Minecraft Grappling Hook Mod – Make Your Game More Enjoyable

Binh Tran

We are sure most of you guys are fans of Spiderman, not only because of his ways of helping people and beating the bad but also because of his moving skill – swinging around cities by shooting from a hook gun. Also have you ever wondered if your Minecraft character has that moving skill? If so, there you go!

This article will show you the mod that makes your character have the ability to get around large builds – Minecraft Grappling Hook Mod!

Minecraft Grappling Hook Mod

Grappling Hook Mod allows you to swing from building to building by using a hook. Combining with long fall boots is also necessary to completely reduce fall damage. The grappling hook is obviously effective in a large simulated city with lots of buildings and is quite useless when used in forest terrain. It is important for you to better spend time practicing grappling skills or you’ll die from high places then.

It’s fun to use the hook with some other Minecraft gravity mods so you can freely fly in the sky!

Awesome Minecraft Grappling Hook Mod

Installation Guide

Step 1: Ensure you do not run your game before moving to step 2.

Step 2: Download and install Minecraft Forge.

Step 3  Download Minecraft Grappling Hook Mod and place the jar in the mod folder. Choose a carefully appropriate version.

You can find the mod folder here: C:\Users\\[username]\AppData\Roaming\\.minecraft\mods.

Be sure you select the forge profile when running Minecraft.

How to Craft

Before using these recipes, make sure you install Just Enough Items to view them.

Grappling Hook Modifier

To get the grappling hook modifier, you need 4 base grappling hook upgrade items and an anvil.

A base grappling hook upgrade is crafted from 3 gold ingot items and 2 string items.

Once you place down the grappling hook modifier, right-click on it and see all the modifications, but they might be locked so you have to carry on all the actual upgrade items, then put them in the box to activate all of them. And without waiting longer, let us show you these awesome items.

Simple Grappling Hook

A simple grappling hook is made of a pick and an iron pickaxe. This item is the basic one we usually craft first in the game and get used to the grappling technique.

The rope length can be changed easily, you have to place the hook grappling modifier down first, then right-click to open the menu box, choose “rope”, and adjust the bar to whichever length you want.

 The default length is 30.0. The longer the rope, the higher the place you can reach.

The Basic grappling hook is quite simple to use, hold Shift + W to climb up or Shift + S to climb down.

Grappling Hook Motor Enabled

Grappling hook motor enable is an upgraded version of the above, a combination of simple grappling hook and motor grappling hook upgrade.

Manipulating this mod is more beneficial than the simple one. Once you shoot it, it pulls you directly to the place but also swings you into the air.

Rocket Hook

The rocket hook is crafted with a grappling hook and a rocket grappling hook upgrade.

A rocket hook basically has the same function as a grappling hook but when you hold the left click, the item gives you some momentum like a rocket boost, which even pushes you up in the air. Once you get used to using the grappling hook, you will find that the rocket hook is as easy as that one, but more powerful as well.

Ender Staff Grappling Hook

Ender Staff Grappling Hook is upgraded by combining both a simple grappling hook and an ender staff grappling hook upgrade –  which you can get by crafting a base grappling hook upgrade and an ender staff.

Ender staff is also made out of an ender pearl and a piston so it’s very simple and very easy to get one.

Ender staff grappling hook basically shares a similar function with the rocket hook but its momentum is a little bit smaller. But anyway, it’s good to give it a try.

Grappling Hook Smart Motor

This item is slightly “smarter” than the grappling hook motor enabled. Although they totally pull you to the wall, the smart one allows you to go around any direction without detaching the actual hook. It’s quite useful to jump around and check then get back immediately to the building wall.

Magnet Grappling Hook

This item is pretty funny as it automatically pushes you far away from the surface you hit. So when you hit the ground, you’ll be floated in the air or when you grapple onto the wall, you are not able to come closer to the hook. So it’s necessary for you to manipulate this item to have a better play.

Dual Grappling Hook Rocket

This item allows you to shoot simultaneously 2 hooks at the same time, it’s especially useful when you’re in a large city with multiple parallel buildings.

Long Fall Boots

Long fall boots are crafted by putting diamond boots in a grappling hook modifier. The simplest crafting recipe you’ve ever done, right?

This item is not functional like the hook, but it plays another vital part by reducing completely all damage from falling down, making it a must-equipped item accompanied by the grappling hook.

Long fall boots also have some additional functions like wall running, double jumping, and sliding.


Moving and flying in the sky is one of those things that people aspire to. To satisfy Minecraft players, especially spider man lovers, the grappling hook mod provides items for you to have the best experience. And through this article, we introduce an overview of this mod, hopefully, it can help you to have exciting moments.

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