The 10 Greatest Factory Minecraft Mods


The factory builds in Minecraft have always been some of the coolest things that you can see in modded Minecraft. I’m gonna be showing you the 10 best mods that you need to be able to build a factory as pretty as this one.

Minecraft is a game that has millions of mods to explore and I will be going through some of the best factory mods that I have used. The tech-based mods I will be going through are all insanely good and are either really fun to use or they have a really great mechanic to help you in the game. Tech mods have always been my favorite mods to use and the 10 below are the best factory mods to use in Minecraft.

#10 Railcraft

Railcraft is an insanely useful mod for factories and this is due to a lot of reasons. The fact that the trains and railroads can easily transfer stuff from one destination to another fairly easy is great to have when building a really large factory. The mod is the most useful when starting a new world with just this mod or with very few mods since there are way better and easier mods to use but I still find so much enjoyment from trains that I need to tell you to play it.

Download Railcraft Here

#9 Buildcraft

Buildcraft is one of the most popular Minecraft mods because of the insanely easy-to-build quarry and the great transport pipes. The quarry the mod adds makes it really easy to excavate chunks of the world fairly quickly giving you an insane amount of resources for your factory. The only downside of this mod is the fact that it requires a lot of power to power the quarry and needs to be picked up and moved once it is done with that chunk. If you are able to make enough power to power this bad boy then you will easily supply your factory with an insane amount of resources.

Download Buildcraft Here

#8 Immersive Engineering

Immersive Engineering is basically a factory sim mod and allows you to build a beautiful factory with a bunch of big fancy machines. The mod was basically designed for factory tech mod pack and that means the mod is insanely resource heavy especially when it comes to iron. The magic of this mod is the beauty of it and how immersive all the machines and the crafting is. If you haven’t played with this mod you really need to check it out.

Download Immersive Engineering Here

#7 Industrial Craft

Industrial craft is a very interesting mod that is basically the same as all the other tech mods except that it forces players to use a new power system. The power system can be very annoying especially since the wires in this mod are horrible and barely move power around if you combine this mod with Mekanisms though it becomes way more bearable and is a lot more fun to use. The mod doesn’t add anything fancy but you are able to set up a nuclear reactor and ore tripling which is a huge advantage and makes it well worth the try.

Download Industrial Craft Here

#6 Minefactory Reloaded

Minefactory Reloaded is a great mod when it comes to automation. this is because the mod adds plenty of new machines that you can use to automate crop farming, mining, and even XP farming. The recipes from this mod can be really annoying but if you ignore that the mod is insanely useful for automatically getting loot of any kind. If you are looking for a quick way to get enough items to build your factory then this si the mod for you.

Download Minefactory Reloaded Here

#5 Ender IO

Ender IO is a great mob-based tech knowledge mod that I usually find myself using for the insanely great mob spawner and alloy smelter as well as a farmer. The other aspects of this mod are really great and fun to explore but in a modpack the best automatic farmers are from this modpack. This makes it in my opinion, one of the best Minecraft mods that you need to check out.

Download Ender IO Here

#4 RFTools

RFTools is a very fun and cool tech mod that will give you many new machines for your factory. Some of these machines are dimension teleporters and some are just quality of life machines that might help you automate some things. The biggest reason I put it on this list is because of the dimensions that you can find in this mod. They can be really plentiful in materials or just give you a great new location for your factory. If you have never tried out this mod then you need to give it a try.

Download RFTools Here

#3 Big Reactors

The Big Reactors mod is the greatest power generator for Minecraft. This is because of how easy the reactors are to make and how few resources they require for them to run. In Big Reactors the bigger reactors you make will produce insane amounts of power that can easily power a factory of any size. If you are not using this to run power your factory then you will have a big power problem eventually.

Download Big Reactors Here

#2 Mekanism

Mekanisms is a mod that is extremely useful for your Minecraft factory. This is because the wires in this mod allow you to convert power into a universal power that is usable in any mod. This is extremely useful for factories that use many different mods. The other reasons are because of how overpowered the atomic disassembler is and how overpowered the power generation is for the windmills. If you haven’t looked into this mod then you need to check it out.

Download Mekanism Here

#1 Applied Energistics 2

Applied Energistics 2 is the last and best mod for your Minecraft factory. This is because AE2 adds amazing new machines that allow you to basically store an infinite amount of items into one large storage system. The mod is a late-game storage option due to how annoying it is to find everything you need for it to be built. If you don’t have this set up in your factory you are missing out so check out this mod.

Download Applied Energistics 2 Here

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