Top 10 Best Minecraft Anime Mods

Binh Tran

If you’re a fan of anime and want to experience the feeling of flying, one punches the enemy, or even wandering around in the Sword Art Online world, we got you covered with the list of the top 10 best Minecraft anime mods. In those Minecraft mods, you can eat devil fruits and become powerful, or learn the ability to make a clone of yourself. So without any hesitation, let’s get straight into them!

List of the Top 10 Best Minecraft Anime Mods

#10 Mine Mine no Mi

best Minecraft anime mods - mine mine no mi

The first mod in the list is a One Piece-inspired mod, which pretty much adds a bunch of devil fruits to the game that spawned across the world. In your journey, you will find many bases and ships with treasures inside. To open them, you must have keys, and depending on the rarity of the chests, you will find powerful fruits, or even none if you’re unlucky.

Not only devil fruits and their unique abilities such as paramecia or logia abilities, but you may also encounter pirates, pirate ships, marine ships, and even marine captains, just like you live a pirate life. There are a wanted poster system and dials also. Later on, you can craft One Piece suits such as Luffy’s armor, Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, and a lot more! Good luck managing your inventory to hold all of the new stuff!

Download here

#9 My Hero Academia

my hero academia mod

If you love My Hero Academia anime, this mod is definitely for you! With diverse quirks and unique leveling systems, you can immerse yourself in different heroes with custom suits, stamina bars, items, new crafting recipes, and cool weapons.

There is a lot more to discover in the My Hero Academia mod like the progression and reputation system, as well as new mobs and bosses. Additionally, depending on the functional quirk system you choose, you will be able to cast a giant ice wall, create a flame around you, or just simply be invisible.

Download here

#8 Bleach_KD

bleach kd anime mod

Bleach KD mod is another Minecraft anime mod with over 150,000 downloads. With its being consistently updated and content being high quality, this mod made it into the list of top anime mods in Minecraft!

Bleach KD provides a stats system where you can level up and boost your character in your own way. There is also a Bankai power system that you can gain in various ways such as killing evil mobs in this mod. Also, don’t be surprised by looking at the Minecraft world and biomes since Bleach modifies them as well.

Download here

#7 Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

By Shiny

Another Minecraft anime mod where you can participate in the fight between the Demon Slayers and the Demon. To become the demon slayer, you just need to kill any demons or use the recipe to craft yourself a sun sword. Or if you prefer the demon path, just go mining and look for the Muzan Blood Ore, and the more demons you kill, the more powerful you will be!

This mod provides strong gameplay with an upgraded advancement system. You can also find several useful NPCs with cool textures across the map or use special abilities depending on your side. With such power, skeletons or creepers are not a threat anymore!

Download here

#6 Naruto Mod

naruto shippuden mod

Naruto Shippuden is a new Minecraft mod that involves the Naruto anime series, where you can control your fate, join clans, receive Gekkai, charka system, spell scroll, and many other real ninja magic that you can use to survive the cruel world. This mod is not the same as the Naruto C mod.

In Naruto mod, you can train by fighting with a lot of Minecraft mobs as well as Naruto’s world creatures. Over time, you can level up and increase your attribute, as well as use JP and SP to upgrade skills and so on! For the best, don’t play this mod in creative mode to avoid any game-breaking issues.

Download here

#5 One Block Man

one block man mod

Inspired by the One Punch Man anime, One Block Man simply allows you to fight with monsters and mobs in a ridiculous way, with a single punch. Mobs and bosses’ health in One Block Man is insanely high since in vanilla Minecraft, the Warden – the strongest mob – only has 500 health points.

Without the new armor, you’re just a weak creature compared to the new mobs. Boros has 100,000 health, and the Unleashed Boros can have up to 500,000 health, making the battle more intense just like you’re taking part in an immersive anime. If you love One Punch Man mod style, here is the list of overpowering mods in Minecraft that you may love!

Download here

#4 Dragon Block Super

dragon super block

There are many Dragon Ball mods out there like Dragon Block C, but we decided to feature Dragon Block Super (or Dragon Blocks) due to its gameplay and unique features. First of all, you can choose your wanted race to start the game with. The available races are Human, Half Saiyan, Super Saiyan, Namekian, Majin, Arcosian (Frieza), and Bio-Android.

Within each race, you will have the chance to level up and upgrade skills in the cool-looking skill tree. You can freely fly in Minecraft without enabling the creative game mode, lock on your target, fire energy blasts, and even block the enemy’s attack. Finally, do not forget about the Ki energy system since it’s the core of the mod.

Download here

#3 Steve’s Bizarre Adventure

Steve's Bizarre Adventure

Beware! Jojo’s reference here! Steve’s Bizarre Adventure is a Minecraft anime mod that is inspired by Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series. By providing different unique mechanics and powerful armor stand that follows the player, this mod creates a weird yet distinctive experience.

You can summon your stand with new animations, and as long as you keep left-clicking, the stand will perform the basic attack. Sprint and punch will make the stand perform different abilities while Sneak and Jump will help your stand do some more crazy moves! If you love this mod, feel free to try the Kenshiro mod as well!

Download here

#2 Anime Meme Pack

anime meme pack

So you’re getting enough with the old fashion Minecraft? Anime Meme pack mod helps you chase away the boringness by adding a lot of anime secrets to the Minecraft world. They are anime-related from a lot of different series like Honkai Impact to Touhou project. So far, it’s not wrong to call this mod an anime adaptation mod.

When installed, you can see the Iron Golem will be the Colossal Titan, a normal village will be turned into a Japanese pink house with sakura trees around, or books are now manga. The painting also turns into anime pictures, making your home look like an anime dreaming boys’ base. This is the perfect mod for anime fans if you don’t want to change too much gameplay but prefer Minecraft textures.

Download here

#1 Kanto Pokemon World

Kanto Pokemon World

Looking for a Pokemon mod that can satisfy your needs? Pokemon World Kanto is here for the rescue! With the long age plus talented people, this mod simulates the pokemon world perfectly. You can find pretty much any route, city, training center, and gyms in the game laid down on the map.

You can interact with NPCs, fight with trainers, catch and train your pokemon to be the best trainer, and so on! Currently, you can download and install many modpacks that contain this mod as a part of it.

Download here

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Minecraft anime mod?

There are plenty of Minecraft anime mods that you can download and install for free. And we already cover the top 10 Minecraft anime mods above for you if you feel like searching around the Internet is too much!

What is the best anime mod for Minecraft?

The best anime mod for Minecraft is definitely depending on your favorite anime. If you love flying around and shooting Ki energy, the Dragon Ball mod is the best mod for you. If you enjoy the pirate life and devil fruits, let’s go with Mine Mine no Mi! Besides that, Demon Slayers Unleashed mod is also pretty good with over half a million downloads.

What Minecraft mods does LDShadowLady use?

LDShadowLady is a famous Minecraft Youtuber and throughout her series, you can see she you many Minecraft mods to enhance the look of the game, to make it more anime and magical. If you want to make your game looks like LDShadowLady, try Zig Zag or Dandelion texture pack, and combine it with Familiars, Mo Creatures, and Mr. Crayfish’s Furniture Mod. She also release a modpack called ShadowCraft that you can download and try for yourself.


And that’s it, folks! You can see how great the modder community of Minecraft is by creating those anime mods! Just remember that some of them may require good PC gaming to play smoothly. If you play Minecraft on MCPE, we will try to cover other famous anime mods in the next article such as Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Kill La Kill, Soul Eater, and a lot more! For now, have fun!

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