Minecraft CTM Maps: The Best Mods Listed


If you’re not familiar with CTM yet, it stands for Complete the Monument. These types of game exists for a reason and they’re basically there to challenge you and give your pressure while providing substantial difficulty for each map or terrain you’re in. Basically, CTM is a survival simulator with an emphasis on puzzle-solving mechanics while micromanaging when and where you’re supposed to move to complete the trials. 

Most of these CTMs aren’t timed, so the amount of time you have to think through all these challenges is long enough for you to skim over this list to find the best of the best Minecraft CTM maps that you’ll surely enjoy.

Top 23 Best Minecraft CTM Maps

The Great Cheese Redux.


Created by: Verques

This CTM map was designed by Verques and one of the most accurate or stereotypical design of a modern house. You’re gonna be playing as tiny humans or if you’re using a skin, whatever you are, as players in this game with a simple objective: to survive. That’s the goal of most CTM and the twist in this game is the amount of flexibility that you can have by simply digging into the floors. You’ll never know what will hunt you so be prepared for what’s to come. 


New Super Mario Bros. Parkour Adventure


Created by: Suspence1127

Well, it’s in the title already. This CTM map is made for Mario fans, parkour fans, and adventure fans alike, all in one chaotic mix of fun, action, obstacles, and puzzles. This Super Mario Bros. map was last updated 6 years ago so don’t expect much of content. Aside from the currently available 2 worlds, there’s also 10 levels to play with your friends and it’s pretty much like playing Super Mario: Odyssey but in Minecraft and it’s FREE!


From Ashes: Reborn – remake of the post apocalyptic, open world map!


Created by: piecia997

From Ashes Reborn is mix between survival, puzzle, and CTM genre in the community. It’s generally regarded as kinda like playing Rust and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. but there’s only one objective: find the 16 cores needed for your survival. If you’ve played enough CTM, this will be an easy task. The problem arise from the map size that’s will surely hinder your progress and pressure you more, just like a regular CTM. 


CTM [1.8] – “SAVAGE REALM” by Krose


Created by: Kroseklan4

Savage Realm is one of those CTM maps that you’ll spend more time admiring the scenery before doing your quest. This exceptionally good CTM map was made by Kroseklan4 and one of the best features of this map is the interior design and structural arrangement that’s player-friendly, allowing you to complete the game without ever being lost due to the linearity of its structures. It has one of the most fascinating and professional look when it come to the mix of lights and shadow to give you that kind of maze-y atmosphere. 


Elytra Fall Minecraft CTM Map


Created by: pi314159265358978

Ready to fly? Elytra Fall is a mix between creative flying mode and the CTM genre where you’re gonna be grabbing wools from the ceiling and of course, complete the monument before the time runs out. It’s a pretty fun, exhilirating, a pretty much a casual-friendly CTM map that you should be trying out. 


[CTM] Mini-CTM 01 | Beautiful Danger | By Xenocorpse


Created by: Crownsims

This mini-series of a CTM map was made by Crownsims and it’s a pretty straightforward CTM map. Get the wools and then get out of the map. But do you think that’ll be too easy? Well, prepare for traps, monster mobs, and many more you’ll never expect from such a small map. 


Influx, 16 Wool Puzzle CTM


Created by: dynomation4

Influx is a short CTM map that’s divided into 5 intersections with one goal, well get going and fetch the wools already. This CTM map has the motto of “challenging the mind”. It’s just another puzzle CTM that’s riddled with more than enough traps to keep you from completing the challenges laid out. 


The Treasure of the Pact


Created by: WattWeavers

This treasure hunting map is one of the most creative and vibrant CTM maps we have here. The map features multiple kingdoms, each with their own respective treasure that you’ll need to find in order to finish the game. There are 10 maps made by over 20 people and each of the environmental designs are unique to each other, meaning that each of these maps has a different vibe and aura depending on where you’re standing. I highly recommend this map just for the overall aesthetic and creative design alone. 




Created by: killercreeper55

Continents is a CTM map with a lot of designs that are almost akin to playing SkyBlocks, but there’s an emphasis on the fetching side. Continents was made by killercreeper55 and this creation of him is a gateway to experiencing a sky kingdom in various forms and setups. It’s a pretty neat CTM map with a few rules to follow. 


Modern Skyscrapers [Schematic/World Save]


Created by: Smon

Modern Skyscrapers is what it sounds, fam. This CTM map was made by Smon and has one of the best skyscraper designs so far, but there’s only so much you’ll get here. The contemporary design in the modern architecture has been laid out here pretty well, especially when you go through the underground train system. The railway design isn’t really that unique to an extent, but it passes. The real carry in this CTM map is the buildings themselves. 


[CTM][1.8+]Land Of Doom #01: Caves Of Desperation


Created by: Mimix2048

Land of Doom is one of those rare CTM maps that has a vanilla vibe in it while being completely different. It hits different because of the structures of the environment being similar to any kind of horror movies that includes dungeons and such, I mean, I’m no fan of horror movies, but this pretty much speaks for the ruinous atmosphere it has. The CTM games here is quite challenging since you’re gonna be navigating in the dark and dimly lit caves and passageways. 


[CTM] Unrisen [Custom Map]


Created by: Flarum

Unrisen is pretty much just like SkyBlocks, but the difference is that you’re gonna be playing SkyBlocks inside the cave so the difficulty goes tremendously down. But you know what’s gonna happen next? Well, we’re not supposed to mention what’s in the map but it’s a pretty challenging map that you won’t be able to speedrun. 


-=Star Wars Force Awakens: Tatooine Troubles=- [2 Player CTM Scavenger Hunt Map]


Created by: WalschaertsBuilds

If you hate sand, then this map isn’t for you. You can have the high ground here by battling through the sandy terrain of Tatooine, the birthplace of the greatest villain in the Star Wars universe or multiverse. This CTM map is basically a scavenger run, so it’ll be suited for you if you’re simping for Rey and her Mary Sue-ing in the recent titles. The map features several known icons in Star Wars like the Millennium Falcon, X-Wings, and Tie Fighters.


Terra Restore 1


Created by: Mithey

Terra Restore reminds me of the first Crash Bandicoot game. Its overall design is almost the same, especially the entire island-volcano thing towering the island’s core. Terra Restore 1 is a fun CTM that you can play with your friends casually or solo. 


RMS Titanic 1912


Created by: Dooku200

This mammoth of a ship and the famous ship movie about the story of two people having an intimate time together which was reimagined and filmed to be one of Leonardo Di Caprio’s greatest movies is now playable on Minecraft. You can now experience the luxury of RMS Titanic before she hit the iceberg on her maiden voyage. 


{Short Christmas Map} – CTM


Created by: WalschaertsBuilds

It’s always jolly winter in the wonderlands of the North in this short CTM map. Short Christmas Map is basically a CTM map in frozen tundras of the North or whatever the hell you are gonna spawn. Nothing much to say about this map except the simplistic style and design of this map will definitely run on your potato setup. 


Ground Zero


Created by: iJoVaN

Ground Zero feels more like a love letter to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and DayZ. This post-apocalyptic mix of RPG and CTM was once one of the most underrated CTM maps due to the core mechanics of the map that made some people shy away from this map. It’s still underrated and you’ll pretty much will have a good time here running solo. 


A Hero’s Journey 2 – Elements of the World


Created by: craftdiamonds

A Hero’s Journey is not necessarily a CTM because that would mean Final Fantasy is a CTM too. It’s slightly inclined into the JRPG genre rather than CTM but this map is about helping the world recover from the catastrophe that’s about to come to them. It’s a pretty solid map, especially if you use texture packs. 


Fury of the Sun- CTM [1.8][2000×2000 blocks of awesome]


Created by: Curaxu

The Fury of the Sun has almost the same mechanics as the Land of the Doom, except for the fact that you’re specifically looking for a set of blocks instead of just wools to complete the game. It’s complex, grindy, and tad bit special because the challenges aren’t as braindead as other CTM maps. 




Created by: R3DWING

Another discontinued project, SRION: Desolate Riches is a Dubai-like in the making and the reason you should be playing this game is the amount of content it has for such a simple design will be enough for a solid 3-hour run of CTM speedrunning. 


CTM: Parkour Style [1.12]


Created by: Cookiesz

CTM maps and parkour maps? Sounds incredibly hardcore. Why would you want to experience that? Simple. It’s fun. This floating nightmare is one of those maps where a lot of kids experienced an embarassing defeat against themselves. Are you going to challenge yourself? Well, good luck with that. You just need to jump around these floating platforms to get the wools and jump back to the monument location. Pretty simple, right? Wrong!


CTM-Dark Times


Created by: Beardielover

Dark Times started out in a very bright as if it’s telling you to stop immediately. The darker it gets, the harder it is for you to find the wools. Not only that your light sources are limited, you aren’t able to light up the way to find the wool. The eternal wool hunting in the dark begins or are you afraid of the dark?


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