Minecraft More Player Models Mod – A Game-changer You Should Never Miss

Binh Tran

Are you exhausted with the default Minecraft appearance? Don’t worry, we got your back. This article will show you a Minecraft More Player Models Mod to change your character’s model and bring a brilliant perspective.

More Player Models Mod

Minecraft More Player Models Mod allows you to completely customize your character, with millions of models to choose from, from dwarfs to dragons and orcs, or even Harry Potter, anything you want. Sound interesting, right? Our article will guide you step to step to make your dream come true with fancy new skin!

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Awesome Minecraft More Player Models Mod

Installation Guide

Step 1: Make sure you do not run your game before moving to step 2.

Step 2: Download and install Minecraft Forge.

Step 3  Download More Player Model Mod and place the jar in the mod folder.

You can find the mod folder here: C:\Users\\[username]\AppData\Roaming\\.minecraft\mods.

Be sure you select the forge profile when running Minecraft.

Features Of More Player Models Mod

Press F12 to enable the character creation screen. If it doesn’t work, this means that this mod has conflicted with another mod you have installed before. You can go to settings, and you will see F12 of MPM in red, choose another button for it.

On the main menu, when you want to return to the original appearance, you can use the “Default” function.

In addition, the mod also provides some other skins located in “Normal”, you can use them if you do not have much time to detailly edit the appearance.

And if you want a custom look, the “Edit” function is for you, click “Edit” to customize your character. This function contains four main features:


This feature allows you to change your character into any hostile mob or creature that you can be. We believe this will be an interesting experience, as there will be mobs you may not have seen before.

Note that this menu only changes your skin, you are not able to perform any ability of the mob. For example, you can’t jump as high as a rabbit or run really fast like a real horse.


This feature allows you to customize your skin by using an URL link. With an extremely rich number of skins from websites, providing a variety of anime characters, to superheroes, this promises to satisfy you.

Click here to create your favorite skin model, give a name and click “Save”, then copy the link to the “skin URL” text space, press Enter, and see the result.

If this website does not provide you with a link for the skin image, don’t worry, we will give you another solution.

Click here, select “New post”, upload the skin image you want, then select “copy link”. Then copy this link into the “skin URL” text space. Note that the end of this link must be “.png”.


This feature includes everything you can add to your character: tail, horn, wing, mohawk, and much more. It also allows you to adjust the size of these parts and change them to whatever color you’d love to.


The Scale menu is probably easy to use as it allows you to adjust the size of the character’s parts such as the head, body, arms, legs, etc…

You can scale each part up or down by adjusting the width bar, height bar, and depth bar.

Other Features

More Player Models Mod also has other exciting features to explore:

More animations: make the character animated by command  /sit, /dance, /wave, /sleep, /hug, /cry, /angry, /bow, /wag, /crawl, and so on.

Chat bubble: display a chat bubble above the head.

Tooltips: Tooltips display what you are holding and its durability.

In addition, this mod also supports multiplayer mode so that everyone can see your appearance on a server. Note that they must install this mod as well.


Minecraft More Player Models Mod is a useful way to show individuality. Besides its ability to transform your appearance and dozens of other functions, we believe it is worth it. Let us know if you‘ve got any superb ideas for customizing Minecraft’s character. Happy playing!

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