Greatest Minecraft Parasite Mod 1.12.2: Scape and Run

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Ever feel Minecraft is not scary enough for you? Or do you just want to explore the gruesome alien world with creepy creatures wandering around? Today, let’s talk about a Minecraft parasite mod that can bring you real nightmares!

Minecraft Parasite Mod 1.12.2: Scape and Run

Scape and Run: Parasite mod adds various infected and hostile parasite-themed mobs to the game. With unique models and textures, they also come with new AI and behaviors. Those monsters come from another planet so they can survive in daylight, and attack the player as well as other passive and hostile mobs.

Those dangerous monsters can spawn anywhere because they don’t have a specific spawn point. Instead, the parasites will slowly spread to bring the deadly infected mobs rising from death! Let’s see what this Minecraft parasite mob offers!

New Game System and Mechanics

The Infection System

A new creature called “Rupters” can spawn in the dark in every biome. They have a bug shape with small legs that grow from their body just like a spider, but way faster. They actively seek alive mobs in nearby areas and kill them. And when it’s done, the poor mob will be turned into the infected version of itself.

Other infected mobs and higher-level parasites can also spawn Rupters on death, so be careful when fighting them. On your journey, you may find several cocoons form of the Rupters called “Buglins”. They can hatch slowly over time so better eliminate them before they can even do so. Using a Flint and Steel is the most efficient way since monsters in this mod are afraid of fire in general.

The Merge System

When mobs are killed by the Rupters, they transform into creepy creatures and despite the fact those monsters have a scary look, they’re still a low-tier mob in this mod. And not all Minecraft mobs can transform into alien forms.

Infected mobs include both hostile and passive mobs such as villagers, sheep, cows, pigs, wolfs, zombies, and more! Those infected creatures will have many tricks on death to spread the disease furthermore. The head of the infected mob is fully controlled by the parasite, or they will spawn a bunch of Buglins on death.

Once the infected monster slays a specific number of mobs and it’s near 3 other infected ones, they will start turning into moving flesh (or living flesh). If there are no other infected mobs around, but there is only one moving flesh, the infected can also turn into moving flesh.

It’s better to keep the infected separated because when only one monster reaches the kill count, they can force the other 3 to turn into moving flesh. In a short amount of time, the living flesh will merge together to create one of the many Primitive Parasites in the mod. You don’t want this to happen!

Reinforcement System

Do you think killing parasites is that easy in Minecraft game? Every time you kill any kind of parasite, there is a small chance it will call the reinforcements which can be easily noticed by the big bell sound. Search around and you will find a new parasite called “Beckons” – This is where the parasite is not only affecting the mobs but also infecting the surrounding environment.

Even though the Beckons cannot move, it’s the wise choice to kill them immediately. Because they will spawn parasites if there are any victims nearby. And slowly over time, they will spread the infesting blocks all over the place. Not only do those blocks look ugly, but they can also deal damage to any living creatures and spawn more additional minions!

Like other parasites, this ground creature can also evolve, and therefore, they can spawn even more powerful parasite nemesis. Better don’t leave them to grow to the final stage (stage 3) if possible!

When the Beckon is killed, another kind of block called the Infested Residue will spawn in its place and slowly spread to remove the infested blocks. But don’t be happy yet since later on, the Beckons will spawn again on top of the residue blocks without the reinforcement bell!

Adaptation System

Hostile mobs in Minecraft are dumb! But with the new parasites, they can adapt to the damage they have taken, and later on, they can have a great resistance or even immune to that type of damage.

Scape and Run: Infected PARASITEs

All Normal Infected Mobs

There are currently 5 main parasite categories in the Scape and Run mod. They are separated based on their appearance, abilities, and attributes such as damage, health points, and more. Let’s see what they are!

Assimilated Mobs

Assimilated Mobs are the infected version of normal mobs in Minecraft. Whenever any of the mobs below are killed by the Inborn Parasites, they will be turned into parasite form!

The list of mobs that can be turned is polar bears, cows, horses, pigs, sheep, wolves, players, zombies, husks, and villagers. There are 3 special mobs in this category but can only be spawned naturally, including the Assimilated Enderman, Assimilated Big Spider, and Assimilated Ender Dragon.

Inborn Parasites

This is by far the easiest and least terrifying parasite category in the mod! Inborn parasites contain 4 parasites: Buglin, Rupter, Flying Carrier, and Heavy Carrier. They’re easy to kill, but they can spawn in many ways and in large groups to maximize infect the Minecraft world.

Primitive Parasites

Currently, there are 8 primitive parasites in this mod with different models, textures, and abilities. Each parasite can destroy the Minecraft world in a very different way and they’re super dangerous. That’s why we recommend you learn about them before fighting.

The primitive parasites include the Arachnida, Bolster, Devourer, Longarms, Manducater, Reeker, Summoner, and Yelloweye. Even though those primitive parasites are already high up in the mod, they can even evolve after a certain kill count. With their new appearance and ability, surely they can give you real nightmares!

Adapted Parasites

Adapted parasites are the evolved version of the Primitive parasites. They have a lot of health, armor, and damage. So surely they’re much more dangerous than their previous form. Even though you can stop them from spawning by killing the Primitive form before it can reach their kill count, the adapted parasites can also spawn naturally in the late game.

Pure Parasites

This category contains some of the highest forms of the parasite, just below the parasite bosses in this mod! Although not all pure parasites can spawn naturally, they’re still annoying to deal with. Most pure parasites spawn from the beckon and within the parasite biome.

All Boss Parasites

Ancient Parasites (Dreadnaut)

When you kill the Beckons at their highest stage, there is a chance that the Ancient Parasites will be spawned! It’s a flying creature with a big shape just like the Ender Dragon, but its appearance is way more terrifying with several tentacles around the main body.

It has 200 health points, 15 armor points, and 15 damage. The Dreadnaut can summon multiple explosive pods from the sky and shoot projectiles with wither effect. In the fighting process, the Dreadnaut can spawn several rupters, grunts, and buglins.

Parasite Biome (Stage IV Beckon)

Within the newest update, Scape and Run: Parasite introduces a new boss with unique features. As with other beckon stages, the Stage IV Beckon can spawn parasites around it, involve the parasites, and even summon lower stages beckons.

Within the new biome, the parasites are even stronger! And any other non-parasite mobs will suffer from a health generation penalty of 50%.


Overlord is one of the bosses in the Scape and Run mod. With over 250 health points and 20 damage, the Overlord has a horse shape but with 6 legs and tentacles on top of its body. Most importantly, it’s high 3 times compared to a normal player in Minecraft!

The Overlord can break blocks, deal AoE, and significant knockback damage. Fighting with it using ranged weapons is also difficult because it can shoot homing projectiles at you.

Assimilated Ender Dragon

Yes, you’re not ending with the Ender Dragon yet! Of course, the greatest boss in vanilla Minecraft is also get infected by the parasite. With a twisted and creepy appearance, the Assimilated Ender Dragon can spawn naturally in the end dimension.

Most attack of this boss is likely the same as the normal Ender Dragon, but with large health bar, the dragon now deals more damage and can infect new effects. Also, it can break any blocks with hardness less than or equal to 3 now.

Scape and Run: Parasite New Items

Come with challenging gameplay, Scape and Run: Minecraft parasite mob of course comes with some new powerful items that can help you within the journey. All the new items are infected flesh, longarms armor fragment, manducater orb, reeker fang, summoner core, and yelloweye bone.

With the new materials, you can craft yourself new mighty weapons such as the living scythe that can deal 10 damage with only 0.8 attack speed, or the living bow which is an upgraded version of a normal bow in Minecraft.

There are other items that you may want to craft including the living axe, living sword, and living cleaver. All of the 5 weapons above do have an upgraded version of themself with significantly damage improved. But sadly, you can only obtain them through the creative inventory.

Download Minecraft Parasite Mod

Scape and Run: Parasites is currently available on Minecraft 1.12 version and it continues developing for new content and version. You can down here.

To fully experience the terror of the mod, we’d recommend using Scape and Run: Parasites Resource Pack. This texture pack will make the entity, mobs, blocks, items, and GUI look more rustic to fit the alien theme even more!


And that’s all about the most famous Minecraft parasite mod! If you’re looking for more challenging Minecraft mods, try those toughest Minecraft temperature mods and let us know if it’s still easy for you!

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