate

In a world of crossovers made by the modding community, there had to be a crossover between Stars Wars and Fallout 4, right? As you can guess from its name, this mod introduces the infamous Darth Vader to Fallout 4, ported from Skyrim. The Darth Vader armour with skirt and cape has been created with physics and animations.

This armor comes with customized animations as well as havok cloth features. So get your hands on this mod and wreak havoc in the wastelands by becoming the most powerful villain of the space. Check out the mod page below to see how you can find these items in-game.

Download the Darth Vader Armor mod now for Fallout 4.

#9 Funny Punch Sound Replacer

Fallout 4 funny mods
Image Credits: perroamarillo

As you can guess from its name, this mod replaces the punch sounds in Fallout. Whenever you hit an unarmed NPC, there will be a hilarious punching sound, instead of the old and boring vanilla sound. Although the guy you hit may not find it too funny.

Download the Funny Punch Sound Replacer mod now for Fallout 4.

#8 High Velocity Cat Cannon

High Velocity Cat Cannon
Image Credits: j4ce

Have you ever envied how your cats literally do nothing all the day and just sit there, judge you, and order you around? It’s time to give your feline creatures a purpose by firing your foes with them from your jets. That’s right! This mod adds a high velocity fiery feline projection device to Fallout 4, which fires cats instead of the old junk.

Use these pesky felines as ammo to let out your frustration while obliterating your enemies in a fun way. The cannon is absolutely free from bugs and glitches. You will never leave your territories unarmed (uncatted) now with this unique cannon.

Download the High Velocity Cat Cannon mod now for Fallout 4.

#7 The Dolphin Launcher

The Dolphin Launcher
Image Credits: oe_NaiL

After the cat cannon, we have yet another interesting weapons launcher for Fallout 4. This super cool launcher allows you to shoot exploding plush Dolphins and kill your foes with cuteness. Who said you need nuclear warheads to take out your foes? Do it in a cute fashion by replacing the warheads in the nuclear catapult with a cute blue plush dolphin. You will either end up killing them all, or leaving them pissed at this comical gesture.

Download The Dolphin Launcher mod now for Fallout 4.

#6 Lockpick Laugh Track

Lockpick Laugh Track
Image Credits: Voiceactor

Have you ever picked a lock in Fallout 4 and felt bad for not getting a standing ovation, or at least a congratulatory gesture for it? Well, this mod aims to change that by adding a laughing sound to the game. Every time you pick a lock, you will hear people laughing in the background, just like in comedy shows. Sounds pretty funny, right?

Download the Lockpick Laugh Track mod now for Fallout 4.

#5 Classic And Funny Fallout Death Narrations

Classic And Funny Fallout Death Narrations
Image Credits: WoodElfMagefemale

If you are a fan of the great Ron Perlman, this mod is a perfect fit for you. This mod aims to change the depressing and bloody theme of the game by bringing Ron Perlman to the mix. If you have missed Ron’s voice in Fallout, then cheer up because thanks to this mod, it’s back now.

This narrations mod changes the death music and the amount of time you spend looking at your dead body. It replaces the three death music sounds with six narrations from Fallout 1 and five funny comments about death from Fallout 2.

The mod comes in three options; Normal, Medium, and Loud. You can only choose one at a time. So if you miss Perlman’s narrations in the game, it’s time to bring those back.

  • For people who play music with 70% – 100% volume, choose the Normal option.
  • For people who play music with 50% – 70% volume, choose the Medium option.
  • For people who play music at 50% or less volume, choose the Loud option.

Install the mod easily by using the Nexus Mod Manager.

Download the Classic And Funny Fallout Death Narrations mod now for Fallout 4.

#4 Macho Claws

Macho Claws
Image Credits: AronaxAE

Skyrim’s Macho Dragons mod is one of the funniest mods of all time that replaces the dragon population of the game with the popular wrestler, Randy Savage, also known as the “Macho Man”. Considering how popular the mod is, it was bound to finds its way to Fallout 4.

The Macho Claws mod in Fallout 4 replaces the terrifying Deathclaw with yet another scary but funny model of the famous Macho Man. In addition to replacing the model, the mod also changes Deathclaw’s sounds with those of Macho Man. It’s scary, funny, and absurd and the same time.

Download the Macho Claws mod now for Fallout 4.

#3 FO4 Funny Death Sounds

FO4 Funny Death Sounds
Image Credits: Londrandir1974

This mod adds funny death sounds to Fallout 4. So the next time you die in Fallout 4, you will hear a funny sound in the background. The three funny sounds added by this mod include:

  • Price is Right failure
  • Sad Trombone
  • Pacman Death Sound

Who said death always has to be grim? Turn it into a funny deal with this legendary modification of the death sounds.

Download the FO4 Funny Death Sounds mod now for Fallout 4.

#2 Nicolas Cage Paintings

Nicolas Cage Paintings
Image Credits: lermyggor

If your settlement does not feel very home-like and you would like to add a little flare to get, your hands on this mod today. The default paintings in Fallout 4 are quite boring, to be honest. But this mod aims to replace them with paintings of Nicolas Cage.

Get ready to be left speechless by hundreds of different paintings of Nicolas Page, each with a different expression from a different scene. What better way to decorate your walls than putting up paintings of the award-winning actor?

Download the Nicolas Cage Paintings mod now for Fallout 4.

#1 Funny Talking Dogmeat

Funny Talking Dogmeat
Image Credits: jexbo1987

This one has to be my favorite so far! If you are tired of your dog whining, barking, and growling all the time, it’s time to give it a new voice. This mod allows your dog meat to talk so you can have a funny companion along your journey. Beware of the F bombs though. This definitely isn’t a sweet-talking dog but he’s sure to make you laugh. In fact, he may insult and roast you randomly sometimes. So brace yourself.

Download the Funny Talking Dogmeat mod now for Fallout 4.

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So that’s all, folks! This list sums up the most hilarious, comical, and insane Fallout 4 funny mods of all time. All of these mods are for PC as the console mods on the Bethesda games website are very limited. So if you are a Fallout 4 PC player, turn your boring playthroughs into hilarious experiences with these Nexus mods and show them off to your best friend!

For additional mods of all your favorite games, stay tuned.