10+ Wonderful FTB HQM Mod Packs You Must Try!

Binh Tran

When it comes to FTB HQM mod packs, there are a ton of Minecraft modpacks out there that contain a good story with a good quest line. You do quests, you earn rewards, and you keep progressing into the modpack until you’ve done every single quest in the HQM book. This article will show you the best FTB HQM mod packs!

FTB HQM Mod Packs

Personally, playing Minecraft is like keeping running without a goal, unless you have a good mindset to set the goal for yourself. But if you can’t create goals and objectives, those HQM Minecraft mod packs bring you to a new world with new goals, items, blocks, recipes, and even more! So let’s take a look at them!

Note that you may not find all of the mod packs below with the FTB launcher. You may need to use CurseForge or Technic launcher.

List of The Top FTB HQM Mod Packs in 2022

#15 Exoria

The first mod on the list is Exoria! With a unique experience and gameplay, Exoria brings you to the volcanic world where everything is all ashes and dust due to volcanoes. There are no trees, no ores, and even no creature lives. You must adventure around to find useful resources to get to your home planet.

This mod contains over 200 quests, has a rich story, focuses on the tech and magic aspect of the modpack, and most importantly, Exoria tends to use new Minecraft mods for the variety. If you’re looking for something new, try this one!

Download Exoria here

#14 Obscurity

Before the deep dark was added to Minecraft 1.19, this modpack used to be a great mod where you can venture into the dark cave dimension that surrounds you with mystery locations and mobs. With no sunlight, you must survive in the dark using your limited resources. And if you ever go out without a light source with you, you will die by a creepy creature.

Obscurity is a lightweight mod that does a great job with unique gameplay compared to most other modpacks. You can travel through different dimensions, new crafting recipes and items, and even some unique concepts and mechanics that you won’t find in any other modpacks!

Download Obscurity here

#13 Crash Landing

Imagine crash landing into a wasted desert land and what you can see is the endless sand and dust. Can you survive with the limited resources on your plan and make progress through the HQM quest book?

Crash Landing is one of the modpacks that adds challenging features to the game such as the thirst and temperature system, where you need to constantly drink water and keep yourself cool from the heat. There are also multiple structures for you to discover and loot. If you’re a newbie who wants to enjoy some HQM modpacks, this will not be your first option!

Download Crash Landing here

#12 Blast Off!

Taking place in the future where the Earth is in short of resources and human being need to find a new planet to survive, Blast Off modpack bring you on a new journey where you’re left behind on the wasted planet. Gather materials, construct a NASA interplanetary vessel, and build a spaceship to follow your people!

The unique feature of Blast Off is you can level up your mining level, and by that, every single block or mineral you mine will also give your pickaxe experience point. You can also upgrade your pickaxe’s tier like vanilla Minecraft and boost it with mob heads.

Download Blast Off here

#11 Agrarian Skies 2

Simple but powerful! Agrarian Skies 2 is an upgraded version of a normal Skyblock map, but with a lot of new features such as quests, quest books, items, recipes, and more! You can easily customize the modpack to fulfill your playstyle as well as your level. You can also try Project Ozone Lite modpack if you’re a big fan of sky block in Minecraft!

Download Agrarian Skies 2 here

#10 Refuge Hardcore Questing Mod Pack

By Ren

Refuge brings you to a world wrecked by the apocalypse. Living in the rusty refuge, you need to survive and ultimately, stop the apocalyptic catastrophe in the Minecraft world! By following the quest book, you will be guided through many mods and steps to slowly recover and prepare yourself with better gear. So if you’re new to FTB HQM Mod Packs, we’d recommend this one!

Download Refure here

#9 Banished

So why do you think magic is good in Minecraft? Within Banished, you will be cast away and jailed in a lonely dimension. With limited knowledge about this place and the sorcery memory, you need to survive and return to your own home!

This mod also features a lot of challenges and mechanics from RLCraft such as the thirst bar, the temperature system, the block picking mechanic, and more! Note that you only start the modpack with 3 hearts, so be careful!

Download Banished here

#8 Hubris

Play as a powerful mage that is master of the three magics, you’re here in this tainted world to recover it from the worst state and bring life to the world again! In Hubris, you’re making progress mainly through the Thaumcraft mod, combine with other farming, magic, and combat mods. Everything look cursed in this modpack, from the wicked purple terrain to the mobs, so have fun exploring around!

Download Hubris here

#7 Regrowth

If you’re a true farmer in Minecraft, you will definitely love this modpack! Regrowth is a pretty good pack that covers the farming aspect of the game. Since you can get everything from the crops, it’s the primary goal to focus on unlocking new crops and automating the process of farming in Regrowth.

Besides farming, Regrowth also covers magic and explore/fighting aspects. You can go adventure around to find hidden treasure maps or structures with loots, or can learn magic and cast spells as well!

Download Regrowth here

#6 Anti-Material Energy

Alright, it’s time to serious about learning chemistry in class! Why? You may ask!

Anti-Material Energy allows you to play with the chemical elements and all things around it. You can examine any blocks you have to gather the material and its elements. Then use the elements you found to discover new compounds and blocks. Cool, right?

There are two maps with two different purposes in this modpack. One is a flat white giant map that contains the required machines for chemistry purposes, and this map tends to serve for multiplayer or when you install this modpack on a server. The second map is for single-player which will bring you to a dangerous and horrific space lab where you need to conduct several experiments.

Download Anti-Material Energy here

#5 Material Energy 4

Material Energy 4 (MR4) is the next series of the modpack that brings you to a space. After fighting the ender dragon and messing up the Polytool, you lost everything and now, you must use your knowledge to bring you back to where you are!

This pack is heavily on the adventure aspect since you need to gather 16 space-time wool. To do so, you need to gather materials, and resources, and fight new mobs in dungeons. With over 20 areas and 250 quests, this modpack will consume some of your time!

Download Material Energy 4 here

#4 Material Energy 3

ME 3 is a famous FTB modpack that won the JamPacked competition in 2014. Heavily focus on adventure and tech aspects, Material Energy 3 will guide you through the core feature of the Applied Energistics mod. Fighting is also important since there are no normal mobs but rather hordes of armored creatures that can tear you apart.

Download Material Energy 3 here

#3 Farming Valley

Farming Valley is a perfect combination between Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, and Minecraft. By focusing on the farming aspect of the game, this mod brings a peaceful mood and the feeling of progression with a little bit of nostalgia from other farming games.

You start things off with starter money. Then you need to summon the goodness to begin your farming journey. Buying seeds, planting seeds, selling crops, building new houses for new villagers, and more! Farming Valley also has a season system that can heavily affect your crops, so make sure to pay attention to it!

Download Farming Valley here

#2 Galactic Science

Galactic Science brings you to a scientific world within space. You need to survive with limited resources and most importantly, limited oxygen. So planting trees for more oxygen while doing other tasks is the biggest thing in this modpack. You will be learning a lot of different mods in this modpack such as Galacticcraft, Ex Nihilo, and even MineChem!

Besides unique dimensions, biome, items, and new mechanics, you can also play Galactic Science with your friends since this modpack is server-friendly.

Download Galactic Science here

#1 Blightfall

Being one of the most ancient and famous FTB modpacks, Blightfall brings you to the tainted world just like Hubris. Everything in this world is cursed with alien-like creatures and purple blocks. Since this mod is all around Thaumcraft, you will likely have to learn magic and spells to repeal the tainted risk.

A few features of Blightfall:

  • Well-made custom map with a large size (3.75 kilometers)
  • New biomes with 8 new ores and harvest levels.
  • 200+ quests from HQM quest book.
  • Custom structures and monster to fit the alien planet.
  • A guidebook that contains all the information about the planet and materials.

Download Blightfall here

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some FTB HQM Mod packs like Regrowth?

You can try other modpacks made by the same author of Regrowth if you fall in love with this series. Heavens of Sorcery, Blightfall, Stoneblock, TechNodeFirmaCraft, Hypothermia, Farming Valley, and even Exoria could bring a nice mood!

What are other FTB HQM Mod packs that are worth playing?

If you’re really into FTB HQM mod packs, here is the list that you can also try out! And you will need FTB Launcher for most of those modpacks.

  • FTB Academy
  • FTB Sky Odyssey
  • FTB Mage Quest
  • FTB Continuum
  • FTB Unleashed
  • FTB Beyond
  • FTB Lite
  • FTB Unhinged
  • FTB Infinity Lite
  • FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock

What do FTB HQM mod packs mean?

Although there are a lot of HQM (hardcore questing mode) modpacks out there, FTB HQM mod packs are the modpack that were made by the FTB (Feed the Beast) team and contain HQM mod in them.


It may be super time-consuming to try all of the FTB HQM mod packs above so we suggest that you only need to play the first chapter of the modpack to see if it fits your playstyle. While some of the mods focus on the farming aspect of the game, some will focus on adventuring, crafting, or fighting. So let’s start your launcher and begin the journey!

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