The 10 Greatest Tank Mods in Minecraft


If you are a Military lover then I have some mods for you today. The mods I am going to show you will be the best tank mods you can find. A lot of the mods on this list will be content packs for a mod called the flan’s mod that had such a strong impact on the tank modded community. These mods will allow you to dominate your friends in multiplayer or even vanilla mobs.

#10 Trajan’s Tanks

The first tank mod is the Trajan’s Tanks mod which adds plenty of weaponry to destroy any monsters in your path. The mod adds 5 tanks that you can build that all look really great and hold plenty of ammunition. The tanks are all covered in armor and really add something to survival Minecraft. If you are looking for a beginner tank mod to get you into tanks then check this one out.

Download Trajan’s Tanks Here

#9 MCHeli

MCHeli is a Helicopter mod that also adds a few tanks to help you destroy the world of Minecraft with explosions. The Helicopters it adds are really great for killing as well as going places really fast while the armory tanks it adds are all super powerful and will allow you to scar your Minecraft world. If you are looking to soar the skies and drive along with the earth in a tank then check out this mod.

Download MCHeli Here

#8 UNU Military Vehicles

The UNU Military Vehicles pack is a content pack for a mod that adds vehicles into Minecraft. The content pack adds plenty of cars and the mod creators are still updating this mod. All the vehicles and tanks look amazing and are a very immersive feeling as you drive them around your Minecraft world. If you are looking to kill any creatures with modern military vehicles that you can watch grow, I suggest you check this content pack out.

Download UNU Military Vehicles Here

#7 Global Firestorm

Global Firestorm pack mod is a military mod that adds helicopters, plains, tanks, and other military vehicles into Minecraft. This mod uses flan’s mod for the crafting recipes and is the basis of this mod. Everything this mod adds looks really great and feels amazing even the weapons on the vehicles. If you are looking to use military vehicles from all over the world then check out this mod.

Download Global Firestorm Here

#6 HaloCraft 2.0

The HaloCraft 2.0 is a Minecraft mod that brings Halo to the world of Minecraft. If you are a Halo fan then you need to try out this mod as it adds plenty of weaponry and all the vehicles from the hit game. My favorite thing this mod adds is the ghost as it travels really fast and feels amazing to drive. The only downside is the visuals of the mod aren’t the best in the world and the weaponry it adds kinda feels lacking. If you don’t mind that and love Halo then I suggest you check it out.

Download HaloCraft 2.0 Here

#5 Soviet Tanks

Soviet Tanks is a mod that is straightforward. The mod adds tanks from the Soviet Union into the world of Minecraft and the visuals for the tanks are amazing. The detail that the tank has is beyond mind-blowing and will make you feel like you are playing another game. If you are looking for the most immersive tank mod I suggest you check this one out just because of the visuals.

Download Soviet Tanks Here

#4 World Of Tanks Content Pack

The World of Tanks Content Pack is a mod that runs off of Flan’s mod. The mod adds plenty of tanks from the hit game World of Tanks into Minecraft. These tanks all look really great and feel amazing but the mod will never be updated which is a shame. If the mod had some updates and some graphics reworks it would have made it higher on the list but still you should check it out for yourself before you judge.

Download World Of Tanks Content Pack Here

#3 World War 3 content pack

World War 3 Content Pack is a mod that uses Flan’s mod as a basis for its crafting. The mod adds its own weaponry and vehicles due to the fact that World War 3 never happened and I think the designs all look great. If you are a lover of mods that make their own designs for everything then check out the World War 3 content pack as the visuals will not disappoint you.

Download World War 3 content pack Here

#2 WW2 Pack for Flan’s Mod

The World War 2 Content Pack is very similar to the World War 3 content pack as it also uses Flan’s mod as its basis. The difference lies in the fact that World War 2 actually happened and this mod has plenty of inspiration for this pack. The mod adds plenty of German tanks and Russian tanks to help immerse the player into the WW2 era and it is really awesome. I once had a war with my friends and it felt amazing to play out WW2 with a group of friends I suggest you give it a try.

Download WW2 Pack for Flan’s Mod Here

#1 Flan’s Mod

The Flan’s Mod is the mod that every tank mod chooses to use as its basis. This is due to the fact that the Flan’s mod has a really great crafting system and a huge fan base to build content with. The mod adds plenty of tanks, guns, planes, helicopters, and vehicles. If you are looking for the best military mod in all of Minecraft this is the mod you want. There will never be another mod that has a crafting system this great and the designs for the weaponry are beyond belief. Check out this mod and you won’t regret it.

Download Flan’s Mod Here

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