Skyrim Utility Mods – Top 5 Of All Time


Find out about the best Skyrim Utility Mods that keep the game running smoothly!

Despite being a decade old game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is still one of the most popular role-playing games out there. But is it the vanilla version that has kept the game all these years? Nope! Skyrim is actually still played today all thanks to the thousands of mods the game has. 

Skyrim is hands down THE most moddable and customizable game. And no, it’s not those weird mods such as Macho Dragons that is keeping it alive. It is those much-needed mods that are not only amazing but essential for the game to run smoothly and bug-freely. 

So let’s have a look at some of the must-have Skyrim utility mods that keep the game up and running.

List of Top 5 Skyrim Utility Mods

Immersive Citizens – AI Overhaul

Let’s face it,interacting with NPC’s that act and look dumb or robot-like is a huge turn off, right? It just sucks all the fun out of the game! That is why I bring to you a much-needed Skyrim utility mod, Immersive Citizens – AI Overhaul

Created by Arnaud dOrchymont, this mod basically overhauls the friendly NPCs by improving the Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance your in-game immersion. As a result, you will find these NPCs more natural and realistic, giving you natural reactions and actions. So finally, there will be no more random NPCs fighting things with mere stones and letter openers. 

Skyrim Performance Plus

Skyrim Performance Plus is a Skyrim utility mod created by Vergis to stop your game from crashing. If you have performance problems or if your game keeps crashing all the time, especially around the graphic-intensive spots, this mod is a must have for you. 

Many users report problems around The Rift. This mod fixes those problems by lowering the quality of complex effects such as falling leaves. As these effects require more animation, they ultimately contribute to lower frame rates in those regions. So this mod downgrades those animations to give you a better performance in things that matter. So convenient, right?

Immersive HUD – IHUD

Immersive HUD – IHUD is a Skyrim utility mod created by Gopher to give players more freedom to keep or hide HUD. This mod lets you immerse into the game completely by hiding HUD whilst letting you have it at hand. This means that the different HUD elements in game including crosshair or compass can be hidden if you don’t need them, allowing you to enjoy maximum minimalism in your viewing experience. So have it when you need and hide it when you don’t! 


Do you play Skyrim on your PC? If yes then this mod is a DEFINITE must have for you, if you don’t have this already. Created by schlangster, SkyUI is not an add-on but a need for PC gamers because if you have played the game on PC, then you know that the game’s native UI is designed for consoles, meaning that PC users have a pretty hard time navigating it. 

This is where this mod comes to rescue! It overhauls the game’s spell menu, inventory, and all the other parts of Skyrim’s UI to make it PC-friendly. This utility mod is so popular that many mods depend on this one to run! An absolute must-have for PC gamers.

Alternate Start – Live Another Life 

Alternate Start – Live Another Life is a utility mod for Skyrim created by Arthmoor. This mod lets you start Skyrim in a different way. I’m sure you are sick of the game’s un-skippable and extremely long cinematic sequence that makes you sleepy. But what if I told you that you can dodge that cinematic and cut to the chase straight away? 

Yup, that’s right! The Alternate Start – Live Another Life allows you an alternative start to Skyrim, by letting you choose your desired race and a new life for the character to embark on. You will be given multiple options to choose from. But choose wisely as this choice will determine your fate! So skip the good ol’ Dragonborn and try something different for a change!


Listed above are the 5 best utility mods for Skyrim that you will be definitely needing, or wanting at some point. So try them out and improve your in-game experience now!

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