The Best Fallout 4 Vault Girl Mod You’ll Ever Need


Vault Boy is the mascot of the Fallout games franchise. But looking at this super cheerful and bright guy for years everywhere can get quite boring. However, there are many Vault Girl mods that change everything from the icons and backgrounds to pip-boy animations and companions. Today, let’s find you your favorite Fallout 4 Vault Girl mod by exploring 14 different mods.

Vault Girl Mod - Neo's FOMOD Version
Image Credits: AliasNe0

Vault Girl is the female counterpart of Vault Boy in all of the Fallout games. Being Vault-Tec’s corporate mascort, Vault Boy is seen everywhere in Fallout games, be it in the user interface, pip-boy icons, backgrounds, animations, adverts, products, and other places.

However, the Vault Girl is not as publicly displayed as Vault Boy is. To change that, there are many Fallout 4 Vault Girl mods out there that make Vault Girl more public and visible everywhere.

In this article, we will discover some of the most popular Vault Girl mods for Fallout 4 so you can find your favorite Vault Girl mod. We scoured the deepest and. darkest ends of Nexus to find these mods. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the list, shall we?

Best Fallout 4 Vault Girl Mod: 14 Options to Choose from

#14 Vault-Girl Icon

Fallout 4 Vault Girl Mod
Image Credits: noraimironhand

The Vault Girl Icon mod adds a new icon to Fallout 4 to replace the vanilla Vault-Boy icon with. The are three icon options in total, the Vault Girl, Vault Girl Classic, and Vault Girl Alternate. The icon has been inspired from the mod Vault Girl Mod Alpha and is a pretty cool looking asset to replace the default icon with. It’s time to girl up!

Download the Vault-Girl Icon mod now for Fallout 4

#13 FallUI – Inventory and Vault Girl Mod Patch

Fallout 4 Vault Girl Mod

Image Credits: Potato95

This is a patch that combines the FallUI Inventory (Pip-Boy Inventory) mod with the Vault Girl Mod so you can get the most of these two mods together. The patch also contains bug fixes for the Vault Girl Mod VATS module so that the two mods can work together smoothly without any problems. But if you are not using that module, select “none” when installing the VATS module.

For this patch to work, you will need both of these mods installed. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Install the original mod Vault Girl Mod with your desired preset.
  • Install FallUI – Inventory and allow it to overwrite the Vault Girl Mod when it asks you.
  • Install this patch and allow it to overwrite the Vault Girl mod if it asks.
  • Go to MCM > FallUI > Inventory > Lists > PipBoy and under “Compatibility”, set Mod VaultGirl ON.

If the patch does not activate, save your game and load it. If it still does not work, restart your game.

Download the FallUI – Inventory and Vault Girl Mod Patch now for Fallout 4

#12 Vault Girl Myina

Fallout 4 Vault Girl Mod
Image Credits: Truth2

This mod adds a new Vault Girl named Myina to Fallout 4. She has been turned into Curie and has a vanilla state Hairstyle. She has beautiful dark brown hair that she wears in a lose ponytail with goggles on her head.

Before you leave the vault, put your save in C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Saves. To give her the best appearance, use the mods Oni face and full CBBE and JB nude re-texture + True Eyes – Fallout 4 Edition.

Download the Vault Girl Myina mod now for Fallout 4

#11 Hot Vault Girl 2K_4K – Pipboy Background

Fallout 4 Vault Girl Mod Pipboy Background
Image Credits: mattiiz

This mod replaces the Pip-boy background in Fallout 4 with a Hot Vault Girl in 2K and 4K vanilla resolutions. The new backgrounds are insanely hot and also contain adult content. So user discretion is advised. Check out the mod page below for the installation guidelines.

Download the Hot Vault Girl 2K_4K – Pipboy Background mod now for Fallout 4

#10 PipBoy Screen – Sexy Vault Girl

PipBoy Screen - Sexy Vault Girl
Image Credits: Jswen14

This is yet another Pip-boy background replacer hat replaces the default screen with that of a Sexy Vault Girl. The mod comes with 9 different files with different brightness levels.

Since the screen of your Pip-boy changes depending on the time of day and graphics mods that you have installed, you can try out these variants to figure out which one works the best for you. These include:

  • Default
  • Slightly Darker
  • Even Darker
  • Slightly More Vibrant
  • Even More Vibrant
  • Slight Desaturated
  • Even More Desaturated
  • Slightly Lighter
  • Even Lighter

Go ahead and give your Pip-boy a hot new background!

Download the PipBoy Screen – Sexy Vault Girl mod now for Fallout 4

#9 Vault Girl Laura – Fully Voiced Companion with Perk

Vault Girl Laura
Image Credits: vault75

This mod adds a fully voiced companion to Fallout 4, named Laura. Laura is a beautiful British Vault Girl who will travel with you around the Commonwealth and keep you entertained. She will even join you in combats and prove to be a helping hand whenever you need her to be.

It is a standalone companion mod voiced and lip synced by the British voice actress Emily Linard. She will share her thoughts with you whenever you ask her, engage in melee fights with like a trained assassin, trade with you, unlock the toughest terminals, and use energy weapons. You can even enjoy affinity with her by doing what she likes, such as lock picking. Once you reach a certain level of affinity, you will get a brand new perk.

Laura lives in her own as well as Diamond City’s Crime Faction. She will make comments when you go to certain places. All of these comments are unique and thoughtful.

However, do note that you will need the following mods for Laura to look like the way she does:

Download the Vault Girl Laura – Fully voiced Companion with perk mod now for Fallout 4

#8 STATS Animations – Vault Girl (Not Vault Meat) (and.. Millianna)

STATS Animations - Vault Girl
Image Credits: lazyradly

This mod replaces the STATS animations on your Pip-boy with a Vault Girl and Millianna. It is a pretty basic mod that just changes the STATS animations without changing anything else. Only took the mod creator two days to make it. So go ahead and make this little yet very apparent change on your Pip-boy with this Vault Girl interface.

Download the STATS Animations – Vault Girl (Not Vault Meat) (and.. Millianna) mod now for Fallout 4

#7 Vault Girls Laura And Jasmine British Beautys With Quest And Perks

Vault Girls Laura And Jasmine
Image Credits: vipervenom1977

This mod adds two fully voiced companions to Fallout 4. Vault Girl Laura and Jasmine are two British ladies and the sole survivors of the bombing in their home. You can romance both the girls and get amazing perks that will come in handy during your exploration.

Both Laura and Jasmine come with Legendary Armor that you can craft at any chemistry station and upgrade at any armour bench with balllistic weave, legendary, and misc. This girls will also offer live and love perks if your romance them. What’s more, they will even defend themselves in combat when it comes to that.

They bring their own custom 44 magnum bullbarrel. So they can take care of themselves pretty well. You don’t even need to worry about them running out of ammo as they have unlimited ammo. Jasmine is the older one and is more strong in combats and speeds. So travel around the Wasteland with the most attractive and fierce ladies at your side!

Download the Vault Girls Laura And Jasmine British Beautys With Quest And Perks mod now for Fallout 4

#6 VaultMeat Pip-Girl 3000

VaultMeat Pip-Girl 3000
Image Credits: adomiel

The VaultMeat Pip-Girl 3000 mod changes the engraving on Pip-boy to make it “Pip-Girl”. The mod also adds a little vault meat/vault girl logo and adjusts the Specular and Normal maps of the pipboy to give them a new effect.

However, it does not change the color of your pipboy. It also comes with a second version that does not change the specular map of the pipboy.

Download the VaultMeat Pip-Girl 3000 mod now for Fallout 4

#5 Vault Girl Bobbleheads

Vault Girl Bobbleheads
Image Credits: AnTiWoMaAgNoT

This mod is a female version of the bobblehead in three types, SFW, Sexy, and NSFW. It replaces all the male bobbleheads with the female ones. Once you have installed the mod, you will have to collect 8 sets of bobbleheads. There are 160 individual items in total. How cool, right?

Download the Vault Girl Bobbleheads mod now for Fallout 4

#4 Vault Girl Mod – Neo’s FOMOD Version

Vault Girl Mod - Neo's FOMOD Version
Image Credits: AliasNe0

The Vault Girl Mod replaces some of the Vault Boy UI with a Vault Girl UI. The mod replaces the vanilla Vault Girl UI and Vault Boy UI with an all new Vault Girl UI. There are three types of Vault Girls in this mod: A, B, and C.

It also comes with some optional Sign and Poster textures that you can get your hands on. This is a WIP mod that also plans on adding level up perks, Pip-boy data quests, and Pip-boy stat perks. So if you are looking for the best Vault Girl mod for the game, this one should be your go-to!

Download the Vault Girl Mod – Neo’s FOMOD Version mod now for Fallout 4

#3 Bobble Girl – with Slooty Vault Suit

Bobble Girl - with Slooty Vault Suit
Image Credits: justice123

This mod adds a super cute Bobble Girl to Fallout 4. It replaces the vanilla Bobbleheads with this version. There are 5 variants of the Bobble Girl, including three different hair colors in red, dark brown, and blonde, and two different suit designs, including a Normal and a Slooty Suit.

Download the Bobble Girl – with Slooty Vault Suit mod now for Fallout 4

#2 Vault Girl Perk Tree

Vault Girl Perk Tree
Image Credits: RuthlessPeasant

The Vault Girl Perk Tree mod changes the Vault Boy in Perk Tree to Shadman’s Voluptuous Vault Girl. It is a work in progress mod that adds animated sprites of Shadman’s Vault Meat to replace Vault Tech’s Vault Girl. The new Vault Girls for perception, charisma, agility, intelligence, and other perks are super hot and attractive.

Download the Vault Girl Perk Tree mod now for Fallout 4

#1 Gorgeous VAULT-GIRL

Image Credits: cedaie

The Gorgeous Vault-Girl mod adds a super attractive Vault Girl to Fallout 4. She has really beautiful facial textures that give her a natural look. What’s more, this mod replaces the Preset 1 in the face editor. So you don’t need to use face transfer methods.

So if you were looking for ways to create an attractive girl to play as and are tired of playing as a ghoul, go ahead and get your hands on this mod now!

Download the Gorgeous VAULT-GIRL mod now for Fallout 4

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So that’s all, folks! This sums up my review of the best Vault Girl mods for Fallout 4. I hope this list helps you find the right Vault Girl mod that you were looking for. This Vault-tec mascot definitely deserves to have more screen time in your gameplays. And thanks to these super cool mods, you’ll have it. Go ahead and check these mods out today.

Happy gaming!