20+ Best Quality of Life Mods for Minecraft!


Quality of life mods are known to be one of the most sought mods in the community, yet the most underrated. You know only these features when they’re included in packs or are a mechanic that you can freely to allow your overall gaming experience to be of the highest quality. 

We’ve handpicked some of the best quality of life mods that will greatly improve your Minecraft experience, be it modded or not. 

Rotten Flesh To Leather In Vanilla Minecraft


Created by: Blue Sheepify

If you ever feel like those zombies are useless for giving you rotten flesh when you have nothing of use for those materials, using this quality of life mods must-have by Blue Sheepify will allow you to soak those flesh into the fire to create materials like leather, which is a pretty neat addition to the game. 


Durability Hud Quality of Life Mod


Created by: LeonNikolai

This simple mod will allow you to see numerical value and the durability display of the whatever that breaks in the game. For example, armors, tools, weapons, and even blocks. 


Better Wandering Traders – Biome and Dimension specfic trades!


Created by: Astrune

I’m pretty sure that a lot of us known the Wandering Trader. You’ll usually see him in his quest as travelling merchant. This QoL mod will help you get better deals whenever you see him. 


Death Animations Quality of Life Mod


Created by: Tschipo

This death animation mod will help you get an immersive gameplay by allowing you to get the most out of the game by, well, seeing gorish animations whenever you kill. 


Mob Health Bars


Created by: PickledSosig

Pretty straightforward, a health bar for each mob, so you don’t have to guess when they’re gonna die. 


Double Door


Created by: Boomber360

It’s a simple yet welcome one, this mod will allow you to open not one, but TWO, YES! TWO DOORS at the same time! That’s crazy. I’ve never thought that I need that in my life ever.


Armor Stand Editor


Created by: Boomber360

If you ever need to have something to flex on them haters, you’ll need this mod. Armor Stand is basically a craftable stand to flex your diamond armors to your friends, even though they already have one before you even started playing Minecraft.


More Pickaxes!!


Created by: bioniclekolacz

A wide selection of pickaxes, if you ever feel like being bored of 3 or 4 types of pickaxes, congrats, you’ll have multiple pickaxes with various styles and looks.


Anvil Mending


Created by: Tetrajak

Anvil Mending will save you so much trouble because of how direct the mending here works without accumulating too much resources for the upgrade, which is a convenience for all of us.


Decapitation[1.15x] – More Mob Heads!


Created by: TheDiamondPlayables

You can now collect and bring trophy of your kills using this mod since Decapitation added a mechanic where mobs’ heads can be sliced off of their bodies. 


Mineable Spawner Quality of Life Mod


Created by: Boomber360

This spawner is basically a cheat at this since you’re gonna be mining on a spawner, which drastically decrease the amount of time you’ll need to spend mining and looking for resources. 


Auto Utilities: Crops


Created by: TheWii

A replanter mod that will allow you to refill your crops with a simple trick. Farmers hate this!


Autocrafting Table Datapack Quality of Life Mod


Created by: KleinGrrmpf

It’s a pretty simple mod with one objective: to autocraft things and make your lives easier. It acts something similar to a spawner, but you can’t mine stuff here. 


TreeCapitator 1.15-1.16 snapshots (original by Hielke)


Created by: TempoFlow

A pretty simple mod that adds crimson and warped stems from any kind of tree you take down.


Quality Of Life Changes Mod


Created by: Dead Hero

A quality of life mod that will really add quality into your Minecraft life by allowing you to learn recipes without having to figure out how things work or do. It’s pretty convenient for first time Minecraft players. 


Bigger Beacon Radius


Created by: Tetrajak

This mod allows you to have a bigger radius for the light that your beacon emits, it’s pretty convenient if you ever got lost and you need to go back to your base. 


Rope Ladder Datapack


Created by: Boomber360

A simple mod that allows you to “build” a rope ladder. Usually, you need a wall to place a ladder and climb through it, but this time around, it’s pretty realistic. 


XP Harvest


Created by: Revon Zev

Earn more EXP but harvesting. You wouldn’t think of losing EXP anymore because farming skills will be put to use, your farming skills, and yes. You’ll level up. 


No Lag Quality of Life Mod


Created by: 2mal3

No Lag is a pretty simple mod that enhances your frames per second rate in the game, allowing you to bypass the normally laggy experience of the game, especially when you’re rendering a large set of blocks or distant objects. 


Just Sit Quality of Life Mod


Created by: Francielly

A mod that allows you to sit, literally. 


Builder’s Wands


Created by: Elemend

A mod that will let you equip a wand that will magically build things for you out of thin air. It’s just long range building. 


Random Item Giver Datapack


Created by: Louis9

It’s a pretty simple mod that will bless you with any kind of item that you might need every 5 seconds. Now, isn’t that convenient. Imagine getting a pile of lava when you’re getting surrounded by mobs. That’s convenient!


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