Top 5 Fascinating Thirst Mod Minecraft

Binh Tran

Foor or hunger is one of the most crucial things in Minecraft. But have you ever thought of a thirst bar? That’s when you need to constantly drink to keep yourself hydrated in order to survive. In this article, we will go through the top thirst mod Minecraft so you can challenge yourself even more!

Thirst Mod Minecraft

Minecraft thirst mods in general add a new thirst bar to the game, where you need to find a good source of water to keep yourself hydrated. There are multiple ways and quality of the water, and it completely depends on each mod and how you configure it. If you want to challenge yourself, even more, try those Minecraft temperature mods!

Remember that some mods below will require Minecraft Forge or Fabric, so make sure you’ve downloaded them on your desktop devices.

List of Amazing Thirst Mod Minecraft

#5 Thirst Mod

The Thirst mod simply adds a thirst bar on top of your hunger bar and other minor features to make Minecraft more difficult. Every action in Minecraft will drain your thirst bar such as moving, jumping, breaking blocks, fighting, and even interacting with special blocks.

When the thirst bar is low or completely drained, you will have nausea potion effects with other disadvantages such as can’t sprint (lose your movement speed) or losing health over time just like if you’re low on your hunger. Besides the thirst bar, you can find many items to help you gather water like the Rain Collector, the Drinks Brewer, the Drinks Store, and more!

Download here

#4 EnviroMine

EnviroMine is a big mod about every aspect of survival in Minecraft. There is a temperature system where you need to stay warm or cool depending on your attribute, or most importantly, the hydration system, where you need to consume water bottles to survive.

There are also a ton of different mechanics such as the quality of the air, the sanity, the gases, and even food spoiling. So you can’t keep your food for a very long time without eating them.

Download here

#3 Dehydration

With nearly 1 million downloads, Dehydration – as its name – adds a thirst system to Minecraft. This mod is fully configurable so you don’t need to worry if it’s too hard to survive. With this mod installed, you need to cook water in a pot using any fire sources to get purified water. There are other variants of water like dirty water, and impurified, which will give you the thirst effect when drunk.

Download here

#2 Survive

Survive mod may go beyond your expectation because it not only adds a thirst meter to Minecraft, but also adds several features such as stamina, temperature, hygiene, sleep, nutrition, and well-being.

Specifically, just like the Dehydration mod, you can shift + right-click any water source block to drink the dirty water, which will have a high chance to give you the thirst effect. So cooking your water in those thirst mod Minecraft is very important!

Download here

#1 Tough As Nails

Being one of the most challenging Minecraft mods with over 13 million downloads, Tough as Nails provides a layer of realism to Minecraft by adding several features including thirst, body temperature, and saturation.

The charcoal filter and the rain collector are the most useful items and block in this mod since you will need clean water. And when it comes to a water source in realism thirst mod Minecraft, TAN did a great job while providing a lot of water sources and edibles for players to consume like the water canteen, potion, fresh water bucket, milk buckets, chocolate milk, and a lot of different fruit juices.

Download here


And we’ve covered the best thirst mod Minecraft that you may find interesting! Even though some of them are hard, you can use the setting menu or the config file to reduce the negative effect to get yourself familiar with thirst first.

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