The BEST Minecraft Fantasy Mods Collected


Minecraft fantasy mods aren’t new to Minecraft. In fact, there are thousands of fantasy mods in CurseForge alone. There are also mods that completely change the game’s mechanics to make it quite similar to famous RPGs and fantasy setting games like Skyrim, Fallout, Final Fantasy, and even Diablo. Here are our top picks for the best Minecraft fantasy maps that you’ll have the most exciting experience ever. 

Top 22 Best Minecraft Fantasy Maps

Jehkoba’s Fantasy Map


Created by: Jehkoba

Jehkoba’s Fantasy introduces an RPGesque game setting in which you’ll be playing the vanilla, but each world are meticulously crafted with his own artistic design that aren’t taking inspiration from the previous games I’ve mentioned earlier. Jehkoba’s world introduces a unique take on the fantasy setting with his own ink, painting the world into something you’ve never seen before. 


Arestian’s Dawn 32x Fantasy RPG Pack


Created by: theVoid1313

A classic fantasy map which introduces a mix between classic realism, the vanilla look, realistic style, and cinematic realism to give you that optimized gameplay that’s quite similar to playing 2D RPG games on Steam. That game has its own design that aren’t similar to any of the games you’ve previously known. 


A Digital Story x32 Medieval Minecraft Fantasy Mod


Created by: DigitalSquirrelYT

A Digital Story is a highly-refined medieval fantasy map which did a total makeover of the blocks and items in the game to make it feel more alive and unique in all aspects, compared to the previous vanilla version. The mod didn’t change anything, except for the optimization of the game’s engine, to make sure it will run on most mod loaders. 


PixaGraph by Amzahr


Created by: Amzahr

PixaGraph is a fantasy take on semirealism and lighting optimization which helps make the game more vibrant, but isn’t to the point where it’s an eyesore. The mod introduces new sets of items, mobs, particle, and terrain generation. It’s pretty gorgeous, especially if you’re running this mod on raytracing. 


Wolfhound Minecraft Fantasy Mod


Created by: ThistlePack

Wolfhound is pretty much a revamped vanilla version, but less pixelated has more options on the world’s lighting setting, making it seems like a unique standalone mod, which is a pretty cool aspect of it. Wolfhound fantasy makes the game a little bit more RPGish in a lot of aspect, but like, it’s pretty unique in terms of world building and generation of terrains because of those glowing things that you’ll see everywhere. 


Fantasy Biomes


Created by: CooliSushi

This one must be in any minecraft fantasy mods list! Fantasy Biomes is a collection biomes that are generated in a way that makes them feel like an isekai or another world of fantasy. It’s pretty much just an overall great mod, which has its own unique design and feel to it. 


Cyberghostde’s Scifantasy Pack


Created by: cyberghostde

This Sci-fi mix of technology and fantasy pretty much sums up what you think of it. It’s full of robotic technology, which kinda feels like alien at times. Well, it is alien, but what I mean is the way it was designed, you’ll feel like you’re in Star Trek, Star Wars, or even Interstellar, due to how incredibly nerd this minecraft fantasy mod is. 


Steamed Up Medieval Mod


Created by: nongfu

Steamed Up is a mix between Fantasy and Medieval setting, but it’s mostly just like a reimagined version of late Industrial Revolution, but it’s set in the 1600s. This mod mixes the technology of steampunk engineering and fantasy weaponry and it’s quite satisfying how most of the creations you can do in this game is science-y and fantasy. 


Medieval Minecraft Fantasy Mod


Created by: InMineCreations

Medieval Fantasy mod is a buildpack was inspired by late RPGs of 2000s like Final Fantasy VI. This mod basically turns your entire game into a medieval fantasy game. Although in the vanilla version, if you think about it hard enough, you’ll know that even without this mod, it’s fantasy game. This mod brings a new color to the gain, making it feel like there’s an incoming plague and you’re one of the heroes that will save the land from imminent destruction. 


Auracraft RPG – Medieval Fantasy Flair Mod


Created by: Brooklyn5

Auracraft feels a little more of a mix between Choose Your Own Adventure RPG games and a post-apocalyptic structure. Auracraft is yet another medieval fantasy mod that adds that fantasy elements into your game by making sure you’re be given new items, armor, art, environment, and many more. 


Final Fantasy Craft


Created by: RogueAssassinTG

Another great example for minecraft fantasy mods! Ready to save the world from the crystals’ destruction, well, fret not. You’re gonna be roleplaying one those unnamed heroes who will save the world of Final Fantasy from destruction. Well, not until you can build the perfect autofarming scheme. Final Fantasy Craft introduces new items and environment to the game, making it feel like a 3D version of the previous play Squaresoft games before it was Squenix. 


3D Fantasy Weapons CIT


Created by: nongfu

RPG power fantasy ain’t complete if you don’t have weapons, right? 3D Fantasy Weapons will make sure that 2D-looking crap will be looking so badass, the mobs will just die from the sight of it. This mod turns your entire arsenal into based and redpilled weapons of mass destuction and slicing. 


Medieval Fantasy Mage Tower – Build Stages Mod


Created by: Jeracraft

If you’ve never seen a mage tower before, me neither. This mod is a medieval fantasy mod that will add a new buildable structure into your game, the Mage Tower. Basically, if you’ve played enough RPG games, you’ll run into one of those quests or places this particular mage tower. There’s at least one or two tower in games like this. For example, the Mysidian Tower in FF2 and FFIV. 


Final Fantasy SNES Fantasy Mod


Created by: dagothagahnim

Lets conclude the minecraft fantasy mods list with this one! A SNES game turned into a Minecraft mod. Experience the repetitive storyline and vibe of the series that never ends, Final Fantasy. This mod turns your entire game into a Final Fantasy 3D game, from the original SNES release. 


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