The Top Overpowered Mods In Minecraft


Are you tired of not being op enough to fight bosses in Minecraft? If that’s the case then this article is for you! I have compiled a list of the greatest and most op mods that are a must-have if you want to be as strong as a god in modded Minecraft. Some of these mods will be weapon and armor mods while others might be op in the sense that they will make the game super easy or a little bit of both. Now let’s get to the list

#1 ProjectE

The First mod and my least favorite mod would be Project E. This mod focuses on the alchemy principle of equivalent exchange. The mod allows you to turn anything into a resource called EMC which you can spend to get something of equal value.

That part isn’t what makes this mod overpowered though, it also adds red matter and dark matter which you can use to make unbreaking swords, pickaxes, and armor that will make you basically invincible. The armor isn’t even the best part the pickaxe allows you to mine huge areas insanely fast and the sword does lots of damage.

Although this mod is one of the strongest is still my least favorite op mod and that is because the amount of EMC it takes to make dark matter and red matter armor and weapons isn’t really that much. This is because of the fact that everything can be turned into EMC and by the time you reach endgame in Minecraft, you will have more than enough items to convert into EMC.

Download ProjectE Here

#2 Mystical Agriculture

The second mod that breaks Minecraft is Mystical Agriculture. This mod makes the game insanely easy by allowing you to make any material through plants. The way they decided to balance this mod was to force you to collect 4 of the resources for the crafting recipes.

The reason this mod is overpowered is that if you use other mods to make automatic farms you can basically have an infinite AFK farm of any material. Even if you don’t use another mod you can use the water buckets they add to passively gain resources just by right-clicking.

That isn’t even the only reason though, this mod also adds armor that blocks 99% of damage and allows you to on top of that the armor is also really easy to make. The only downside to these tools and armor is they have durability but they are so cheap it doesn’t matter. Now I actually like this mod as it’s one of the easiest and best ways to fly early game in my opinion but it is no doubt overpowered.

Download Mystical Agriculture Here

#3 Draconic Evolution

The Third mod I want to talk about is Draconic Evolution. This mod is by far the most overpowered mod you will see in almost all modpacks out there. The reason for this is because this mod is an endgame mod that makes you actually work to become op.

An example of this is that you will need to have defeated the enderdragon and the wither countless times to progress in this mod. If that doesn’t sound challenging enough the goal of this mod is for you to be able to defeat an insanely strong boss that is hiding on the outskirts of the end.

This mod I honestly don’t have much of an opinion on. I have gotten through only a quarter of what this mod offers and yes it is really powerful but they really make you work for that power. Draconic Evolution is definitely one of those mods that you will need to test out for yourself.

Download Draconic Evolution Here

#4 Avaritia

The fourth mod I will be talking about is the Avaritia mod. This is a mod that was designed to be the true end game of all end game mods. What this mod set out to do was to give Minecraft players something to do once they reached the end game of a mod pack. The mod adds melee weapons that do an infinite amount of damage.

The way they balanced this out was by Xtreme crafting which is a crafting table that is a 9×9 area for crafting. This makes the recipes use a lot more resources than usual.

I barely have an opinion on this mod as in my opinion it isn’t that fun to play. Unlike Draconic Evolution, this mod feels too powerful and there isn’t much reason to become that powerful anyway. I feel like you will need a lot of endgame mods to make this mod worth it but it will make you infinitely strong.

Download Avaritia Here


Now, these aren’t the only op mods out there but these are the 4 that I feel are the most op. But you still may be asking which one is the most overpowered and in my honest opinion I would say Mystical Agriculture. The reason for this is because of how easy it makes resource farming. Once you get rid of the grind for getting resources the whole game becomes a walk in the park.

You may be thinking where is the fun in being insanely overpowered and you are right I wouldn’t recommend people who are just getting into Minecraft to play with ProjectE or Draconic Evolution because one is insanely easy and one is a really hard grind. Although If you are one of those people who have played modded Minecraft a lot then I suggest you try out some endgame mods I talked about today.

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