Building Mods for Minecraft: The MUST-have list


Top 22 Best Minecraft Building Mods

Minecraft is all about building the world of your choice but it can sometimes be a very tedious job if you want to build a complex and detailed world. This is why, we have handpicked the 22 best Minecraft building mods that offer high functionality with the least efforts! 

Let’s have a look:

List of Minecraft Building Mods

Building Gadgets


Gameversion: 1.10.2

Building huge structures, specially in Minecraft is a bit exhausting. Not all of us are like Bob the Builder, are we? This is why, the Building Gadgets mod in Minecraft will make any builder’s life A WHOLE LOT easier. This mod features a new tool called Building Gadget that you can use to build blocks in different modes such as lined-up blocks or bricks. And if you aren’t satisfied with that, you can undo it by using a hotkey. You can undo upto 10 times. Another hotkey can let you stick the render in the world using a hotkey, so that you can see how a build will look like before actually deploying it. Another feature allows you to build vertical columns at specified ranges. But that’s not it! There are many other cool features that would totally simplify the building process for you. Get your hands on this extremely handy mod now!


Effortless Building


Gameversion: 1.12.2

The Effortless Building mod literally makes building things in Minecraft effortless. The mod features a number of handy tools like mirrors, arrays, a block randomizer and various build modes. With these tools, build repeated sections instantly by using arrays, mirror blocks, place random blocks with the block randomizer and much more! The mod can be used both in creative and survival modes. There are many mods about breaking blocks but this one is all about PLACING them effortlessly!


Medieval/Fantasy building bundle – now with MCedit Schematic


Created by: lynchyinc

Are you a fan of medieval style buildings and castles? Or are you just looking for a fantasy style building to build a church or a town building? Whatever the case, this mod is for you! This building bundle features medieval architecture to help you build your fantasy land with furnished houses, towers, fort, wall designs and some fountains, all furnished! The buildings in this mod are inspired by a real life medieval village from England, where the creator lives. Cool, right?




Created by: wirkoenntenaber

BetterVanillaBuilding is a mod that truly refines and enhances the look of your buildings by using a texture pack. This mod uses optifine connected features in a whole different way, meaning that you are in for a huge range of new building blocks, block variations in biomes, new and cooler mobs, armors, tools and A LOT MORE. So get your hands on this mod to build a beautiful world!


Building Bricks


Gameversion: 1.10.2

Okay this mod would make you feel like you’re building lego because it includes everything about building blocks. The Building Bricks mod adds missing block types of vanilla materials including a smooth stone slab, a smooth stone stair, a range of handy tools, a portable ladder and much more. It also introduces vertical slabs, steps and corner blocks. You can group together blocks into materials such as the stone bricks or the smooth stone to create the missing blocks for the material. You will be needing forge to install this mod.

Get your hands on this mod to simplify your construction process and make it less tedious.


Staff of Building


Created by: me

As the name suggests, Staff of Building comes with all new staff items to help you speed up the building process and ease block placement for you. When you hold a staff, you will see a placement range and when you click with the staff, the selected spot will be filled with the relevant block, lowering the durability of staff and using blocks from your inventory. You will need Fabric Loader and Fabric API to operate this mod. So the next time you’re building something on Minecraft, install this mod to speed up the process and quickly get done with the job.


Archicraft Building Mod


Created by: Arch3r

The Archicraft mod redefines your building experience by adding automation. It is an automatic building and decoration mod having a range of 5 architectural styles including buildings and streets. The buildings and streets are intentionally left empty for you to fill and decorate at will. The architectural styles it has include:

  1. Bio (natural)
  2. Arch (technologic and futuristic)
  3. Luxark (Luxury and decorative)
  4. Alqaz (arabesque and desertic)
  5. Okeanos (having artificial islands and subaquatic bases).


[1.7.10]iHouse 2.6 – Instant Buildings | 10×10 Modern House


Created by: estplayer

As the name suggests, the Instant Buildings mod is a very convenient and practical mod that instantly builds everything! You just have to place a box and voila! It turns into a building. So here’s how it works; you craft items that > right click on them > and they will be turned into structures. And just that easily, you can build beautifully decorated palaces, houses, huge structures and much more! 

Here’s a list of current buildings this mod adds:

  • Birch Wood House 
  • Cave House 
  • Farm 
  • Watchtower
  • Nether Wart Farm
  • Beach House
  • Boxing Ring
  • Nether Portal(s)
  • Small Jail
  • Igloo
  • Horse stable
  • Castle(Creative only)
  • Bonus House – Have fun! 
  • Greenhouse 
  • Tent 
  • Market Stand
  • Nether House
  • Flag Pole


BetterVanillaBuilding V2.41


Created by: StefanJ2

BetterVanillaBuilding V2.41 is version two of the BetterVanillaBuilding mod that truly refines and enhances the look of your buildings by using a texture pack. This mod uses optifine connected features in a whole different way, meaning that you are in for a huge range of new building blocks, block variations in biomes, new and cooler mobs, armors, tools and A LOT MORE. The newer version adds more light variations, vertical planks, colored bookshelves and much more!

So get your hands on this mod to build a beautiful world!


Building Game


Created by: Leniad

The Building Game is one of the fun mods in Minecraft where you play a game within the game! The plugin will conceive a building or structure and you will have to build it – kind of like a challenge. Once you are finished, you can see and vote buildings created by other players and whoever gets the highest votes, wins! Pretty cool, right? You can also add mobs, biomes, banners and much more. This mod is among the top 1000 most downloaded plugins according to a website and has more than 100 settings!


Kingdom Building


Gameversion: 1.15.2

Kingdom Building is like a roleplay game in Minecraft that is based on the Ancient Warfare 2 mod. It is basically a lightweight version of the AW2 mod. The mod adds all new blocks, entities, recipes, quests, NPC’s and even war! So begin a quest to build a kingdom in this perfect roleplay mode with themed tools and materials! 


Asphalt Block – For Building Roads –Updated to 1.0.0–


Created by: FinGroda

The Asphalt Block mod is a pretty basic yet practical mod which introduces an all new block, the asphalt block to help you lay better, smoother roads. You can build perfect roads and highways in a much, much better way, rather than using the same old black wool or obsidian.


Fast Building


Created by: Elvani

Okay so Fast Building is literally, FAST BUILDING in Minecraft. Got a lot to build but find it tedious? Just get your hands on this mod to lay down multiple blocks in an instant. When you hold down a key and place a block in a certain direction, it won’t just stop there. The blocks will keep getting placed, forming a row until you run out of them or hit a structure. This is perfect for bridge building and similar structures. It works the same way in creative mode. You can place both vertical and horizontal blocks. There are VERY FEW mods that modify Blocks, and this is one of them and therefore a must have!


Building Wands


The Building Wands mod adds Build Wands to Minecraft, a pretty convenient addon! Whenever you place a block at a target, the wand will continue placing them in 9 directions. You can also change modes. For example, if you don’t want your blocks to be placed in 9 directions, you can add a single block, make desired rows or columns, fill between two corners and even undo things if you don’t like the output. This mod is very handy and practical for building complex structures and works like a magic wand! 


Empire State Building – DOWNLOAD


Created by: Avalanche_Ali

Okay so this is some NEXT LEVEL creation. A furnished Empire State Building created by the developer using a texture pack to create a perfect exterior, flags and paintings. The building is so detailed and near-to-perfect that it is one of the most favorite mods of many minecrafters. What’s more? Some parts of the building’s interior are furnished. Yup, you can get a furnished skyscraper on your map and create an urban city like feels on your map. 


Mini-Buildings In one Command [1.10.x]


Created by: Kuzkay

If Minecraft can have skyscrapers, it can also have miniature buildings, right? This Mini-Buildings mod includes tiny miniature buildings by using just one command. You can even go inside these buildings. You can visit the buildings and buy stuff (if it’s a store) or just roam around like you would in a normal building.  Feel like a dwarf already? If you are someone like me who loves miniature things, this is the PERFECT mod for you.


TheBuildingDuck’s City


Created by: TheBuildingDuck

This is also one one of the coolest urban city mods in Minecraft. It is actually a large city map that includes an airport, a cinema, a hospital, skyscrapers, hotels, offices, suburbs, high school, swimming center, football stadium, convert hall and a highway system. Like a completely functional mega city! The city even has an IKEA store, yup, you read that right! So dive into this mod and explore this extremely detailed megacity created by TheBuildingDuck. There is also a huge duck installed in the city to honor the creator. 


Building Boots MOD


Gameversion: 1.12.2

Wear your helmets and jump into your building boots! This mod will be a really cool and fun addition to your game! You just have to hop into your building boots, hold a few blocks and start walking! Wherever you walk, the blocks will be placed automatically until all have been consumed.To put a block automatically, the spot where you are going to place the block has to face on two blocks at least. For example, with 1 block building boots, put one block beneath you. This mod makes it so effortless to place blocks. It’s just like walking and building! 


[1.8] Map Making Tools – Quick Build System, autobuilding player statues, custom villager shops, potions, spawner settings & more!


Created by: ProPercivalalb

The Map Making Tools mod is a highly functional and convenient mod that offers you unique items. The features can only be used when you have both the forge and the mod. You can create custom maps with this mod and deploy them in the Minecraft environment, retaining all the edits you made. It includes the following features:

  • A Quick Build command
  • Customizable skull heads
  • Customizable book titles and author names
  • Editable settings of spawners 
  • Custom villager shops
  • Fill dispensers with a click
  • Apply fun enchantments to items
  • Edit item names and lore
  • Customize colors, types and effects of potions.


Magical Building Spellbooks


Created by: Redcat

The Magical Building Spellbooks is just a very simple resource pack that allows texture changes in the Building Gadgets mod. It basically changes the overall theme of the mod into a magical one by modifying main gadgets into spellbooks and adding magical effects to the items. 


Building Blocks Mod Maker


Gameversion: 1.6.4

This mod creator will let you add new items, ores, recipes, blocks, world generations, and other features by using text files. The syntax is very simple and your BBMM mods will be loaded into the game when you run it. This expansive mod is basically your very own and very simple mod creator. Instead of looking for your desired mods or developing them, just write a quick text file and generate your very own mod. How cool is that?!



Created by: Buffsumm

So remember how you could not place blocks in certain places? Well, with the LivingBuilding mod, now you can! So there’s a lot more room now for creativity. The mod allows you to instantly hold the block you’re seeing by a certain hotkey. You can also place the following blocks anywhere, even in the places where it was impossible before:

  • Ladder
  • Fence
  • Wood plate
  • Stone plate
  • Sign
  • Portal
  • Half door
  • Rails

And A LOT more items. So install the mod and unleash your creative side with a whole new world of possibilities!


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