The 10 Greatest Weather Minecraft Mods


Minecraft’s weather system is very plain and can get boring sometimes. I am going to show you the best Minecraft mods that will turn Minecraft’s boring and annoyingly simple weather system into an obstacle or even just something to observe and maybe even control. The mods below are the 10 Greatest Weather mods Minecraft has to offer and I will show you why.

#10 Time & Weather stones

The first mod on the list is the Time & Weather Stones mod. This mod adds 7 weather stones and 1 stone that teleports you to your spawn point. These weather stones allow you to change the weather to that specific stone. An example of that is the rain stone will make it rain or the night stone will change it to night time. This mod has plenty of uses for farming and for grinding mob drops. If you are looking to tame the sky then check out this mod.

Download Time & Weather stones Here

#9 It’s Raining Food!

Its Raining Food mod is pretty straightforward and awesome. What this mod does is that it allows you to fill your hunger bar by looking into the sky when it is raining. This feature is pretty overpowered if you combine it with a mod that allows you to control the weather. Ignoring the overpowering aspect of the mod it is very convenient and fun to use due to the fact that I hate to eat food. I suggest you check out this mod as it holds a lot of fun to be had.

Download It’s Raining Food! Here

#8 Eternal Winter

Eternal Winter is a very interesting mod that makes your Minecraft world forever stuck in constant blizzards. The mod itself is more of an aesthetic thing due to the fact snow doesn’t do anything but if you combine this mod with a mod that makes you take damage based on the temperature then it can be a well-needed difficulty scale. The mod makes your whole Minecraft world look really beautiful and if you hate rain and thunderstorms then check this simple mod out.

Download Eternal Winter Here

#7 Wishing for Sunshine

Wishing for Sunshine is my guilty pleasure mod. This mod adds a wishing well into Minecraft that looks amazing. This well gives you weather control and the game day time. The way it works is you will need to throw a specific flower into the well to get the desired effect which I think is a great drawback as it forces you to explore the world for these materials. This mod I feel has a much more immersive way of working compared to the weather stone mod. If you are looking to control your weather in a more fair way then check this mod out.

Download Wishing for Sunshine Here

#6 Weathering with You

Weathering with You is a very interesting mod in the way it works. This mod adds a weather radar and forecast system that will allow you to know what weather it is, when it will stop, and when it will end. On top of that, it also gives you the time of day which is a great tool all around. If you are tired and annoyed of never knowing the time and or the weather then this mod is definitely one you should try out.

Download Weathering with You Here

#5 No Weather Effects

The No Weather Effects mod is an extremely straightforward mod. This mod gets rid of the annoying weather in your Minecraft world and allows you to have perfect clear skies every day. The weather can be really annoying in Minecraft for a lot of different reasons especially because of the particles and this mod is really useful for getting rid of it. If you are Minecrafter that loves to build and or just hates the rain then this mod is perfect for you.

Download No Weather Effects Here

#4 ToxicRain

The ToxicRain mod is a very interesting and great mod that adds new weather to Minecraft that will damage you. This rain adds a nice challenge to the world of Minecraft as you don’t want to be caught standing in it. This type of storm is really fun to deal with as it has normal rain clouds and could surprise you at any moment. If you are looking for some new weather types try out this acid rain event mod.

Download ToxicRain Here

#3 Serene Seasons

The Serene Seasons mod is one of the better weather mod’s on the list. The mod does exactly as it says, it adds the 4 seasons to the world of Minecraft. The landscape and the terrain of biomes will change depending on the season. This adds a nice realism to Minecraft that isn’t there with the default weather system. If you are looking to add a level of realism to Minecraft’s weather system then try this local weather mod.

Download Serene Seasons Here

#2 Waterworks

The Waterworks Mod adds a weather machine that has a bunch of uses. The main use is that it will allow you to launch weather rockets into the sky and change active storms to become light rain or to stop entirely. This machine block is really great with extreme weather especially as the storm approaches. The mod blends greatly with the modded Minecraft experience and works really well as a weather deflector. If you are looking for something to combat the deadly storms of Minecraft then this is a great well-balanced mod to help you do that.

Download Waterworks Here

Weather, Storms & Tornadoes

The Weather, Storms & Tornadoes mod is the greatest weather mod on this list that adds wind to Minecraft. The wind also has a wind speed visual that looks amazing and wind sound as well. The mod gives you plenty of machines and even a weather siren to warn you of storms. The nasty storms this mod adds have stunning visuals for the look of storms and they really stand out compared to old weather mods on this list. The tornado can destroy your house and land if you aren’t quick enough to act to the change in weather. If you are looking for a hard and annoying weather mod, you should definitely check this one out.

Download Weather, Storms & Tornadoes Here

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