The Greatest Chest Sorting Minecraft Mods


The Mods below are the greatest chest sorting Minecraft mods that will solve all of your storage problems. They will either sort items into categories or throw them all into a single storage unit making your life way easier. Some of them even come with fancy devices that help even more.

Modded Minecraft is a game that adds a lot of new items that fill up all your chests really fast. The mods that I will be showing you below will all solve this problem by either providing a better way to sort it or just a better storage system entirely.

#10 Iron Backpacks

The Iron Backpacks mod is a great mod for sorting your chests. This is because of the fact that you can store your backpacks in another chest inventories as well as having different colored backpacks so you can sort your items into their specific bags. This is just one way you can use this mod and the other is just using the backpacks for on-the-go storage.

Download Iron Backpacks Here

#9 Iron Chests

The Iron Chests mod is a great mod that allows you to make insanely large chests. These chests only take up 1 block of space and can fit a lot of items in them allowing you to easily compact your once huge storage room into a couple of single chest. These chests are a great tool that I find myself constantly using and I’m sure you will as well.

Download Iron Chests Here

#8 Storage Drawers

The Storage Drawers mod is an interesting storage mod that allows you to neatly organize your items in the whole room. This storage mod is a lot more useful in vanilla Minecraft than a huge mod pack but it can turn your gross storage room into a beautiful room where you can pull out any item with a simple shift single click. I usually find myself using this more as a decoration and an early game storage system since it just makes the storage room look so neat and organized.

Download Storage Drawers Here

#7 QuantumStorage

Quantum Storage is an amazing mod that I find myself using constantly. What this mod allows you to do is it allows you to store an insanely large amount of one item. This is insanely useful when sorting out useful items that you have too much of like cobblestone. By doing this you will clear up a lot of space in your storage and you will always know where to get your cobblestone.

Download QuantumStorage Here

#6 Ender Storage

Ender Storage is the ultimate storage organizer mod and item transporter. This mod makes it so you can color code your ender chests and save items in them. I usually use these to transfer items between long distances. Although this mod isn’t the best for fixing your sorting problem it is a very useful mod that I get a lot of use out of.

Download Ender Storage Here

#5 Ancient Warfare 2

Ancient Warfare 2 is a mod that gets an insane amount of praise from me and this is because of how great and fun it is. The mod adds a whole bunch of things to the game but the sorting system it adds is really fun to use. This mod lets you store an insane amount of items and even lets you choose the sorting method of the items. The items are all stored in a single block where you can search for said item and enjoy the simplicity.

Download Ancient Warfare 2 Here

#4 Simple Storage Network

The Simple Storage Network is as simple of a storage mod as you can get in Minecraft. This mod allows you to connect all your storage chests into one big system. This system allows you to search through all of your storage from a single block making it such a great shortcut to get items quicker. If you don’t like complex mods and want something really simple to clean up your storage then this mod is for you.

Download Simple Storage Network Here

#3 RFTools Storage

The RFTools Storage mod is a very great and unique-looking storage mod. Although it isn’t as flashy and mechanically interesting as the other storage mods this one is really cheap and easy to make. The storage isn’t the greatest but is an honorable mention due to how cheap making it is. For the early games, this really is an amazing storage mod. If you hate using double chests then this is the mod for you.

Download RFTools Storage Here

#2 Project E

Project E is an extremely overpowered mod especially when it comes to storage. What this mod does is, it turns every item into a matter and that matter can be turned into other items. So basically you can store infinite amounts of any item and it’s just extremely overpowered. If you like to be OP then definitely check out this mod.

Download Project E Here

#1 Applied Energistics 2

Applied Energistics 2 is the best and most compact storage mod that I know of. This is because it stores items in a drive that can be placed into the machine along with other drives to give you almost infinite space. The storage is the best end-game storage that I have found and it makes modded Minecraft a walk in the park by giving you everything at your fingertips. If you want the best storage mod then this is definitely for you.

Download Applied Energistics 2 Here

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