Simply Cats: An Amazing Minecraft Cat Mod For Cat Lovers

Binh Tran

Are you looking for a lovely Minecraft cat mod that you can immerse yourself into the cuteness of and enjoy those little cats running around you? In this article, we will talk about a famous Minecraft cat mod, Simply Cats!

Minecraft Cat Mod - Simple Cats

In the past (Minecraft version 1.2.1), cats were added to the game and they can be obtained by taming ocelots in the jungle biomes. However, cats at that time do not have much usage and skins compared to nowadays.

From time to time, cats have more unique abilities such as being immune to fall damage, chasing away creepers, having custom sounds, jump on beds. And in the 1.14 update, seven more cat skins were added to the game, bringing the total number of cat skins in Minecraft up to 10. But still, the community (or the cat lovers) is still hungry and wants more cat features in Minecraft!

With that being said, there are many Minecraft cat mods out there that can satisfy your need if you’re a cat lover. But the best of the best is Simply Cats! Let’s see what’s in this mod.

About Minecraft Cat Mod: Simply Cats

Was created back in 2019 by Mnesikos, Simply Cats has made its way to the top Minecraft mods animal category with over 1 million downloads! Besides the new look and functionalities, there will be a new unique item called “Pet Carrier”, which can help you to carry your pet safely and easily.

Compared to the vanilla way, which you must manually lure them, feed them, and lead them home. Now you can just simply carry them home like other items and not worry they will trigger any hostile mobs along the way. Or just die from fall damage when you cross the ravine.

New Villager with Unique Appearance

By exploring around, you will find the village in Structure in Minecraft. But not treat them like before because Simply Cats add a new house in the village – the Pet Shelter. When right-clicking on new villagers in this house, you will see several new trades with bones and fishes, in which, you can find the Pet Carrier (dog or cat).

Animal in the carrier is tameable and breedable. When you release them from the carrier, they will disappear. So remember to bring a handful of pet carriers in your inventory and only unload them when you’re at home.

Fascinating Cat Breed and Gender

Breeding in Simple Cats will somewhat have the same mechanic as vanilla Minecraft, you have to have your cats stand up and close to each other, probably 16 blocks. The biggest difference is each cat in this mod has gender and status.

When two different gender cats meet the suitable condition, they will start breeding on their own. And later on, the female cats can breed up to 6 kittens. Cats in this mod also share some common attributes like the same status, the same respectful owner, and the home point.

Cool Mechanic with New Items

Alright, here comes one of the most useful features for Minecraft cat lovers! Everyone knows that you can name your cats in Minecraft, but that’s it. Disappointment, right?

The first item you will want to get your hand on in Simply Cats is the Cat Book – crafted by using 1 normal book and 1 catnip. When you sneak and right-click on any cats, a new GUI will be opened containing all attributes about the cats such as eye color, fur length, eumelanin, dilute, agouti, tabby, spotted, ticked, colorpoint, and more!

Cats and dogs in this mod can’t be tamed easily by feeding fish or bones. Instead, you must craft the new item called Adoption Certificate. Now you’re actually owning a pet!

If you’ve traded enough with the Shelter Worker, you can see a new item called Catnip. Unlike the real world, you can’t feed or give this to your cats yet. Catnip is only used for crafting purposes. (for now)

To lure your cats without the carrier, you can craft a laser pointer using 1 iron ingot, 1 button, and 1 Redstone torch. You can simply turn it on or off just by right-click when holding the laser pointer and cats in nearby areas will chase it. Now this works just like real life!

If you don’t want any of your cats to be heated, mated, get pregnant, or have babies, you can craft a Sterilization Potion and use it on your cats. The recipe is 1 bottle of water, 1 catnip, and 1 spider eye.

Finally, the Treat Bag is a super useful item where you want to call all the cats in 128 blocks around. You can even set and unset the cat’s home point to lure them all into your house. Not too bad, right? As long as you don’t lure that creepy cat in the cartoon cat mod by Trevor Henderson.

Decoration with New Blocks

Note that most of the blocks below are for decoration purposes.

Feeding in Minecraft is boring, where you try to hold the food and right-click it on your cats and dogs. But now, you can actually put your dog’s food or water in the bowl. Simply use 3 terracotta of the same color and place them in a bowl shape to craft one.

If you’re raising a real cat in your life, you will be familiar with this new block called the Little Box. Use 8 terracotta and place them in a furnace shape to craft one. You can later put sand in to create a full box, or bone in to create a dirty version of it.

With 4 planks of the same type, 1 stick, and 2 strings, you can craft a Scratching Post. This is the place your cat will love the most while sharing their claw, besides soft little fluff balls of hate and a number of raw fish.

Download Simply Cats

You can download and install this Minecraft cat mod for free! Remember to check the compatibility before installing Simply Cats with the newest Minecraft version since it may not be fully supported yet. And for the best experience, using Minecraft 1.16.5 version is recommended.

Download here

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you turn yourself into a cat in Minecraft?

There is no official way to turn yourself into a cat in Minecraft yet. But you can use the Morph mod to transform into one. You will have the appearance, strength, health points, and other attributes like a real cat in Minecraft. So no more afraid of creepers and fall damage!

What is the rarest cat color in Minecraft?

Currently, there are a total of 11 different cat skins in Minecraft without texture packs. They are tabby, tuxedo, red, siamese, British shorthair, calico, Persian, ragdoll, white, and black. The rarest among them is gray tabby – which is the unused texture in Bedrock Edition.

Can Minecraft cats starve?

You don’t have to feed cats in vanilla Minecraft since they have no hunger points. They can live without eating all the time. But make sure to feed them since it can heal your cats.

Can Minecraft cats teleport?

Cats do teleport in Minecraft if they’re not in the sitting position. And as long as you move far away enough (especially with an Elytra), the cats will be teleported near you if there are possible blocks nearby.


So that’s it, cat lovers! We’ve covered this specific Minecraft cat mod due to its popularity and how good it actually is. Give it a try and see if you will immerse into it, especially with all of the cute creatures surrounding you!

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