10+ Teleport Mod Minecraft That Actually Fun to Play

Binh Tran

Ever feel tired running around your main base and your mining area? Today, we will introduce some Minecraft mods that allow you to fast travel/teleport to the place you want. Hopefully, you can find teleport mod Minecraft useful!

Teleport Mod Minecraft

It’s a pain to travel in Minecraft and we know that! Although you can use horse, boat, or travel in the Nether to reach your destination sooner. But it still taking your time! How about something that can immediately take you to the new biome to mine some emeralds, and bring you back home just in a blink of an eye? Let’s see those Minecraft teleport mods!

List of The Best Teleport Mod Minecraft

#12 XPTeleporters Mod

XPTeleporters Mod - The First Teleport Mod Minecraft

Starting off the list of Teleport mod Minecraft with an old mod called XPTeleporters. With over 400,000 downloads over the years, this mod provides many teleporters that you can use to travel around the world.

To actually use the portals, you must pay using your experience (or your levels to be exact) and shift (or sneak) while you’re on the portal. You can travel across different dimensions with 30 levels, and 1000 blocks in a similar dimension for 20 levels. You can flexibly configure your portals by linking them, reducing the cost per travel, and more!

Download here

#11 Ring of Teleport

Simple and straightforward, Ring of Teleport adds a new ring that you can use to set a single location you want to teleport to. Then as long as you keep this ring with you, you can right-click it to instantly teleport back to the block you set earlier. Note that the ring can’t teleport you across different dimensions.

Download here

#10 Teleport++

Belong to the magic category mod, this teleport mod Minecraft has a dark purple teleport rift and area. With a single teleport, you can place it down, give it a name, and simply teleport between them. But if you want to teleport a large number of entities in an area, using the Area Teleport will help! Later on, you can use a purple pearl called the Personal Teleporter to create a fast teleportation portal.

Download here

#9 Simple Teleporters Mod

As its name, this mod adds simple teleporters to the game, which you can craft and use them at your will. Simple Teleporters mod supports both Minecraft Forge and Fabric, so no matter which version you play, you can enjoy the feeling of this mod!

To start with the mod content, you need to smelt ender eyes in a furnace to get ender shard. You can use this shard to set your specific location and craft a teleporter using one block of gold, 4 quartz blocks, and another 2 ender shard. Now you can put the previous shard into this teleporter to teleport to your destination. Simple, right?

Download here

#8 Portal Gun Mod

If you’ve played the Portal game series before, there is no way you will not recognize this gun! Inspired by Valve’s portal gun, this mod adds new materials and crafting recipes, which you can use to craft a portal gun.

The cost is super expensive since you will need a diamond, an ender pearl, some iron ingots, and most importantly, a nether star. With your left and right click button, you can create two portals of your choice. Those portals are linked and you can go through them or even look at what’s in another portal. This is such a great feature that makes this mod go beyond other Minecraft portal mods!

Download here

#7 Adventure Plus (Utilities) Mod

This one is special and maybe the least popular Minecraft teleport mod on the list. Even though it does not support new Minecraft versions, this mod is worth trying since it’s a compilation of a lot of mods that can improve the quality of life in Minecraft.

You can throw torches, teleport with the help of ender ore, compress common blocks, have new bags/backpacks, and even a fishing net to help you catch several fishes.

Download here

#6 Teleport Me Mod

If you understand Minecraft commands, you will know there already is a teleport command in Minecraft (/tp). But it can only help you teleport your character to the same dimension. Frustrating, right?

With the Teleport Me mod, you can specify which player you want to teleport, which dimension, and at what coordinates just like the normal tp command. The command is:

/tpme PlayerName dimensionID X Y Z

Download here

#5 Recall Mod

If you’re a fan of League of Legends, you will know what the phase Recall does. It simply brings your player back to a specific point, and in this case, it’s your bed (or your spawn point if you haven’t slept yet).

With Recall installed, you will have one new item called the Recall Amulet. When using it, you will be brought back to your spawn. You can also configure the durability of the amulet, the cast time – which is the time you need to channel the spell to bring you back, the sound play when using the amulet, and the particles it displays.

Download here

#4 Oxygen: Teleportation Mod

If you’ve been playing Skyrim or other RPG games, you may be familiar with this type of map with interesting points (or waypoints), from which you can see the overview of the place and quickly teleport to it with a single click.

That’s what Oxygen: Teleportation does since it allows you to create both private and public points of interest. Later on, you and your friends (Yes, this work on both the client-side and the server too) can use those POIs as a quick way to fast travel around the world and do the mission. Pretty cool!

Download here

#3 Teleportation Works Mod

Here’s come the great teleport mod Minecraft! Are you wonder why can Enderman teleport so easily? In this Minecraft mod, you will have a chance to study and take advantage of their power!

The first item you will need in this mod is the Teleport Beacons, this will serve as a place point for entities to be teleported to. Then you can either use a Wand of Teleportation (Warp Wand) to teleport yourself, or Splash Potion of Teleportation to teleport any entities! There are more new blocks and items like the Teleport Rail and Teleport Cube but we will let you discover them later!

Download here

#2 Telepad Mod

Be the second convenient mod about teleportation in Minecraft, Telepad add only one new item but with a huge benefit – serves as a place for you to teleport to! But the material to craft one Telepad is quite expensive! You will need 2 blocks of iron, 1 compass, 3 ender pearls, and 3 glasses.

Once crafted, you can place it down and name it. You can even dye the pad feet and arrow using 16 different dyes. When you have placed the second Telepad, just step into one of them and a menu with all of the locations will be displayed. Now you just need to choose where you want to go!

Download here

#1 Waystones Mod

The first teleport mod Minecraft on the list belongs to Waystones, with nearly 70 million downloads! The way it works is like Telepad or Oxygen: Teleportation mods. Across the map, you will find unactivated Waystones, which you can activate as a waypoint for teleport purposes.

You can also craft and place it manually in your new houses. Or break the current one and relocate it. This mod can be used in all Minecraft modes and there is also a command to activate the wrap, in case you’ve lost your Waystone. Simple and effective is what makes Waystones mod the top teleport mod Minecraft!

Download here


So we’ve covered some of the coolest mods about teleport mod Minecraft. Some are fun to fun and some are even used for combat, making the possibility to use a teleport mod in Minecraft borderless! As you can travel quickly in Minecraft, try those Minecraft HQM modpacks to increase the difficulty!

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