The Most Awesome Anime Skins for Minecraft


Aye, fellas, what’s up? Anime skins on Minecraft is pretty hip these days, especially with the long quarantine. You don’t have anything to do but watch anime and play videogames. The same repetitive cycle that never ends since COVID started. Anyway, here are the top picks for the best Minecraft Anime skins that will DEFINITELY make you overpowered in one way or another, including the style. You won’t get superpowers or predictable plots, though.

Best Minecraft Anime Skins

Kakashi Hatake


Created by: DragonsDungeon

Hatake Kakashi, the 6th Hokage and the master of copying jutsu has arrived to Minecraft modding community, thanks for DragonsDungeon’s effort. This Kakashi skin is accurate in terms of SKIN design. You won’t get any sharingan or lightning jutsu.


Rem {Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu}


Created by: NaughtyMermaid

Probably the funniest Rem skin so far, the beloved best girl of Re:Zero season 1 and 2 will now be playable on your vanilla Minecraft. What’s good with this skin is that it has all the features Rem has, plus you won’t be able to forget her even if you get hit by a large whale.


Meliodas – Nanatsu No Taizai [ORIGINAL]


Created by: Dattebasa

You won’t have to wait for 3000 years to play the part of Meliodas. You can finally powerup your Deadly Sins crew with this buff version of Meliodas pre-transformation. Party in Hell has never been this dull once you roleplay with the same anime fans.


Hatsune Miku


Created by: Crescendo

The beloved anime idol, Hatsune Miko, is now available to the community, thanks to Crescendo’s masterful take on her. Although as much as I hate to point out, Hatsune’s body here is really, really buffed compared to her regular version when she’s singing. I guess this is what happens when you’re benching obsidian everyday.


Monkey D. Luffy – One Piece


Created by: Cthuko

The leader of Strawhat Pirates, Luffy, is pretty terrible here. I mean, he doesn’t have his Haki and gomu-gomu, but the overall character design is pretty solid. I think the torso can still be vamped with a brighter red color but it still works. 


Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)


Created by: Devil_isdead

All the sad anime boys love this guy, aside from Hachiman. Ken Kaneki’s ghoul design is pretty neat and quite simplistic compared to his anime counterpart. If you inveest more in an RTX gpu, this skin could prove to be one of the most amazing designs yet.


Todoroki – My Hero Academia


Created by: fugo

I think this Todoroki design is pretty straightforward and neat overall. The sleek U.A. Highschool Uniform is a solid combo for his overall punk-rockish design. 


Succubus with wings


Created by: jakerabies

If you’re not familiar with this anime, I am too. This succubus design was made by jakerabies, but I’m not entirely sure what anime is this from. The design is quite familiar, the problem is that there’s no succubi tail. If you’re looking for men to suck some life force, you definitely don’t want this design to be your skin.


All Might [Hero Academia]


Created by: Hakno

This All Might skin downright one of the most accurate design of him. The symbol of hope of Deku and the rest of the world is All Might and it’s only proper to pay respect for his image by doing the right thing of allowing him to live in Minecraft, where he can save more lives.


Ash Ketchum (Pokemon)


Created by: ChileanMiner5

This Ash Ketchum skin is pretty simple and neat. As much of plain character Ash is, this design is a pretty accurate take on his overall character structure. It doesn’t come with Pikachu or any starter Pokemon, though. 


Astolfo – Fate/Apocrypha


Created by: Zekamashi

Whethere you’re into traps or not, this Astolfo design is one thing you shouldn’t miss. From the famed series, Fate/Apocrypha, comes this lovely character that you can use to lure Servants into your trap house. 


YANDERE CHAN – Yandere Simulator


Created by: altruistic

If you’ve been waiting for years to finish YandereDev’s project, stop waiting already. He’ll never be able to finish that C++ project he’s been doing for years. I’m sure you’re fan of Yandere Simulator, but if you’re not, great choice. This Yandere skin is available for your use. At least this one is finished already.


Ram {Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu}


Created by: NaughtyMermaid

Ram is the least popular sister of Rem, from Re:Zero. Whoever made this just lazily changed the palette of Rem from light blue to light pink. Although props to NaughtyMermaid for keeping the distinction between the twin sisters.


Dio’s The World – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure


Created by: Michiru

Okay, here comes the Jojo skin. Za Warudo or The World in English is Dio’s Stand and the he used against Jotaro’s Star Platinum. This (reskin) of the gold armor will make you feel like ZA WARUDO himself and you’ll go nuts and shout “MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDAAA” everywhere, just like Dio. It’s a cultural thing.


Meliodas (Demon) – Nanatsu No Taizai ~Request


Created by: Dattebasa

If you’ve seen the base version of Meliodas, now you’ll see his BASED DEMON version, all with buffed muscles and ripped clothes. The surging power of the demon prince will be yours (I’m talking about the looks, not the powers) only if you wear this skin. 


Midoriya Izuku [My Hero Academia]


Created by: Crescendo

Deku’s standard hero uniform. This plain uniform is what he usually wears before he go ultra instinct on his enemies. This iconic clothing is highly-cosplayed by a lot of people. So there’s a chance that people will recognize you if you wear this a lot. 


Shiro – No Game No Life


Created by: Cielphantomhive878_

Even if there’s no season 2 yet, there’s always people who will genius lolis into Minecraft. You can now play Shiro from the famous isekai anime, No Game No Life. May the power of the Kohaku be yours. 


Sora [No Game, No Life]


Created by: kingjason

Sora is the older brother of Shiro and one of the main protagonist of the light novel series, No Game No Life. This incredible anime haven’t had its season 2 yet and we’re all waiting. But if you’re a fan of the series and want to recreate the entire Disboard on your Minecraft server, wearing this skin might give you a boost in your intelligence in both architecture and civil engineering. It’s not guaranteed, though.




Created by: Dattebasa

Saitama is the protagonist of the action-comedy anime, One Punch Man. This mosquito-hating man skin was made by Dattebasa and it’s perfect for those creative modes where you can one-punch everyone to death. There’s a mod for that and wearing the hero-for-fun’s skin will make you feel like Saitama.


Yuno Gasai [FUTURE DIARY] – Black Dress


Created by: Crescendo

If you ever feel like another yandere for no reason at all, you must go out of your dirt house in style. This Yuno Gasai skin is perfect for your murder machine Steve. Now, you can be cute and build cute, with added murderous tendencies.


Ban – Nanatsu No Taizai


Created by: Dattebasa

As much of a cocky this guy is, Ban is still one of the most popular anime skins, especially to 7 Deadly Sins. Ban’s overall design here isn’t as flashy as his anime counterpart, it’s a pretty cool concept to have him on your inventory.


Naruto (Naruto Shippuden)


Created by: CFree

Finally, the 7th Hokage of Konoha. This Naruto skin is so good, accurate, and faithful to his character that it’ll make you feel like Naruto-running throughout the entire village in your gated community. Dattebayo! No, seriously, it’s that good since there’s almost no mistake in decorating this model at all. 


Megumin – KonoSuba


Created by: ghostiie

Megumin is the star arsonist and resident terrorist of the isekai anime, KonoSuba. This explosive mage is now available for your to spice up your regular TNT demolition experience with a much more explosive outfit fitting for your warcrime activities.


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