18 Amazing Minecraft Boat Mod For Decoration and Traveling

Binh Tran

Ever wonder how to customize or upgrade your boat in Minecraft? In this article, we will show you the best Minecraft boat mod! Either it’s for decoration purposes or even functional purposes where you can customize your boat’s attributes and stuff like that. Let’s rowing!

Minecraft Boat Mod

Traveling by sea is one of the most painful transportation methods in Minecraft since water slows you down unless you use a boat. But still, boats in Minecraft have so many problems that are worth mentioning such as they don’t look good, or you can’t do anything with them.

Storage on the boat is another major problem. Until Minecraft 1.19 is out, where you can actually store a chest on your boat to store more items when traveling on the sea. But it’s still not enough to satisfy Minecraft’s community craving. That’s why we pick out those extra boats!

List of Minecraft Boat Mod You Should Try

#18 Islands

To be able to take full advantage of the other Minecraft boat mods, an island world generation or island biomes are what you need. With this mod installed, you can find a new world type setting in the creating world menu saying “Islands”. Simply choose it and create your Minecraft world for a cast away and isolated island.

Download here

#17 HorseInBoat

HorseInBoat is a Minecraft boat mod no one asks for but everyone needs it. With the ability to carry horses in your boat, this mod goes beyond expectation with other minor features! You can put 2 horses in one standard boat, the horse poses while in a boat is also fixed, and the hitbox for the horses is also modified so you can break the boat easier without hitting the horses.

Download here

#16 Boat Item View

Ever frustrated when you really want to see items in your hand but you can’t, because you’re in a boat? Well, the Boat Item View mod adds one and only one quality of life feature, to show the item on your main hand. This mod is a client-side mod, which means you can change this behavior without affecting other people.

Download here

#15 Better Boats

Still new on CurseForge, Better Boats did a great job by adding several new long boats for better transport purposes. You can store more items and carry more mobs inside your boat. Those boats also come with a lovely banner sail!

To craft one, you will need 3 normal boats, 1 plank, 1 chest, and an item frame. Remember that you can use any vanilla wood type to craft the super boat. In addition, there are several news items and crafting recipes such as the oars and figureheads.

Download here

#14 Boat Hud

It’s great to visualize things to understand them clearly, and that’s what this Boat Hud mod brings. By adding a new HUD while you’re riding a boat, you can now track your boat’s drift angel and the overall speed.

Download here

#13 Move Boats (Forge)

Another quality of life Minecraft boat mod! This mod lets you pick up your basic vanilla boats and place them in another location. Now you don’t need to break your anymore!

Download here

#12 Moar Boats

Want more boats for your empire in Minecraft? Moar Boats got you covered with tons of new boats such as the animal boat, the modular boat, utility boat, and boat trains with different modules.

Download here

#11 TheObsidianBoat

With the same recipe as a normal boat, but replace the planks with obsidian, you can create a fresh new Obsidian Boat that can be placed and used in the lava. However, this boat will sink when placed in water.

Download here

#10 Little Logistics

Being developed early this year, Little Logistics is a great Minecraft boat mod that adds water and rail logistics to Minecraft. With over 1.5 million downloads just in half a year, the expectation for this mod is super high!

You can create a whole system on the sea to travel and transport items and fluids just like Redstone on land. There are also new items for trains, locomotives, and cars in this mod. That’s why it has so much potential!

Download here

#9 Jumpy Boats

This is a quality of life mod about Minecraft boats. Remember a pain where you need to transport certain mobs to your home and you need to go upwards? Now boats in Minecraft can jump, allowing you to move easier between blocks and slopes.

Download here

#8 Pirates

As its name, this mod is all about Pirates! You can expect to find pirate ghost ships and ghost pirates spawn randomly in the world with custom items such as custom swords, shields, daggers, barrels of rum, cages, telescopes, ship bells, railing, ratlines, cannon, and boat sling. Watch out for the pirate lord!

Download here

#7 Pirates And Looters Mod

If the sea world in Minecraft is not scary enough for you, the Pirates and Looters mod can change your mind! This mod adds several new generated structures to the game called the pirate ships. In which pirates and scurvy dogs can spawn to protect their treasure! Although at first, the pirates look not that scary, they usually come with new weapons and attack in groups. So be careful!

There are five total new mobs: Castaway, Pirate Gunner, Capitan Agmair, Skeleton Bomber, and Pirate Bomber. There is also a new Kraken boss that can turn your sea journey into a real nightmare!

Download here

#6 Archimedes’ Ships

Archimedes’ Ships is an old Minecraft boat mod from 2014 with over 3 million downloads. This mod allows you to construct any boats, ships, or airships with your style and control them with a ship’s helm.

Archimedes Ships mod is super configurational and easy to use. The only sad thing is it stopped getting any updates from the Minecraft 1.17.1 version. For the newest Minecraft versions, you can take a look at the next mod on this list, which is Davinci’s Vessels.

Download here

#5 Davinci’s Vessels

At the first glance, Davincis Vessels seem like a simple mod with only one usability, to make your built structures move the way you want them to move. For example, you can build a luxury yacht and modify it a little bit to ride it like a normal boat. There are several news blocks, items, and crafting recipes in this mod too so feel free to check them out and build your dream boat!

Download here

#4 Just A Raft Mod

Not really a boat or ship mod, Just a Raft Mod simply adds rafts to the game, which you can craft from 3 logs of all wood types and strings. If you’re keen on having a wild adventure, traveling in a raft with a paddle is much more challenging and fun compared to a normal boat.

Download here

#3 Boatload

If boats with a chest cannot satisfy you yet, let’s try Boatload! Basically, this mod adds new content involving the boat to the game such as boats with furnaces, large boats that can carry 3 mobs, or boats with banners.

Download here

#2 Ships Mod

You may know Minecraft as a creative game since you can create any structures and objects, right? But you will be disappointed when finding out the things you built will have no functionality at all. But with the Ships Mod, this impossible function is now become true!

With this mod installed, you can flexibly build your ships from any material or blocks to create your dream ship. Depending on the material you use, it will affect the ship’s properties such as weight, thrust, speed, and more! You can even sail your ship anywhere and walk around in your ship. Cool, right?

Download here

#1 Small Ships

Been released in the last year and already achieved 6 million downloads, the Small Ships mod has done a great job by providing super detailed ships with beams and sails. The ship list includes the normal Galley, War Galley, Drakkar, Rowing Boat, Brig, and Dhow. You can, later on, add cannons to your ship so it can shoot the enemy.

You start things off by crafting your ship and placing it in the water. Then right-click normally to enter the ship. From here, you can raise or decrease the ship’s sails. Press “I” to open the ship’s inventory. And you can even change your view distance while on third-person perspective mode. Not only that, there are several upgrades such as the cog, which you can use to boost your ship attribute so this is definitely a great Minecraft boat mod!

Download here

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Put a Boat in the Small Ships Mod?

When you’ve done crafting your favorite ship in Minecraft, you can place it on the water normally as you do to a normal Minecraft boat. However, since boats and ships in Small Ships mod is much larger, remember to check the surrounding space. If you only have a tiny puddle, you can’t place boats in the Small Ships mod.

Will There be Ships in Minecraft?

Well, there are ships in Minecraft already! In case you didn’t know, they’re spawned randomly in the world in a sunken state – Shipwrecks. Which you can find by wandering around the ocean. And inside those sunken ships, you may find many valuable treasures as well!

What Kind of Boats Can You Make in Minecraft?

Since the release of the Minecraft 1.19 update, there is a new wood type called Mangrove. Therefore, there are a total of 7 boats you can make in Minecraft. Oak Boat, Birch Boat, Spruce Boat, Dark Oak Boat, Acacia Boat, Jungle Boat, and Mangrove Boat.


And that’s the list of the best Minecraft boat mod for now! Remember to check carefully if a mod requires Minecraft Forge or Fabric before installing so you can successfully play them. Now finding buried treasures and coral reefs in Minecraft will be much easier! And before sailing, remember to check out those Minecraft weather mods for a better journey!

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