The 10 Greatest Tree Minecraft Mods


If you have ever played Minecraft then you know how important trees are. Trees are one of the most important parts of this game and they can be very tedious to cut down and ugly to look at sometimes. Below I am going to show you my 10 favorite tree mods that make them prettier and way easier to deal with.

#10 Auto Planting Forest

The Auto Planting Forest mod is one of the best mods I’ve ever used. The mechanics of this mod is that after you chop a tree down it will automatically place a sapling where the dead tree once was. This is one of the best mods I’ve ever used in a mod pack that made cutting down a forest super easy. The reason it’s so great is that 75% of the time you chop down a tree you will be way too lazy to replant it. If that isn’t the case for you then great but if it is you should definitely get this mod.

Download Auto Planting Forests Here

#9 Sawtastic Mod

The Sawtastic mod is an extremely simple mod that adds a saw into the game. The saw isn’t really the most amazing thing as it is just a replacement ax but I found it quite enjoyable to play with. Although the axe and the saw are exactly the same things their main purpose is to look super cool. The recipe for the saw is also really simple and it really blends nicely with vanilla Minecraft.

Download Sawtastic Mod Here

#8 Lumberjack Mod

The Lumberjack mod adds new axes that will help you chop down whole forests with ease. The new axes have the effect to chop down the whole tree instantly and it will destroy all the leaves blocks. If you have ever played biomes o’ plenty you will know that a tree mod that allows you to cut down trees fast is really amazing. The Lumberjack mod is a balanced version of Treecapitator or the Timber Mod that I will talk about below but those ones are just way better if you don’t care about immersion.

Download Lumberjack Mod Here

#7 Fast Leaf Decay

The Fast Leaf Decay mod is one of those mods that are extremely useful but not necessary. The mod makes it so that after you chop all the wood off of the tree all the leaves will instantly decay. This is really useful because waiting for leaves to decay is extremely annoying and time-consuming but some people prefer real-time leaf decay. If you hate waiting for leaves to slowly die just to get sampling as loot then you should definitely check out this mod.

Download Fast Leaf Decay Here

#6 Treecapitator

Treecapitator is the mod that servers love the most. The mod itself allows for players to instantly break a tree by holding shift and left click to break one block of the tree and the whole thing will fall down. The reason its loved by servers is that there are many configurations that change the way it works. One of the cool configurations is that you can make it so that the amount of time it takes to chop the tree down increases depending on how high the tree is. Its a pretty cool mod with a great configuration option so you should definetly check it out.

Download Treecapitator Here

#5 Timber Mod

Timber Mod is exactly the same as Treecapitator except for the way you cut down trees. The way you chop down the whole tree really fast mod is by clicking v to toggle the timber mod. Once it’s toggled you can cut down a whole forest really fast and it’s one of the best Minecraft mods. If you hate walking into new biomes full of trees then you should get this mod so you can cure your tree chopping hunger.

Download Timber Mod Here

#4 Tree Chop Mod

The Tree Chop mod is an extremely interesting take on the instant-falling tree mod. The mod doesn’t do much different than the other two but the visuals of this mod are extremely immersive. What this mod does it will slowly cut through the trunk of the tree and it looks amazing. If you are one of those people who love immersive resource packs try this super immersive mod that will change the feeling of chopping trees.

Download Tree Chop Mod Here

#3 No Tree Punching Mod

The No Tree Punching mod will drastically change how you play in your Minecraft world. The mod itself makes it so you cant use your trees to break trees anymore. The whole purpose of this mod is to change how the beginning of the game feels and how immersive it may be for the player. What you will have to do instead of chopping a tree is you will need to pick up sticks and find some flint to make a flint axe.

After you get the new ax you can break the tree with it. The mod itself is really great and goes great with other mods but I find that it can get annoying during the late game if you ever die and need wood quickly.

Download No Tree Punching Mod Here

#2 Better Foliage Mod

The Better Foliage mod is an amazing mod that makes the overworld look like a new dimension. This is because of how pretty it makes the trees look with all the realistic textures. If you combine this mod with other lighting and realistic mods you will find that the mod compatibility is crazy good. If you want to make Minecraft look as beautiful as possible you need to download this mod.

Download Better Foliage Mod Here

#1 Dynamic Trees Mod

The Dynamic Trees mod is a great mod that changes how trees work. Instead of letting trees use magic to grow from a sapling to a giant try this mod that makes them grow slowly from baby to teenager and then adult. It even retextures the saplings by adding new blocks with new designs into the game. This really changes the gameplay of the game by making you wait longer but it can make the game way more immersive and look way more beautiful.

Download Dynamic Trees Mod Here

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