5+ Toughest Minecraft Temperature Mod To Challenge Yourself

Binh Tran

Who says Minecraft is a game for children? Let’s take a look at the toughest Minecraft temperature mod and see how long can you survive! And we cover more than one so if you want to suffer, try them all!

Minecraft Temperature Mod

Normally, surviving in Minecraft only requires eating and keeping your character alive. So you only care about the protection while combat or accident from terrain such as fall damage, explosive, … But what if things get more immersive just like real life where you need to get water to drink and not get heated or too cold?

If you’re looking for some additional or the cherry on top of those Minecraft temperature mods, try these best Minecraft weather mods to increase the realism of your Minecraft world! The download links are ready for you!

List of Minecraft Temperature Mod You Should Try

#6 Fayil’s Temperature

Fayil’s Temperature is one of the newest mods in the temperature category that adds new items and blocks to help the player survive the hard temperature. Depending on the biome and location, the player will suffer from different effects and may die instantly. So paying attention to the surrounding area is the key to survival in this mod.

Download here

#5 Cold Sweat

The second mod on the list is Cold Sweat, despite the fact it’s relatively new and with over 80,000 downloads just in a short time, you can see how good this mod is!

By adding a new temperature system that can flexibly change based on the time of day, the depth and height of the terrain, or even natural objects like lava pools, ice, and more! Once installed, you will see survival in Minecraft will be a lot harder, and getting food will not only be your objective!

Download here

#4 EnviroMine

EnviroMine focuses on improving the realism of the environment in Minecraft. Whether it’s temperature, thirst, clean air, and even a clean mind in the game! Some of the main features of this mod are food spoiling, hydration, air quality, temperature, sanity, gases, and more!

The only downwards is EnviroMine is abandoned, which means it’s not developed and works for newer versions of Minecraft.

Download here

#3 Survival Overhaul

With a unique machinic about adding temperature in Minecraft, Survival Overhaul got over 70,000 downloads just in one year! By adding different temperatures to different states of blocks, you can expect that survival in this mod will be hard!

However, to decrease the toughness, Survival Overhaul also provides a super valuable fruit that you can find in looted chests around the world. Which will increase your maximum health when eaten. And they will be lost if you die.

The great thing about this mod is everything is fully customizable via the config file, including the temperature of any blocks, or all the settings about the fruit. On another hand, this mod is abandoned but you can still experience it in Minecraft 1.16.5 version.

Download here

#2 Survive

Like other mods, Survive mod tends to increase the difficulty of survival aspect in Minecraft by adding realistic features to the game. Including thirst, temperature, stamina, sleep, nutrition, well-being, and hygiene. That seems like a lot to pay attention to, right?

The thirst and temperature system will work like almost other mods, where certain things affect the temperature of your character. Besides food, you will constantly need clean water and sleep to survive the crucial world. And even harder, the stamina system will prevent you from spamming certain actions such as jumping or sprinting, making combat way harder than before!

Download here

#1 Tough As Nails

In the first place is the Tough As Nails mod, we guess that you’re super familiar with this mod if you’re a fan of challenging and hardcore mods in Minecraft, especially the RLCraft series. The main features of TAN are thirst and thirst status effect, body temperature such as hyperthermia, hypothermia, cold, and heat resistance.

In order to survive, you must take advantage of a bunch of new items, blocks, and recipes Tough As Nails introduces. The campfire can keep you warm, while the cooling coil will cool you down. The rain collector is also important if you want a sustainable amount of clean water (drink potion is another option). The other cool features worth mentioning are the seasons system and the foliage colors.

Download here

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tough As Nails mod Minecraft?

If you only look for a mod that can affect your body temperature, Tough As Nails is not for you since it adds more than that. And it makes Minecraft way harder by adding several new such features as a thirst and temperature system.

How do you stay warm in Minecraft temperature mod?

Although the mechanics may be different, those mods above may share the same technique to reduce the temperature. You may want to take off your armor and wear lighters/cooler armor, create a fan in a closed room to cool you down, or wear slime armor. Or you can even jump in the water to cool yourself.

How do you purify water in Minecraft to survive?

In most realistic Minecraft temperature mods, you will see they also modify the thirst system too. This makes your character thirsty and will demand you to get clean water to drink. But in fact, when you the water from any rivers or lakes, they’re dirty! So you can either cook them in the furnace or use a charcoal filter to purify the dirty water.


So there is the best Minecraft temperature mod we covered! Just make sure if you find yourself enjoying any mods above but they’re too difficult, you can check the setting to see if you can configure the mod to suit you the best! And good luck surviving!

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