Minecraft Superhero Mod Downloads You Need to Have!


Why we love anime series? Why we all play games? Our answer is very simple. We love watching heroes kicking bad guys and saving the world. But why would you just watch something, when you can make your own choices and interact with your favorite superhero in the world’s best sandbox game that we all know and love, Minecraft. That’s exactly why we’re writing this post, to help you find some of the best mods that will make your child’s dream come true. Let’s become a Superhero in Minecraft!

Fisk’s Minecraft Superhero Mod (Forge)


Created by: FiskFille

Despite it being very old, this minecraft superhero mod is still a very viable option for us to become superheroes. Fisk’s Superheroes mod brings us a lot of different heroes from Marvel, DC, and many more. All you need to become a superhero is to craft a whole suit and some additional gear and your ready to go! Everything is very easy to obtain so you’ll become a superhero in no time! Another proof that this mod is one of the best is that it is regularly updated and still has more than 200+ downloads each day


MUP Minecraft Superhero Mod


Gameversion: CB 1.2.5-R2.0

This is a mod most of you never heard of, despite it hitting the new when it just came out. But the reason why this mod isn’t so popular is very simple. It’s creator, akhilpdx was very ambitious about this mod and promised a lot of things. He promised us a totally new concept, a progressive superhero mod, with new heroes that will be his own creation. Even though he didn’t deliver it, he says that he’s working on a new version of this mod so we decided to put it on the list for its unique concept.


Minecraft Superhero Survival Mod


Created by: Cryiingemoji

Superhero Survival is a mod that totally changes the game. This mod was created very recently and it had some trends on Youtube a year ago (2019). If you want to install it, don’t forget to install a Core_ for this mod. You can find it on the author’s profile. But we highly suggest to you to check this one, it has some very unique features that you won’t see on the other mods. .


Minecraft Crazy Superheroes And RPG Mod


Created by: xxpoison_gamingxx

Crazy Superheroes and RPG is a modpack created by poison_gaming and it has huge potential. Some of the mods in this modpack are:

  • Applied Energistics 2
  • Draconic Evolution
  • Extra Utilities
  • Minecraft Comes Alive (MCA)

With these cards up in his sleeve we’re sure everybody will find something for themselves!


Jademon 3 – Pixemon and Superheroes!


Gameversion: 1.7.10

Another very interesting but unknown modpack, Jademon 3 has superheroes and POKEMONS in the same world!! We thought that’s some illegal business but when we checked it out it was very nicely made. With over 100 Mods this modpack certainly requires some horsepower! Its creator stated that you’ll need around 4 to 6 GB of RAM to run it smoothly and also preinstalled Pixelmon Reforged!


Minecraft Want To Be A Superhero Mod


Game version: 1.8 (1.10.2)

This minecraft superhero mod is an older mod that was updated to 1.10.2 version of Minecraft. But we don’t really recommend playing it on that version, there were a lot of people complaining about crashes. But 1.8 version works perfectly fine! The description of the mod summaries it perfectly:

” This mod adds the suit and a shooter of multiple superheroes from MARVEL and DC. From batman to spidermans web shooter, you have everything you need to save the world of minecraftia.”




Created by: Severinka_

A mod created in 2018 but still constantly updating, Berzik superheroes is a masterpiece that keeps on growing! The creator actually put a lot of work into designing and explaining the mod on the Curse website and we don’t want to steal words from him, so please just press that download link and it will take you to its wonderful page.


SuperHeroes Minecraft Mod


Gameversion: 1.12.2

This one is for our players on the go, because this mod is for MCPE version! Unfortunately we can’t test it but from the comments and what we saw on the internet we think this mod will satisfy every MCPE player! Please if you check this mod out, write to us via comment or via our social media!


Project Superhuman – Still Active


Created by: DarKnighT_0_9

That’s exactly what this mod is! Project Superhuman is a mod that brings something new to the table. If you don’t like our previous mods because you need to craft your suits and that isn’t fun at all to you; we represent you a new and totally unique design:

“Welcome to Project Superhuman; a new kind of superhero mod. Project Superhuman grants players the abilities of their favorite comic characters through the use of special suits. Unlike other superhero mods the suits in Project Superhuman aren’t crafted; instead players are rewarded with Points for killing hostile mobs. Mobs drop more Points if they have higher health. These Points can then be used to “purchase” (no real money required obviously) the suits in-game through the HeroSuits Catalog (…) When a player first gets a suit it will have a Rank of 0 and not all of the abilities will be available. Ranking up suits again requires the player to kill hostile mobs. (…) There are currently 32 characters available in Project Superhuman


CaptainSparklez with only one command block


Created by: TheRedEngineer

This one is a very fun “mod”. It doesn’t use forge or some other programs. It uses 1 single Minecraft block; Command block.” Today I made for the first time a “be a superhero” one command block creation.
Want to have CaptainSparklez’s super powers? Show that you’re brave enough to cook yourself in a cauldron! Before getting yourself in the cauldron to get the superpowers you have to build a special altar that is show in the video. (if the blocks are placed in a different way it will not work.)
Once you’re in CaptainSparklez’s clothes you’ll be able to run really fast, make super jumps and generate explosions by throwing your body in the ground.
You’ll also be able to throw away enemies in your path or kill them with just one punch!”

– command length: 29’502 characters
– total command block space: 32’767 characters
-Time spent to make this command: about 8 hours




Created by: Erae013

We also need to think about multiplayer! That’s why we included this plugin. There’s not a lot to say about this one, it’s just a regular superhero plugin that allows you to play like a superhero on the servers. But it’s cool to do it with friends!




Created by: rsmalec

We have superhero mods for Java edition, we have superhero mods for MCPE edition, we have superhero Plugins, we have superhero Command block and now we have a superhero map!
It’s really cool, it has some nice and unique features and it looks really nice. That’s literally all you need to know. Now go and Download it! ????


Superheroes Expansion & Minecraft Mod Addons


Gameversion: 1.9

If you don’t want to play on older versions, this modpack is for you. It’s a regular superhero modpack but it’s on 1.12.2 version. There’s really nothing unique about superhero mod in this pack but it is updated to one of the latest Minecraft versions and that’s something that players can’t easily find!


Superheroes Core Datapack + Resource Mod Pack


Created by: Flubberschnub

Now we can add superhero DATAPACK to our list!!

Note from the creator: Important: This download is only the core datapack, so have any real functionality please check my submissions to find the other datapacks that actually have superhero stuff in them. Also, this datapack has its own resource pack that you’ll need to install!

Now again, creator of this data pack put A LOT, and we mean A LOT of time into explaining this datapack so we will just send you over to him ????


Find Ze Minecraft Button Superhero Mod Edition


Gameversion: 1.12.2

This map was created for very popular Minecraft youtubers: PopularMMOs And GamingWithJen! Their video has more than 2 million views so there’s a big chance that even you watched it! It’s a really cool and super fun map to play on so definitely try this one!


SuperHeros Play About


Created by: Pinkzombiecupcakes

Superheroes Play About is a small modpack (smallest on our list) and it’s focused around 3 (THREE!) superhero mods. Those are:
MUP Superhero Mod
Ultimate Superhero and
Want to be a Superhero Mod

Their synchronization could be better but it’s nothing that would make you quit the game immediately. With the right imagination and creation, this modpack can be your best ever!


Pixel Pugilists 0.9.0 || Function-Based Superhero “Mod”


Created by: Jewelman

This is another older command block “mod”. Pixel Pugilists creator, Jewelman said in the comments that he wasn’t motivated enough to continue working on it, but there are still some people looking for it today. Who knows, we might just see an updated version very soon. Let’s hope it happens!


AdvancedSuperHeroes (ASH) Minecraft Superhero Mod Addonpack for ThreeCore


Created by: Chappie_

And we saved the latest mod for last. AdvancedSuperHeroes or ASH for short is an addon pack for ThreeCore. So if you want to play this mod you’ll need to install ThreeCore.
And why did we said “Latest mod for last” you may ask? Because this mod was created in June 2020. And it’s for Minecraft 1.15 version!
As the newest mod on this list, we thought it would be nice to let people know about it, who knows, maybe one of you will influence further growth of this mod!


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