Minecraft Parkour Maps you need to have!


If you’re looking more exciting minecraft parkour maps than autofarming, mob gathering, and slaying Monsters, why not take a break from the grind of materials and experience something more exhilirating and exciting compared to your regular games. Here are our top picks for the best Minecraft Parkour maps that will test both your hand-eye coordination and your patience (if you fail). 

Top 23 Best Minecraft Parkour Maps

The Diversity 2 Parkour Mod


Created by: Mixxa77

Make your life hell by playing Diversity 2. This map is made for freerunning enthusiasts who are coincidentally masochists themselves. This test of mind will definitely grind your gears are you move along obstacles divided into several paths with multiple entries that aren’t unlike the linear parkour mechanics you’ll see in some so-called parkour games. 


Diversity 3 Minecraft Parkour Map


Created by: Jon Sayer

This is another must-have for your minecraft parkour maps inventory! Make your life hell, again, by playing the third installment of the game. Diversity 3 will introduce new mechanics, new paths, and new maps that will definitely grind your gears to the extreme since this isn’t just a regular parkour for the brain, it’s parkour for your eyes as well. 


Escape The Island Map


Gameversion: 1.12.2

If you think you’re smart enough to pass through the trials here, think again. Escape the Island will test how fast your reactions and will definitely bring you hell since you’re not only dealing with traps and obstacles, you’re also have to fight mobs. Will pass the tests and trials of this Island? Well, that’s up to you. 


Radiant City Official Minecraft Parkour Map


Created by: DankTemplar

Don’t be distracted by the gorgeous architectural beauty of this map, Radiant City is a living maze. This city will be the end of you if you can’t get out due to how complex the structures are. This will definitely be something worthy of your time if you’re into the city escape adventure. 


The Unseen Forces III Map


Gameversion: 1.9.2

Basically, Unseen Forces is a PVE map full of puzzles and traps, not the anime traps, but like real traps. This map is full of surprises, you’ll be surprised if you walk into an area without one, coz I’ve yet to see one without any. This map will bring a thrilling ride for your fingers as you navigate throughout the whole map with your eagle eyes. 


Dimension Jumper Map


Created by: Bigre

Still not enough minecraft parkour maps? Then have a lookt at this one! Dimension Jumper is your regular parkour game that isn’t necessarily a jumper into a dimension. Does that make sense? You’re gonna be doing parkour from dimension to dimension, that’s what this game is all about. There’s nothing notable in this game aside from the design being a little bit eccentric compared to most of the parkour games I’ve seen. 


Notchland Amusement Park


Created by: Msbeary

Notchland is an individual project made for Msbeary’s friend. This project was then expanded into 8 maps which will bring out the best in you as you go through each challenge. The only enemy in this game is yourself and the frustration of repeating the same puzzle and obstacle. 


1.8.9 | Parkour Map | Color Parkour


Created by: Yiyang Chen

An abandoned project that will work on older versions of the game, this parkour map is the definition of pain as it will throw you in a map where failure is your only option, aside from the multiple takes you did just to ace this map. 


Lunapark Adventure 3 Parkour Park


Created by: Gaermine

I wouldn’t say this map has one of the biggest design in the game since it has been 6 years, but Lunapark Adventure 3 is definitely something that’s worth playing due to the amount of replayability, aesthetic theme park vibe, and the expansive map that will take more than enough hours of your sleep time to explore.  


Vertoak City Mod

Lets continue the minecraft parkour mods list with this one: Vertoak City is pretty much an exploration-based map. Circle and jump your way into various obstacles as you explore the vicinity of this gorgeous map. What’s interesting in Vertoak City is that there’s almost no challenge yet completely exploring the map will take you forever so it’s recommended you learn the basics of freerunning and scale the buildings and walls. 


Mirrors Edge Map


Created by: MoonsPod

A 2011 classic, this Mirror’s Edge map will take you into extreme heights of the Minecraft replica of the city of Glass, a city made in entirely for freerunners. The only good thing about this adaptation for Minecraft, is that there’s no runner’s bags that you need to collect every map. It’s just good freerunning and parkour experience. 


1.8 Lucky Block Race Map


Created by: Lechet

Lucky Block Race is pretty much just like Mario Kart, with the exception that you have no kart to ride with. You’re just running around with your basic jumping skills whilst giving yourself the best time of your life, making sure your friends or competitors are biting your dusts. 


10 Minute Minecraft Parkour Map 2.0


10-Minute is a 10-minute exercise for your eyes, hand, and brain to think through and scales as many trials and obstacles as you can pass. This map will push you to the limits to think harder than an engineering student who reviewed for 5 minutes before the final exams starts. What’s good with this map is that most of the areas are of varying obstacles that will prove difficult in a random manner. If you think you can speedrun this game, you’re dead wrong. 


Minecraft Parkour Map


Gameversion: 1.10.2

This parkour map is something that will make your little brother cry for help as he navigates through the hellish parkour areas that are seemingly impossible to beat. What’s good with this map is that the areas are pretty linear, yet exciting as one mistake will push you back to where you started. It’s quite hard to be productive when you’re gonna repeat the same thing over and over again. 


Gold vs Diamond 4 | Super Parkour Race 1vs1 Map


Created by: Larrygoesmining

This challenge map is made for people who are into duelling and flexing how fast their hands can go through each trials without failing. It’s pretty much the “1v1 me bro irl” but in Minecraft, since this is all about how accurate your eyes and hands are. 


Hunger Games Custom Map

Created by: Severinka_

A Hunger Games-inspired map where you ain’t battling for your District’s survival against the corrupt government who wants to purge people from the planet, this map is all about your survival instincts being put to test as you fight your way through people like you who has the same mindset and goals. 


Kit Spleef Minecraft Parkour Maps Item


Created by: Stray Moon

Kit Spleef is quite something, something chaotic, something exciting. This mix of an RPG game and puzzle solving will be one of your favourite picks since it’s all about survival most of the time, but there’s a lot of fighting as well since there are abilities that you can wield, which makes this map a little bit more unique than most of the basic parkour games. 


Sky Parkour Minecraft Map


Created by: Haken

Sky Parkour is a pretty short map that will take your into the skies, sort of, as you battle your way (minus the battle) against  yourself and struggle to complete the trials made by Haken. 


Minecraft Temple Run 2 Parkour Map


Created by: codecrafted

I’m pretty old to be playing this game, but Temple Run 2, the descendant and the second installment of the legendary game Temple Run is now playable on Minecraft, but you ain’t gonna be autorunning away from the monkeys that are chasing you, you’re gonna be running away manually in this TR2-inspired maps. 


Learn To Jump Parkour Map


Created by: toeshred

If you ever feel bad about something you, then this game will slam it down your throat how bad you are at jumping. This obstacle-based map will make your jumping life hell but making you pass your way into the finish line with a simple objective, just jump.


The Test [1.8]Minecraft Parkour Map


Created by: FilmTech

The Test kinda feels like a lab experiment on how good you are with the game’s mechanics whilst putting all the obstacles indoors. This map will surely test your intelligence on how to time your moves, for example, when to jump and run. It’s a pretty standard parkour map with nothing significant aside from the frustration you’ll have. 


Mini Parkour Map


Created by: Bettyboopjade

Yes, you’ve read it correctly. Mini Parkour is a short map with almost predictable patterns in the game. And even though it’s predictable as hell, you’ll still have a hard time with this map since you’re gonna be doing your parkours midair. 


Jurassic Park Adventure Map


Gameversion: 1.12.2

Now conclude this minecraft parkour maps list with this one. An adventure map designed to make sure you’re fit as hell since you’re gonna be outrunning every ancient reptiles you can think of that are trying to take a bite out of you. This map feels like an adventure game with a dash of obstacle-dodging and freerunning. 


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