6 Awesome Minecraft Gravity Mods

Binh Tran

One of the abilities humans aspire to possess is controlling gravity. Therefore, Minecraft gravity mods versions were invented to bring exciting feelings and unforgettable experiences to Minecraft players.

Minecraft Gravity Mods

You can find a variety of gravity mods, here are our unique ideas for you. Note that most mods need a platform to work such as Forge, so make sure you have it installed before jumping into our picks.

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6 Awesome Minecraft Gravity Mods

#6 Anti-Gravity Mod

Have you ever thought of owning a planet? but still need to figure out how to get it? Today we present to you this mod version to make your wish come true. Of course, a planet must have its own gravity to move on. That means it has to be anti-gravity of the Minecraft world and that’s what this mod version does, you can download it at the link below.

All you need to do is place the gravity core, surrounded by the inner star corn and the outer star corn at the center of your planet and adjust the parameters properly. Sounds pretty good, right? Remember to copy the downloaded file in jar format to the mod folder before building.

Download here

#5 Gravity Gun Mod

This is the version that makes the gravity gun, we believe it can bring you relaxing moments while playing the game. These guns can help you control, and repel anything at your will!

In addition, you can also upgrade the normal gravity gun to become a supercharged gravity gun, which comes up with greater power that can shoot the target far away. Upgrading the gravity gun in creative mode is very simple, just need a recipe. However, in survival mode, this is a bit more complicated.

You need a pool of water surrounded by yellow flowers, then drop the diamond in, switch to holding the gravity gun in your hand, wait for the lightning effect to hit you, and so your gravity gun has been upgraded. Installing this mod is also very simple, just visit the download link below, copy the downloaded jar format file to the mod folder, enter the game and take your time.

Download here

#4 All Blocks Have Gravity

In Minecraft, the floating blocks in space are so familiar to players, if you are bored because of that, try the mod version that makes the blocks all have gravity. This mod version supports many types of blocks such as oak, spruce, brick, etc. When you destroy a certain block, the surrounding blocks will be affected by gravity. In addition, when you move, blocks within your radius will also collapse if there is air underneath.

Your Minecraft world will become extremely dangerous because you will not know when you will fall during the move or take damage from falling blocks. Don’t forget to experience this mod version with your friends, and gather to play some mini-games like racing, and chasing, it will be a great idea for entertainment.

Download here

#3 Zero Gravity

This gravity mod adds in zero gravity blocks activated with Redstone allowing the player or mob to float, be pushed away, or sucked in. This type of mod includes items such as Attractors, Repulsor, Gravitar, and their additional items. Every item has its functions when combined with Redstone.

The attractor pulls you closer and sticks you around, the repulsor pushes you away and does not allow you to come closer again while gravity floats you up to the sky. These items can be ineffective in case you have gravity boots on your character. So let’s use this mod and make some tricks with your friend. It will be super fun as well.

#2 Up, Down, And All Around

Manipulating this mod will absolutely be a remarkable moment. This mod allows players to change the direction of their gravity to any direction so it’s understandable, right? There’s also a gravity generator that can change a player’s gravity in a specific area.

In addition, this mod also has a gravity controller – which contains the ability to change cardinal direction to any direction according to you. For example, from east to west, or up to down. But be careful to change the direction up to down then you will die from falling upward. There are also gravity anchors and other features in this mod to try so click the link below and then enjoy your time.

Download here

#1 Gravity Flipping

As its name says, this mod allows gravity to change constantly every 1 minute. Imagine having built your house with your friends or killed some hostile mobs but surprisingly all things start floating upside down and then back to normal. This type of mod is useful to create challenges against your friends or simply to make the game more difficult to play.

To start the challenge, simply write /function start in the chat. In fact, you can change the time to flip the gravity by typing /scoreboard players set @s time yourTimeInSeconds, but make sure that you are the host for it to work. We would highly recommend configuring the time within 1 minute. This mod is not too tricky to figure out so simply download it by the link below and enjoy the game.

Download here


Controlling gravity should be very enjoyable in Minecraft and it can possibly happen thanks to these exceptional mods. The way it changes the direction will give you a more amazing perspective. We hope these 6 Minecraft gravity mods can quickly gain your experience!

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