The 10 Greatest Minecraft Food Mods


This post is for all of you Minecraft players that are tired of eating vanilla Minecraft’s food then you have come to the right place. Minecraft is full of mods that make it an even greater and grander game than ever and this is even the case with food mods. I am going to take you on a Minecraft modded journey that will show you all different kinds of Minecraft food mods. So all you Minecraft chefs just sit back and enjoy the list.

#10 XL Food Mod

The First and least exciting mod on this list is XL Food Mod. This mod adds 8 new crops and 150+ new foods you can make which means it’s a mod that values quantity over food’s quality. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as some people really love to make arbitrary things just to eat them for a little bit of hunger but this mod just doesn’t do it better than anything we will talk about later on. Also, I would rather throw some classic Minecraft meats into an oven than make any of these foods.

Download XL Food Mod Here

#9 Lots of Food

The Lots of Food is a pretty decent food mod that values simplicity over anything else. This mod blends itself with vanilla Minecraft so nicely that I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to use it. Sometimes the best things are the most simple and that is why I have this mod on my list because I enjoy its simplicity. Although I say that, there is no cheese, ice cream, sushi, or chocolate only peppers and other plants so this mod is #9.

Download Lots of Food Here

#8 Wild Crops

The Wild Crops is probably my least favorite food mod on this list but the reason for this is due to it filling up my inventory with annoying seeds and fruit. Although that is the case this mod has much more positives than negatives. The mod adds a few tall grass piles that when broken will drop random food on the floor. Although I dislike this mod, its food is very high on the delicious scale for the early game and is usually my main food source until I make stews in the late game.

Download Wild Crops Here

#7 Cooking for Blockheads

The Cooking for Blockheads is a food mod that is for people who love to make food. I haven’t gone into this mod as I hate crafting food in Minecraft but I do have some things to say about it. This mod tries its best to blend a cooking game into Minecraft and it does a decent job at that. The mod allows you to make all your favorites including bacon, eggs, toast, and butter using all ingredients at your disposal to make Minecraft a cooking simulator. Also the fridge and counter make a fine decoration for your Minecraft house. If you like to cook you should definitely try this mod.

Download Cooking For Blockheads Here

#6 The Spice of Life

The Spice of Life mod is the bane of my existence in modded Minecraft. What this mod does is makes it so that if you eat the same foods over and over again they will give you less and less food from it. The reason I hate this mod is that I only eat potatoes in Minecraft because I hate making food. Although that is the case this mod really changes the way the hunger mechanics work and can add to the fun for some people.

Download The Spice of Life Here

#5 Culinary Construct

The Culinary Construct is a very interesting cooking mod because it acts more like a Minecraft cooking expansion or food expansion. The mod doesn’t add anything to the game but a new crafting station that allows you to make a sandwich with any vanilla foods like chicken. The simplicity of the sandwich recipe makes it one of my favorites and that’s why it’s higher on this list than the others. The only problem that I ran into with this mod is that the game recipe book was broken and wouldn’t give me variations of foods. Ignoring that little problem this mod is phanomenal.

Download Culinary Construct Here

#4 Better Animals Plus

The Better Animals Plus mod isn’t necessarily a food mod but it adds plenty of animals and hostile mobs that you can go and kill for their delicious meat. This isn’t the mod’s grandest food mods but I prefer eating wolves rather than gross plants. If you also love to hunt for your food then try out this mod.

Download Better Animals Plus Here

#3 Croptopia

The Croptopia mod is another one of the quantity over quality type mods that adds 58 crops, 28 trees, and 200 total foods. The reason I like this one more than XL foods mod is because of the number of crops it adds. I am a farmer at heart and love to use automatic food farms in my base. The other reason is that it has trees that drop fruit which I love during the early game.

Download Croptopia Here

#2 Pam’s HarvestCraft

Pam’s HarvestCraft mod is probably the greatest food mod that was ever made for Minecraft. Just like Spice of life mod, Pam’s Harvest adds a mechanic that changes the way you eat food. This mechanic is really similar except it’s a lot more balanced and allows you to eat the same food longer. The diverse diet mechanic is the main reason for this mod to exist as carrots and pork chops will always be a better food source than anything this mod adds. If any of the mods on this list didn’t suit your fancy then try Pam’s Harvest as it will make you hate farming more than mining.

Download Pam’s HarvestCraft Here

#1 Mystical Agriculture

Mystical Agriculture is just the greatest mod in existence. This mod allows you to turn anything into a seed and with that seed, you can farm it to basically farm that item passively. The mod adds new tools, weapons, armor, and even swords but it doesn’t technically add any new recipes for food but will allow you to farm bajillion wheat insanely fast. If you are looking for just the greatest mod in all categories including technical food then this is the mod you have been waiting for.

Download Mystical Agriculture Here

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