Top 10 Greatest Jurassic World Minecraft Mods


If you are a dinosaur enthusiast then boy do I have some mods for you. I am going to show you the 10 best dinosaur mods that will help you make Minecraft into a Jurassic World clone. With all the prehistoric creatures these mods add you can build your own Jurassic Park.

#10 JurassiCraft

Jurassic Craft is an amazing mod that allows you to make dinosaurs. The way you will make them is by extracting DNA from dinosaur fossils and amber. Once you get the DNA from the fossil you can raise a Tyrannosaurus rex with that DNA. The process and the creation are both really well designed and that’s not all you can also bring back beautiful prehistoric plants.

Download JurassiCraft Here

#9 Prehistoric Eclipse

The Prehistoric Eclipse mod is a very promising new mod that adds a whole new dimension filled with dinosaurs. This mod is in Beta and doesn’t work with survival mode yet, but the dinosaurs themselves look amazing. I have extremely high hopes for the future of this mod but for now, it will have a steady place as #9 on my list due to the lack of content and the lack of playability. If you are looking for a mod to watch grow this is definitely one I think you should check out.

Download Prehistoric Eclipse Here

#8 Dinosaur Dimension

The Dinosaur Dimension mod is a very fun mod that is really old. The way to build the portal is by finding dinosaurs drawing in caves and using those blocks to build the portal. The dimension itself looks pretty bad and even the different dinosaurs look pretty bad but this mod Is pretty old and still holds a lot of fun. If you like new dimensions and love to be eaten by packs of Velociraptors then this is the mod for you.

Download Dinosaur Dimension Here

#7 The Lost Worlds

The Lost Worlds is a very promising mod that may or may not be still being worked on. This mod adds two new eras with plenty of dinosaurs that look and feel really great. The pain purpose of this mod is to allow people to make a Jurassic park of their own or even just their own museum. The only problem with this mod is that the mod creators may or may not have lost interest of updating the mod. If you like to play unfinished mods then check it out as it does look pretty great.

Download The Lost Worlds Here

#6 Primitive Tools

The Primitive Tools mod is a fun and great tool mod that goes quite well with the other dinosaur mods. This mod only adds tools with their own function into the game that is really useful when dealing with dinosaurs. The tools it adds are knives which are fast and have high crit damage, the spear which has a long-range and is throwable, the wooden club which has very high knockback, and the hammer which at the moment is just a pickaxe.

The spear is my favorite of the bunch due to the fact that you can throw them and they do really high damage. If normal tools are starting to bore you then I suggest you try out this custom tools mod.

Download Primitive Tools Here

#5 Prehistoric Dinosaur Biomes

The Prehistoric Dinosaur Biomes mod is a very fun and fascinating mod. This mod allows you to build a time machine to travel back to the dinosaur age. The biomes look really nice and do make the game feel like you have traveled back in time. The way the mod functions and feels are both really amazing. If you wanna run around in ancient times with triceratops and packs of other extinct creatures.

Download Prehistoric Dinosaur Biomes Here

#4 MineJurassic

Mine Jurassic is a mod that I believe is better than Jurassic Craft. The only reason for this is due to the number of dinosaurs that you can create. The premise of this mod is the same as Jurassic craft as you will have to make your own dinosaurs with DNA. The main focus of this mod is the same as the other mods to create your own dinosaur pen. The only downfall of this mod is that Its dinosaurs get a little glitchy sometimes but other than that It is a great dinosaur mod.

Download MineJurassic Here

#3 Prehistoric Fauna

The Prehistoric Fauna is another time-traveling mod. This mod has some beautiful dinosaurs including the t-rex and plenty of raptors. The mod uses a time machine to allow the player to travel to prehistoric times filled with many living creatures once thought dead. The oceans and biomes are all gorgeous as long as no predators eating you while looking.

Download Prehistoric Fauna Here

#2 Minecraft Eons

The Minecraft Eons is one of the most promising mods on this list. This is a newer mod that is being updated frequently that adds plenty of new dinosaurs that all have really amazing designs. The mod is planning on adding plenty of ancient fauna and eventually a whole new biomes. Once this mod is completed I believe it will be one of the best dinosaur mods in all of Minecraft but as it is now it will remain in the number 2 slot due to its stunning dinosaur visuals.

Download Minecraft Eons Here

#1 Fossils and Archeology Revival

In my opinion, the Fossils and Archeology Revival mod is the best build your own dinosaur mod. In this mod, you will have to dig up fossils and extract DNA like the other mods but the number of different creatures you can revive is outstanding. There is a total of 50 prehistoric creatures that you can bring back to life to make Minecraft even more awesome. If you are a dinosaur nut that once to make a huge amount of carnivorous reptiles then this mod is the one for you.

Download Fossils and Archeology Revival Here

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