Top 10 Amazing Minecraft Water Mods


Mojang has made Minecraft a fantastic exploration and resource gathering survival game but the one place where it’s a little lackluster is the ocean and water in general. The mods I will be showing you in this post will all be water-related and will expand the way water functions in vanilla Minecraft. If you love water like me then these mods will change everything for you.

#10 Water Power

The first and technically the worst on the list is water power. This mod alone inst necessarily bad as it allows you to use water to make power but power mods are tricky to make great due to the fact that big reactors mod will always be superior. Although that is the case this mod makes it feel like you are cleaning the world with your clean power. If you are looking for a great starting power source for your base and have an abundance of water nearby the Water Power mod is for you.

Download Water Power Here

#9 Water Strainer

The Water Strainer mod is a mod that I thoroughly enjoyed. The reason for this is that the water strainer slowly gathers sand, gravel, sticks, and clay while you are exploring the overworld. The only problem I have with this mod is that it doesn’t catch me fish and only gathers resources. Although this is the case it is still a really great mod that blends really well with vanilla Minecraft.

Download Water Strainer Here

#8 [SBM] Merpig

There is nothing to be said about the Merpig mod other than how amazing the mod is. The new fish this mod adds is a mermaid version of a pig and that is something the world of Minecraft needed. The utilities the Merpig give you are amazing as they will allow you to move through the ocean insanely fast. If you think water in Minecraft is boring then you need this mod right away because different mods will not provide you with the amount of joy a Merpig can give you.

Download Merpig here

#7 Pirates And Looters Mod

The Pirates and Looters mod is exactly as it sounds. The mod adds plenty of pirate ships and loots to explore all over your Minecraft’s worlds. There will never be more fun than fighting pirate mobs on the high seas while watching the sunsets. If you love killing pirates and loot then you should check out this mod but if you do I suggest getting some realistic shaders and water effects for your water to get the most enjoyment.

Download Pirates And Looters Mod Here

#6 Elemental Craft

Elemental Craft is a pretty complex mod that I will summarize for you. The mod adds a whole new mechanics of using the elements as resources to do fascinating things like extracting ore or growing crops. The mod is a pretty cool idea but there are other mods that do it better. Although that is the case, this mod has tons of enjoyment in it and is still being updated. If you want to watch this mod grow from this decent mod to something great, then I suggest you check it out for yourself.

Download Elemental Craft Here

#5 Oceancraft mod

Oceancraft is a mod that adds plenty of new animals to eat all the seagrass and new blocks. The mod didn’t age extremely well as this was made for an older version of Minecraft. Although that is the case a lot of good mods are older and use old versions and that makes this mod amazing. The way it adds real life to the ocean in Minecraft is amazing and the textures for the new fish are great as well. If you ever find yourself playing some of the original Minecraft mods this is definitely one you should try out.

Download Oceancraft mod Here

#4 The Ocean Expansion

The Ocean Expansion mod adds plenty of enemy mobs and new items to get. The new mobs look amazing and they really spice up the ocean in a nice way. The mod changes the ocean in a way that blends nicely with vanilla Minecraft and makes exploring the ocean quite rewarding. The mod is made really well and will give you plenty of fun in the water. If you like water mobs that kill you then you should try out the Ocean Expansion mod for yourself.

Download The Ocean Expansion Here

#3 Aquamirae

Aquamarine is a very amazing mod that gives players so much to do. The mod adds plenty of new places to explore and new monsters that will kill you if you aren’t prepared. All of the monster’s designs are beyond amazing and the new water areas to explore are unbelievably beautiful. There really isn’t a downside to this mod at all other than it can get a little laggy occasionally. If you love to explore and love sea monsters then try out this mod right away.

Download Aquamirae Here

#2 Avatar Mod 2: Out of the Iceberg

The Avatar Mod 2 is a great mod that uses inspiration from the Nickelodeon show Avatar The Last Airbender. The new mechanic of bending an element is really fun and unique. The only downside of this mod is that you aren’t gonna enjoy it if you play by yourself and I suggest you get some friends or find a server to play on. The elemental bending isn’t really useful in single-player and doesn’t go well with other mods but ignoring that this mod is pretty great.

Download Avatar Mod 2 Here

#1 Aquaculture 2

Aquaculture 2 is a very unique water-based mod. This mod changes the fishing mechanic into something that is very rewarding and very cool at the same time. While fishing you are fishing you will get other things rather than just fish that will give you items and other rewards. This changes the fishing mechanic drastically and is a Minecraft mod that everyone should try out.

Download Aquaculture 2 Here

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