Minecraft Dragon Mods You Must Install!


Do you want to ride dragons, kill them or spawn them endlessly? With this list of best Dragon Mods for Minecraft, you can do all sorts of amazing stuff with dragons in Minecraft: 

List of Top 20 Best Dragon Mods in Minecraft

#20 How to Train Your Dragon Mod


#19 TheDragonLib Mod


Created by: Makara

TheDragonLib mod is a library package mod that is created to run most of the sokratis12GR’s mods. This mod is a common code that provides functionality and some necessary utilities for the above mentioned mods. So if you play any of sokratis12GR’s mods, you will be needing TheDragonLib for sure.


#18 OGDragon+ Minecraft Dragon Mod


Gameversion: 1.12.2

This minecraft dragon mod replaces the old dragon fight and removes the melee and fight stages with dragons to offer a whole new experience. It also introduces some great features like a random chance of different kinds of dragons spawning and an all new way to spawn dragon fights using an egg that is held by endermen. Interesting, right?


#17 ISeeDragons


The ISeeDragons mod is created to fix a few major problems with the dragons in the Ice and Fire mod. It is developed to be used in the RL Craft modpack. The new mod fixes the “dragon’s render distance” bug, “dragons not waking up when hit” bug, “sea serpent armor repairing” bug and many other major problems in the Ice and Fire 1.7.1 mod.


#16 Minecraft Dragon Mod Mounts 2


Gameversion: 1.12.2

The Dragon Mounts 2 is created for modpacks. This dragon themed mod brings the useless Ender Dragon eggs to good use by turning them into hatchable eggs. You can tame the dragons that are hatched from these eggs and pet them to be ridden in the skies. This mod also adds the dragon armor for both the dragon and the player, increased health and immunity of dragons, some new tools and an all new fire breathing dragon to spice things up a bit!


#15 EqualDragons Mod


Created by: Xana

The EqualDragons is a pretty basic dragon mod that creates all dragons equally. You can configure it to: 

  • Keep the behavior of all the dragons the same, as if they were the first dragon (this will drop eggs and give more XP)
  • Only spawn eggs on the pedestal (this will drop eggs and give less XP)

So no matter the dragon, they will all be equal now!


14 DragonAPI Mod


Gameversion: 1.11

This library mod is created for all of reikakalseki’s mods to provide functionality and utility. If you don’t have the API, the game will crash. So if you play any of reikakalseki’s mods, you need to get your hands on the DragonAPI lib.


#13 More Dragon Eggs Mod


Created by: Anton and Stania

The More Dragon Eggs mod is a pretty basic dragon themed mod for Minecraft that leaves a new dragon egg every time a dragon (after the first one) is killed. So there will be a lot more dragon eggs now instead of just one! But do know that it does not work with the kill command. 


#12 Minecraft Dragon Mod Tweaks

Created by: Cruser123mk

This is yet another mod that spawns more dragon eggs. Everytime you kill a dragon, it will leave behind an egg. The eggs will spawn just next to the portal because everything in the End will reset as the dragon dies, including the portal itself. This mod also replaces the eye of ender with a nether star in the recipe of End Crystal.


#11 Minecraft DragonRealm


Created by: Yuren

The Dragon Realm mod actually takes things up a notch by giving dragons more strength. It adds three all new dragons; the Scout dragon, the Hunter dragon and the Alpha dragon. Each of them have their own different attack and health ranges, with the Scout being the weakest and the Alpha being the strongest of all. They do not damage the blocks though. So if you thought slaying a dragon was too easy before, well, it isn’t anymore. 


#10 Dragon Travel Mod


Created by: RockMic

You can now ride on dragons, Khaleesi style! This minecraft dragon mods must-have adds a stylish way of traveling in the Minecraft world. You can set destinations, summon dragons, mount them and fly to the desired locations. You can also set stations for these dragon trips and fly to locations out of the preset waypoints. Cool, right?


#9 Realm of The Dragons Minecraft Mod


Created by: Yarik

Still hungry for minecraft dragon mods? The ROTD mod adds 10 new types of all new dragons such as the emerald dragon, the nether dragon and more. All of these dragons have different kinds of special effects. You can tame all the dragons and ride on them in the skies. You will also find hatchable eggs in this mod. The mod also adds 8 new types of armors for dragons and players. So if you love dragon mods, this is a must have for you.


#8 Dragon Dance – Excederus’ Edit Mod


Created by: nate1232

Transform your world into a beautiful and whimsical land with this detailed resource pack. The mod adds textures for anything you can possibly imagine, including the Ender dragon. The vibrant and uplifting colors totally blend to give a natural look of the world. You won’t even need torches underground because the bright colors blow life into everything!


#7 EnderDragonSMP

Gameversion: CB 1.6.2-R0.1

This simple plugin stops the Ender Dragon portal from appearing after the dragon has died. You will also now be able to divide the experience equally between the players who helped you kill the dragon. The one who contributes the most will get the egg. The plugin is highly configurable.


#6 Dragon’s Radio Minecraft Mod


Created by: Foxhound Commander

As unbelievable as it sounds, this mod actually puts a radio block to your world that plays real-life radio content streaming on the internet. It will require an MP3 radio stream link. The radio comes with 9 buttons and a space to insert text. You can connect to the stream link using these buttons, change the volume, add/delete the playlist and much more. You can even control the radio from a distance using a remote. How cool is that?


#5 Dragon Mounts Legacy Mod


Created by: MrCasual

This mod lets you bring previously useless dragon  eggs to use by making them hatchable. You can tame the dragon to be your loyal pet and ride on it whenever you want. This is a recreated version of Dragon Mounts (not like Dragon Mounts 2 though) so there are a few tweaks and adjustments made to it.


#4 Dragon Drops Elytra Mod


Created by: Fizzle

This simple mod rewards the player that does the final damage to the Ender Dragon. Whenever the dragon is killed, it leaves behind an Elyctra for the dragon who made the final blow. The player will be notified via a message where their reward has been dropped. And the winner will also be announced to everyone via a message.


#3 “RideThaDragon” Mod

Created by: Simcredible!

RideThaDragon mod is a pretty basic mod that lets you own and ride the Ender Dragon. You can follow a list of commands to buy, locate, remove and spawn the dragons. So get your hands on this mod to ride in style!


#2 Dragon Tech Mod


Created by: PraedythXVI

This mod is a magitech expansion for after the dragon has been slayed. It also comes with unique ores, new armor, a Dragon Scepter and much more! Using these dragon themed cool tools and features will make things a lot more convenient and exciting for you. Get a glimpse of the screenshots in the download link below to see what I’m talking about!


#1 Minecraft Dragon Mod Block Super Mod


Created by: PlackMeh

Lets conclude the best minecraft dragon mods list with this one! Are you a fan of Dragon Ball Z? Then this mod will feel like a Christmas gift because the mod is entirely based on the anime. There are over seven playable races (inspired from the anime), including the human/half Saiyan, Saiyan, Namekian, Majin, Arcosian/Frieza Race and Bio-Android, rare specific skills and much more. There is also an all new flight system. So get your hands on this mod to get a real Dragon Ball Z experience.


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