Top 10 Greatest Medieval Minecraft Mods


Minecraft is a wonderful game with many mods that drastically change the way you play it. The mods we are looking at today are medieval mods that will make Minecraft into a more dark roleplay medieval times kinda game. If you have ever dreamed of being a knight for a kingdom then you have come to the right place because I am going to show you the top ten medieval Minecraft mods.

#10 Trebuchet

The Trebuchet mod is the simplest and honestly a really fun mod. The Trebuchet is a multiblock giant trebuchet that will launch a projectile wherever you please. Using this will allow you to protect your kingdom from invaders. Also, it really makes you feel like you are in a Minecraft version of medieval Europe with how awesome this thing looks. The Trebuchet mod is one of those mods that you should try out yourself because it is just that much fun.

Download Trebuchet Mod Here

#9 Roguelike Dungeons

The Roguelike Dungeons mod is one of those mods that you will find in most modpack as it just makes the game more fun. The mod adds dungeons that spawn randomly in the overworld and will carry many treasures for those who dare to enter. They are jam-packed with mob spawners that guard loot and new trap blocks that make obstacles to kill those who explore them. So grab your war hammers and battle axes and try out this simple dungeon mod.

Download Roguelike Dungeons Here

#8 AstikorCarts [Horse Carts]

The AstikorCarts is a mod that is honestly very useful for those who like to adventure. The mod makes it so you can make a wagon and attach it to a horse to pull chests and animals around your world. The mod itself is a really great idea and is executed amazingly but if you are using a mod that adds lots of rivers then this mod really fails. The animal cart is also a little lackluster as leads do the same thing for cheaper. I suggest you try it out and see if it fits your style of gameplay.

Download AstikorCarts Here

#7 Elder Arsenal

The Elder Arsenal mod is a great medieval weapons mod that adds, war axes, daggers, spears, and plenty of other new weapons for you to use on the battlefield. The downside of this mod is that it doesn’t add any new armor sets and that is a big downside since vanilla armor isn’t the greatest thing in the world.

Download Elder Arsenal Here

#6 Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2

The Mine & Blade mod is very similar to Elder Arsenal in that it only adds weapons and armor except that it also changes how battling works. This mod adds a mechanic to have 3 weapons presets that you can switch between by pressing R. Just by adding this mechanic this mod changes battles drastically because you can simply stab someone and then quickly shoot a bow after he gets knocked away from you. Using this mod I have conquered all my conquest and I think you should try out this mod as well.

Download Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2 Here

#5 Medieval Craft

The Medieval Craft is the mod that started it all for me. This mod adds plenty of new castles, watchtowers and tower to explore and dozens of weapons and armor. If you have never played this mod and love Medieval times then you are seriously missing out. This is because this mod makes it feel like you are in that time period. So try out this mod and explore the castles for all the gold coins and resources you can find.

Download Medieval Craft Here

#4 Millenaire

Millenaire is pretty cool and that really changes the look and feel of villages in Minecraft. This mod turns villages into 11th-century Norman, Indian, Japanese, Mayan, Byzantine, Inuit, and Seljuk Turk villages. The simple task of doing this really makes it feel like a different game because of the level of detail this mod put into the villages. There are plenty of new decorative blocks that give the village a nice personal connection with the player. Everything this mod does it does fantastically and if you like different cultures then check this mod out.

Download Millenaire Here

#3 Cathedral Mod 

Cathedral mod allows people to make some of the prettiest builds I’ve ever seen. This mod works amazingly with the chisel mod and is one of those mods that only adds decorative blocks that have a cathedral theme and it does it so amazingly. The fancy pillars and the Gargoyles are a wonder to behold. Don’t even get me started on the chandelier and the fireplaces. If you love to build and haven’t downloaded this mod you are missing out.

Download Cathedral Here

#2 Ancient Warfare 2

Ancient Warfare 2 is one of my favorite mods of all time. This mod adds plenty of NPCs that you can make do work for you and plenty of machines like windmills, watermills that will also allow you to make plenty of powerful fortresses. My favorite part about this mod is the new crafting tables it adds and the way you research for new builds. I have had plenty of fun with this mod destroying my friend’s castle and such and I think you should try it out for yourself.

Download Ancient Warfare 2 Here

#1 AgeCraft

Agecraft is a wonderful mod that forces the player to go through a bunch of different ages of the world. It starts you off in prehistory and you work your way up from there using the items you have unlocked for that specific age. If you are looking for a mod that feels like a whole medieval mod pack that takes you through all of history then this is the mod for you. The only problem that I have with this mod is that it is very annoying how limited you are with the mods you unlock per age. I understand why this mechanic exists its just not my cup of tea.

Download AgeCraft Here

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