Top 20 Best Minecraft City Ideas You Should Try

Binh Tran

We’ve guided you through multiple house styles but the ideas to build the whole inhabitant areas are still limited. You may dream of owning Minecraft city ideas but have no idea how to construct distinguished structures. This article will solve your problem!

Minecraft City Ideas

The Minecraft city is basically a vast area of buildings, skyscrapers, and infrastructure gathers around. So to build a whole city you need to construct a lot of Minecraft builds and infrastructure. Most of our picks below are robust constructions that appeared in every city. However, building them in survival mode is a pain so make sure to get elytra if you can.

This article will showcase variants to choose from and get inspiration from, so let’s deep dive into it!

20 Greatest Minecraft City Ideas and Tutorials

#20 Hospital

Hospitals are one of the most important infrastructures in every city and if you wanna build a city in Minecraft, this one is not going to be missed. The typical blueprint of a hospital is a square layout with a minimal appearance and a big, red cross as a sign. So to build a hospital, you don’t need too many materials.

The whole building is made mainly of white wool, but black wool and grey wool are still parts of the building such as the entrance. Then you need to approximately calculate the hospital floor, then cover every floor with glass panels. The red cross is made out of red wool, this step should be your last and you better place it on the top and in front of the building.

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#19 Mcdonald’s Restaurant

Mcdonald’s is unarguably popular in real life so it’s reasonable to have one on your own. There are dozens of resources needed to build McDonald’s restaurants, both inside and outside. For its structure, we use mostly metal materials such as grey concrete, red concrete, white concrete…

The “M” symbol is quite important since it’s a sign of a restaurant so we need yellow concrete to form. The interior space is free to fulfill, we’d recommend using quartz stairs combined with pistons to make some seats for customers. Glass panels are of course placed around the restaurant to ensure visibility.

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#18 Starbucks Coffee Shop

This one’s perfect if you want to add a place for coffee and conversation. A coffee shop is a favorite place for most people so why don’t you think about placing it right next to an intersection?

Our Starbucks coffee shop comes up with a brighter look thanks to birch planks, the design also uses bricks as a resource for the foundation and the central entrance. On top of the hall, there’s a Starbucks symbol made of green wool and quartz blocks. It seems a little bit difficult to copy exactly the shape and the texture of the original symbol, so let’s use quartz blocks to make a big “Starbucks” text to notice your customers as well.

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#17 High School

A school is a complex construction built in a large area with plenty of components and requires not only imagination but also time.

The one we showcase here is the 2-story style with plenty of rooms on 2 sides and a central hall for principals and teachers. The house is a combination of polished andesite, quartz blocks, quartz slab, quartz stairs, bricks, stone bricks, red wool, and white stained glass… blended together to make a classic appearance.

One of the good points of the design is a big clock placed on top of the central hall, which is a particular sign that most schools have, to remind students about time in and out. For the outside decoration, we’d highly recommend building 2 big yards and placing as many flowers as possible for the welcoming entrance.

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#16 Modern Apartment Buildings

If you are looking for a blueprint of an additional design of apartments, this is going to be one of the best Minecraft building ideas!

Although others often prefer metal resources, this blueprint uses oak planks as the main material for each department, while the walls as well as the foundation of the whole building come from white and grey concrete.

Inside each room is fulfilled with a bed, bookshelves and a pair of chairs, and a table…all of them made it truly a warm place. In fact, you can get your building with more floors, but it’ll be time-consuming so let’s prioritize other buildings instead.

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#15 Luxury Modern House

This type of house is often seen in hills or private areas rather than in the city since it’s a luxury and unaffordable one. But if you wanna get it in your own kingdom or intend to build some constructions on the hill, this is still a good option.

The design comes up with an irresistible look. It’s built on a large layout with a 2-story style as well as many facilities like pools, balconies, and other functional rooms.

We need a lot of materials like white concrete, blue and black concrete… to build the body of the house, while some vines and oak leaves make the house greener. The design can be sophisticated but honestly, it’s quite simple to make so take your time!

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#14 IKEA Store

If the warehouse is not a missing part of your city, what else could be? The tutorial below will guide you on the way to build the most famous warehouse brand in the world – IKEA.

Blue and yellow are clearly typical colors of IKEA, so we need blue and yellow concrete to bring the same vibe. The building is carried on by many pillars which are made from black concrete, and glass panels for looking out. “IKEA” text, of course, is the last step. The warehouse inside requires a place for the showroom, so we suggest chests and shelves made of concrete for this purpose.

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#13 Police Department

Every city is managed and controlled by government officials, no department can do it better than the police officers, so the police department is the must-have building in your city.

The office construction is divided into 2 parts: the office with multiple rooms, a modern flat roof, and a “police” banner, all of which are made of white and blue concrete. While another part is a parking area – covered securely by a terracotta fence and iron bars. There is also a heliport as well.

In fact, you can change the color of the office to black and white by using black and white concrete instead. But we think the blue one is quite a better way of colorful look.

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#12 Modern Hotel

To contribute to the beauty, impression, and hospitality of your city, the hotel is no doubt the most important construction, so this one needs to be fully focused to build.

The design we showcase here comes up with many amenities that will 100% attract guests. Not only are the accommodations covered by glass panels that allow a surrounding lookout, but also an infinite pool, and the outside restaurant as well.

With its contemporary look, the building obviously uses modern resources such as light blue stained glass panels, white and grey concrete, light grey grazed terracotta…And don’t forget to build a parking space outside, click here for a video tutorial to add some vehicles to your hotel.

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#11 Burger King Restaurant

A Burger King is another option in case you want to have more food and beverage brands along with McDonald’s. Both brands share the same way of design, a symmetric, square, and flat structure. The Burger King restaurant is made out of a mixture color of terracotta, blue, red, and white concrete, birch planks…

The blue concrete is used to make a sign of the restaurant,  it’s admissible to get attention thanks to its distinctive color. The inside room is quite stunning since it’s the place for guests to have a seat and eat, so we’d recommend using white concrete and blue concrete to make a table and chair, combine with a transparent roof to allow natural light as well.

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#10 Minecraft Supermarket

Next up is our tutorial on the city supermarket, another building that would be built carefully. The blueprint we showcase here requires light grey concrete, white concrete, sea lantern, and terracotta for the wall while glass panels are for the roofing to achieve a simple, clean look.

The spacious dimension will provide you with plenty of stalls to place chests or items. Even in every stall, you can choose variants of materials to make it so each stall will get its own character. The exterior is built way too minimally with parking space, so you should spend your time constructing the detailed interior.

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#9 Football Stadium

Have you ever thought about having your football club, and a football stadium? if so, that’d be a mistake if you skip this idea!

First of all, you need to figure out where you should place your stadium since it’s a large dimension, maybe in the middle of the city is reasonable. We need tons of materials to fully build, mainly white concrete, diorite wall, cobweb, blue concrete, smooth quartz stairs, and iron bars…

The design is built on an ellipse shape, with the walls and stand are made out of blue concrete… You can change to a different material for different colors if you like, but the blue one looks obviously to match in general. You can utilize it by digging the ground and placing white concrete so that you’ve got a pitch. Remember to put out some lighting columns for lighting at night.

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#8 Roller Coaster

When it comes to making some playground for children, a roller coaster may be the first one that comes to mind. So let’s make it realistic!

The first impression of the design is the infinity race with a gorgeous purple. To make the coaster can truly run, you then need to leave out rail as well as powered rail. Oak planks and blue concrete are used for the roof and the base.

The tutorial is quite detailed so do not hesitate to watch it, then complete the construction, let your pals come in and have a fun time with a minecart racing.

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#7 Bakery

If you are a fan of cake, then your city is not complete without a bakery. Our modern bakery contains 2 parts: a bakery with tables and seats inside and another one for people who prefer eating outside.

In general, the bakery itself uses mainly yellow terracotta to build, while others such as yellow concrete, bricks, and white concrete…contribute significantly. The most special about this design is the hospitable and welcoming interior, although it’s not too large, all guests will feel satisfied by how well-organized of setting up those tables and chairs.

You may not recognize that the outside part of the bakery is covered by glass blocks, which allows visibility but also prevents hostile mobs. A canopy made of white and yellow carpet is also added to get rid of too much sunlight.

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#6 Clothes Store

Next up is our pick for people who love fashion! This idea is probably beneficial since it’s an ideal place to show off your skin or your armor instead of hiding them inside your chests. The house is a combination of glass, quartz bricks, smooth quartz blocks, and grey concrete.

You don’t need too much land to build so this shop can place along with other stores, making the whole street hustle and bustle. As we said above, once you complete the store, you can show off your skins and armor. Don’t forget to let your friends come and see your achievement. 

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#5 Gas Station

Without petrol, no cars or motorbikes will ever exist. So the demand for gas stations is clearly indispensable.

Basically, our pick is slightly lurid, as it contains too many colors, but we think that’s a good point to brighten up the vibe of the city and catch people’s attention. The roof comes up with three layers, with yellow concrete on top and inside, blue concrete borders around, and red concrete underneath. You can add another quartz slab on top if you like, but it’s unnecessary.

The fuel-filling columns –  the main parts of the structure, are quite complicated to make. It’s a mixture of the cauldron, grey concrete, yellow concrete, and quartz stairs. There’s also space for car parking so you’ve to manipulate the area reasonably. Lastly, the office behind the station may be an additional part but to build it or not, it’s up to you.

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#4 City Houses

No city in the world means a city without houses for citizens, so this tutorial will lead you to the spirit of your city. The ideas of houses are diverse, but to fit with a modern-city theme, this idea must be modern as well.

The Minecraft house design we show you here is quite easy to build and duplicate. The house is a 2-story with gambrel roofing style, built in a modish way with cyan terracotta, bricks, quartz, black concrete, and spruce wood… feature.

In fact, you can make one first and then get another one with the same style, because of its repeatable manner, this idea is viable to make in different colors and materials. This is absolutely a Great addition to your big city.

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#3 Modern City Park

The park is the unarguably go-to place for relaxing and chilling, hence having a park in your city is no doubt necessary.

Urban parks are green spaces set aside for recreation inside towns or cities, so the land you intend to build the park on must be a high density of trees, or you can plant trees later on, but be sure to make it accessible.

Besides the plant ecosystem, the park also contains buildings or other artifacts like running tracks, fountains, or baseball courts, so feel comfortable leaving out anything you like. The more multifunctional the park, the more wonderful it is.

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#2 Bank

To improve the realism of your city, perhaps the bank is the extras structure that is most suitable. Not only a place for money storage and transactions, but a bank is also a demonstration of how prosperous your city is.

The design is built up mainly with smooth quartz blocks and chiseled quartz blocks, which are insane to bring a clean and grave look. For the entrance, besides 6 pillars, we also use smooth quartz stairs and smooth quartz slabs to add up thickness and make the front view look more sturdy.

We almost need dark oak trapdoors to assemble the front door, all you have to do is flip it vertically and then set it off a little detailed yet nice for the whole building. The back is built symmetrically as the front, and in the next step, we’re going to add B for the bank. Lastly, don’t forget to plant some bushes around your building.

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#1 Tower Crane

Crane is often used in construction for lifting or moving materials, so nothing better than a crane as it illustrates your project is under construction. You could construct some famous landmarks like the statue of liberty, the Eiffel tower, Big Ben, or even an entire Taj Mahal under the crane to make it more realistic.

The blueprint we show here is built easily. Red concrete is a resource to make 4 pillars – which are 31 blocks tall. Every pillar bonds by red nether bricks slab. While red nether stone stairs help to handle the balance of the crane, iron bars are added around to ensure safety.

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Above are our picks for the 20 most prioritized Minecraft city ideas to build in the city, each one already has its pros and cons so watch the tutorials as carefully as possible to get the best out of it. Happy building!

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